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Chocolate - Cocoa (Based Recipes)

Agoralia Recipes Traditional Authentic Dishes

Delicious British Caramel and Chocolate Layered Biscuit from Scotland. Traditional Recipe of Millionaire’s Shortbread.

Things to know about Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe Millionaire’s Shortbread is a crumbly crisp shortbread biscuit layered with rich, soft, homemade caramel, finished with a thick dark chocolate topping. This incredibly indulgent biscuit is the ultimate...
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Velvety Spanish Traditional Hot Chocolate Drink. Authentic Recipe of Chocolate A La Taza.

Things to know about Chocolate A La Taza Recipe Rich. Velvety. Thick. Luscious. Those are the four words that best describe Spain’s adaptation to Hot Chocolate – Chocolate a la Taza. The use of chocolate was...
Agoralia Recipes Traditional Authentic Dishes

Famous Hungarian Traditional Drum Cake from Budapest. Authentic Recipe of Budapesti Dobostorta.

Things to know about Budapesti Dobostorta Recipe You must be wondering what does “dobos” mean. In Hungarian, it means '"drum or drummer." However, this cake was named after its creator, Hungarian pastry chef, Josef Dobos...
Agoralia Recipes Traditional Authentic Dishes

Creamy Hungarian Traditional Chocolate-Curd Cheese. Original Recipe of Túró Rudi.

Things to know about Túró Rudi Recipe "Túró Rudi" is a curd cheese snack that is very popular in Hungary. It's a small chocolate bar with a thin dark chocolate outer coating and an inner...
Agoralia Recipes Traditional Authentic Dishes

Traditional Hungarian Chocolate Roll from God. Authentic Recipe of Magyar Kakaos Csiga.

Things to know about Magyar Kakaos Csiga Recipe Taste the Hungarian version of the world-famous American cinnamon rolls. But, what is "Kakaós Csiga" exactly? It's a chocolate roll often served for breakfast or brunches in Hungary; it...
Agoralia Recipes Traditional Authentic Dishes

Mouthwatering Serbian Traditional Layered Chocolate Cake. Authentic Recipe of Reform Torta.

Things to know about Reform Torta Recipe There are very few traditional cakes in Serbia. Reform torta is one of the few. There are no real traces of the origins of this cake. Most sources...