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29 Diverse Ground Veal Recipes To Try At Home

Weeknight dinners, healthy side dishes, pasta recipes, and international cuisines – Make numerous ground veal recipes comfortably at home. 

A Few Words About Ground Veal Recipes

Suppose you are looking for ways to make a ground veal recipe that is easy, quick, and delectable. In that case, we have made a carefully curated diverse list of ground veal meatballs, ground veal pasta, ground veal healthy, and plenty of other ground veal recipes that will make you ‘wow’ each time! 

Veal is a meat that represents delicacy, flavors, and tenderness! Did you know that veal is the meat of young calves? These calves are usually aged between 4-14 months. It is a discovery of Europe, France, and Rome since ancient times. 

The calves are raised and fed according to special requirements, making this meat tender, juicy, and more flavorful than other meats in the market. If you have ever bought veal, it is noticeably price hiked than other meats in the section because of its unique taste and rareness. 

Take the steer and make the most expensive and diverse restaurant-style dishes at economical and suitable terms from the comfort of your home. 

Plus point? These dishes are the perfect weeknight dinner special!

See The Diverse selection of Ground Veal Meatball Recipes

Flavorful and zesty Piccata to cheese-drenched and veggies enwrapped – Spin a new veal meatballs recipe each time and enjoy the variations of flavors while making regular meatballs!

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‘Flavor-Packed’ Veal Piccata Meatballs

Tender, Juicy, and full of flavors; these Veal Piccata Meatballs will have your heart instantly!

Juicy meatballs with saltine crackers (crumbled), onion, garlic, fresh-cut parsley, grated parmesan, eggs, and a hint of lemon zest bring out divine flavors in a smooth textured meatball. 

To caramelize the meatballs, here comes the special Piccata sauce. 

Butter-toasted garlic cloves and shallots are simmered in white vine for a while. But the addition of flour and chicken broth makes it creamy and delightful. 

Add capers and lime juice to give it a ‘perfect salty kick’ before adding baked meatballs. 

Enjoy your yummiest Piccata Meatballs with rice or salads for a complete meal.

Calories per Serving: 361
Total Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Veal Mince Meatballs with Parmesan & Basil

Get ready for a saucy meatball divine that can be prepped in more or less 30 minutes only!

Butter-tossed onions and garlic are simmered alongside juicy Italian tomatoes, sherry vinegar, a bunch of thyme leaves, and a pinch of sugar in the pan until it thickens. 

Veal meatballs are held together using breadcrumbs, egg, onions, garlic, a hint of basil, lemon zest, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. A gentle mix will allow you to make firm but soft meatballs in no time. 

Add the meatballs to thickened sauce and bake until your kitchen is filled with the aroma!

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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Stuffed Ontario Veal Meatballs

Plump tomatoes are essential in making stuffed Ontario veal meatballs for a hearty dinner! 

Ground plump tomatoes, chopped garlic, oregano, and basil are simmered to make a flavorful gravy sauce. 

Tender and juicy ground veal are combined with breadcrumbs, milk, and lightly beaten egg to make large, cheese-stuffed meatballs.

Once thoroughly baked, the meatballs are ready to be simmered in the tomato sauce. 

Now? Serve it piping hot with your favorite carbs, and feel the goodness of flavor in each bite!

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Veal Meatballs With Ricotta and Fresh Mozzarella

Veal Meatballs with ricotta and fresh mozzarella are perfect for the weekend ahead. 

Best part? You will cook it in 2 days, but it will feel like not cooking! 

Here’s how:

The ground veal, alongside the cheese and breadcrumbs mixture, is formed into meatballs and put in tomato sauce puree after being baked and thoroughly cooked.

The process of keeping meatballs in tomato puree and white vine mixture in the refrigerator overnight is crucial for this recipe. 

On D-day, add more mozzarella cheese to the hearty plate full of goodness and bake it for one last time. 

The savory and gooey meatballs can be devoured alongside carbs or your favorite side dish!

Total Preparation Time: 70 Minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Healthy & Appetizing Greek Kofta Kabobs

Greek veal kofta kabobs are an appetizing appetizer that can be put on the table in under just 30 minutes!

Made with only 4 ingredients, these kabobs can be made in the oven or grilled outside as a fun entrée.

Ground veal meat seasoned with original Greek seasonings and combined with thawed and drained spinach is complimented with crumbled feta cheese. 

This perfect combination makes at least six servings of Greek veal kabobs. 

The savory kabobs are not only appetizing but also low-calorie – the perfect recipe for people on keto and low-calorie diets! 

Calories per Serving: 151
Total Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Unrivaled Homemade Italian Meatballs – Just For You!

This is an unrivaled homemade Italian veal meatballs recipe – just for you!

Milk-soaked bread slices are lightly mixed with finely ground veal meal and spices to taste. This step will hold the meat together from crumbling in later stages. 

The addition of Dijon mustard adds a spicy kick to it, whereas freshly grated onion and garlic blend in very easily.

The all-ingredients-in blended mixture is ready to be shaped accordingly. 

Air Fry them or bake them in the oven as per preferences, but one thing is sure; either way, it will be the best appetizer you and your guests will have in a while!

Calories per Serving: 75
Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

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Delicious Veal Meatballs On Spaghetti – Perfect Dinner Recipe

Ramp up your next meal with delicious veal meatballs on spaghetti – the perfect dinner recipe for tonight!

Boil your favorite noodles – spaghetti is preferred here – according to instructions. Ricotta cheese – refrigerated and drained – is mixed with meat, eggs, salt, pepper, and freshly grated Parmesan. 

Oh, and don’t forget to grate a pinch of nutmeg to give it that unique taste. 

Add oil-fried meatballs into basil-tomato sauce and let it simmer for half an hour. Serve it hot and grate parmesan over spaghetti noodles.

This awesome meal can be ready in an hour! Sounds fun? Let’s dig in!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Gluten-Free Healthy Meatballs Recipe

Gluten-free healthy meatballs can be eaten as an appetizer, or you can serve it as a side dish to your whole meal. 

A 50/50 mixture of veal and Italian pork sausage makes wonderful and juicy meatballs that are incorporated with gluten-free soaked bread and spices.

You can add your preferred spices, but if you are trying to make Italian ones – then stick with this recipe. 

Bake or fry your refrigerated meatballs before serving them with pilaf, carbs, or salads. 

Pro Tip: Milk-soaked bread keeps the meatballs together and does not let them crumble while cooking!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Mini meatballs draped in a sweet and sour sauce are a meal to die for!

Making these mini bites of deliciousness is superbly easy and less time taking.

The special sweet and sour is made by simmering sweet pineapple can’s juice, sour vinegar, subtle-sweet brown sugar, savory soy sauce, and cornstarch to thicken it all instantly. 

Veal meat combined with the rest of the ingredients makes a perfect mixture to turn into balls. You can either bake them or let them cook in the sauce. 

Once cooked, serve each ball on skewers with pineapple chunks and cilantro garnish. You can also add quinoa, rice, or any other low-calorie carbs to make it a whole meal. 

Additional Information: Veal meat is known to instantly adapt to whatever flavor you give it. So, it’s always flavorful! 

Calories per Serving: 322
Total Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

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Palatable Veal & Spinach Meatballs

Veggies and meat do make a nice combination – don’t you agree?  

After eating one bite of this palatable veal, spinach, and veggies meatballs, you will. 

Carrots, celery, and onions are diced into small pieces before sautéing. The aroma of sizzling veggies will fill the room. 

Don’t get confused just now – you must focus on making a meatball mixture! 

Meat, breadcrumbs, and eggs alongside diced spinach are mixed. The mixture is followed up by sautéed veggies as well. 

At this point, add in your spices and put meatballs in the oven. 

Serve it fresh from the oven with salads or saucy dishes for a perfect meal. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Greek Meatballs Dripped In Tomato Sauce 

Spin special Greek veal meatballs dripped in tomato sauce over white boiled rice for an easy and scrumptious meal. 

Vine-soaked bread slices, seasoning, and crushed garlic make the dough for perfect and juicy meatballs. Add-in egg into the mixture – it will act as a binding agent. 

Double-concentrated tomato puree and tomato cans are used to make a rich and gooey tomato sauce. 

Dip the oil-fried meatballs into the sauce and serve it over rice, noodles, or other carbs.

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Gluten-Free Veal Piccata Meatballs

Get ready for the delicious, crazy good, and easy-to-make gluten-free veal piccata meatballs. 

Though the recipe is super healthy, it is also extravagantly delicious – perfect for people on a diet and those who are not. 

The zesty flavors of lemon, the goodness of butter, and the burst of different flavored spices are all happening in one pan. 

Baked meatballs go straight into the hot sauce simmering pan until it absorbs all flavors. 

It’s a dish perfect to pair with zucchini noodles for a low-carb dinner or fettuccini noodles – keep it simple and savory!

Calories per Serving: 269
Total Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

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See The Diverse Selection Of Healthy Ground Veal Recipes

Ground veal stuffed wraps, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, and low carbs quick spin entrées. Try making these healthy weeknight dinners and appetizers that are easy to make and equally luscious to taste.


Low-Calorie Ground Veal Wraps

A combination of veggies, special Thai curry sauce, and juicy veal ground meat turns out to be a wrap packed with protein, nutrients, and an unforgettable delish taste.

The meat, alongside red bell pepper, red cabbage, carrot, and green onions, stir-fried together makes a colorful and flavor-packed wrap topped with zesty and spicy special Thai curry sauce to make it irresistible. 

Once the meat is ready, just enwrap it in the leaves and have a healthy party without guilt!

Calories per Serving: 73
Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Healthy & Fulfilling Ground Veal Stuffed Peppers

Looking for something ‘oh-so-delicious’ yet equally healthy? Look no further because these healthy and fulfilling ground veal stuffed peppers will leave you wanting for seconds! 

The combination of ground veal and quinoa, tangy lemon juice, and savory Worcestershire sauce is complimented with seasoning and spices for a heavenly taste.  

Hollowed bell peppers are stuffed with the flavorful mixture and draped with water-mixed tomato sauce for hearty, delish, and appetizing ground veal stuffed bell peppers. 

Serve it hot with pasta, salad, or quinoa for an extremely addicting bowl of good vitamins. 

Total Preparation Time: 90 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Ground Veal and Parmesan-Stuffed Zucchini

Take your low-carb keto diet to new levels with this stuffed zucchini that’s healthy to have at any time of the day, and it is filled with the goodness of flavors for a lavish meal! 

The amazing flavors of chicken broth, white vine, and simmered ground veal are wrapped up in emptied zucchini halves.

Put onions and cherry tomatoes onto the baking sheet that is glazed with olive oil. 

Once the colorful platter is ready, add in filled zucchini and let it bake for a while. 

You can add cheese to make it even more caramelized and heaven of deliciousness. 

Calories per Serving: 485
Total Preparation Time: 70 Minutes

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Weeknight Bolognese Sauce Over Zoodles

A quick weeknight Bolognese sauce over zoodles is a meaty, hearty, and gooey dish that will tantalize your taste buds with various flavors! 

Making Bolognese sauce is simple yet quick. Sautéed veggies and ground veal are perfectly seasoned with tomato cans, tomato puree, white vine, spices, and baking soda. 

You can serve it over noodles or zoodles for carbs-conscious meals, and that’s it! 

 Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


No Carbs, Stir-Fried Ground Veal & Beans

Get your hands on this Asian delight that is super yummy and equally healthy. 

Plus point? It is a perfect weeknight dinner that can be ready in under 30 minutes.

An excellent combination of ground veal, onions, ginger, garlic, and a special sauce comes together in one heated pan. 

A flavorful blend of soy sauce, Mirin sauce, chili garlic sauce, and sesame oil is drenched on cooked beef.

In a separate skillet, sizzle up string beans but ensure they still have their crispiness. 

Mix everything in one bowl and serve with scallop garnish on top!

Calories per Serving: 345
Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes 

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Ground Veal Stuffed Luscious Eggplants – Healthy Dinner Recipe

Tantalize your taste buds with yet another amazing ground veal stuffed with luscious eggplant – a scrumptious, healthy recipe for busy weeknights!

Sea salt-glazed eggplants are baked before they are scooped and filled with seasoned ground veal.

The already-baked eggplants and pan-cooked ground veal are ornamented with parmesan cheese before baking it for the final touch.

Serve it with white rice or gluten-free carbs for a full and luscious meal. 

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Low-Carb Ground Veal Stuffed Biscuits

Ever craved salty muffins? Here’s your wish come true!

Try making these low-carb, ground veal stuffed, sloppy Joe biscuits for a treat to your tummy and eyes. Perfection for a healthy Entrée!

To make keto-friendly biscuit dough, Paleo baking flour is used here. You can choose your favorite one instead. 

The amazing and delicious filling combines diced veggies, sauces, seasonings, and ground veal simmered in a pan for a while. Every sauce used here is keto-friendly and gluten-free, so take notes here. 

Once baked in muffin tins, you can enjoy your veal-stuffed muffin-shaped biscuits without any regret!

Calories per Serving: 462
Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Guilt-Free Risotto With Ground Veal & Veggies

Smoky and charred cherry tomatoes, sizzling ground veal, al Dante Arborio rice, and a blend of different flavors and textures are your guilt-free risotto with meaty chunks of ground veal and tender veggies. 

Seasoned with olive oil, salt, and peppers – bake the cherry tomatoes in the oven until it blisters.

The same goes for the ground veal but stir fry it in the pan till golden brown. 

The aroma-filled kitchen is ready to make the base ingredient, Al Dante rice using chicken broth. Mix the spinach at the end alongside the cheese. 

Serve this risotto piping hot with your favorite side dishes to enjoy a portion of warm, comforting food.

Total Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Keto Ideal – Sweet and Sour Meatloaf

Looking for Keto-diet dinner recipes that are fun to make and full of flavors? Look no further! 

This sweet and sour meatloaf recipe promises low carbs, more fats, and a plate full of flavors. 

The combination of brown sweetener, sugar-free ketchup, cider vinegar, and mustard makes an unbelievably delicious sweet, and tangy sauce. 

For the meatloaf, ground veal is mixed pork rinds that will hold the loaf together. A significant amount of dill pickle and juice is used alongside Colby jack cheese to balance out all flavors. 

The sweet and sour ingredients help to make a super moist, sweet, and sour meatloaf that is made out of veal. 

Pair it with mashed potatoes, salads, or zoodles for a hearty dinner. 

Calories per Serving: 441
Total Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

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See The Diverse Selection Of Ground Veal Pasta Recipes

Savory ragu, veal cheeseburger, and classic pasta with tomato sauce – it’s time to enjoy a variety of Italian pasta recipes alongside juicy veal for an unforgettable taste and aroma!


The Ultimate Comfort Food – Veal Ragu!

Choosing the perfect shape of pasta is crucial to make a super comforting ragu pasta. 

The combination of creamy ragu sauce using ground veal and veggies with al Dante pasta creates a comfort food at its best. 

Ground veal is golden browned in sizzling and softened onions and garlic – it will eradicate any smell of meat.

Add the pasta, chicken broth, white vine, seasonings, and spices until the mixture is moist, creamy, and no longer runny. 

Serve it alone or pair it up with healthy snacks or side dishes. Looking for ideas? You will love our keto instant pot recipes. 

Calories per Serving: 482
Total Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Veal Cheeseburger Macaroni – One Pot Family Dinner Recipe

This classic veal-inspired cheeseburger macaroni is a one-pot family meal for busy weeknights. 

The bursting flavors of onion-garlic simmered ground veal are complimented with special house seasoning. 

Once the veal is tender and juicy, it’s time to add more flavorings of onion powder, garlic powder, salt to taste, a pinch of sugar, and cornstarch to thicken the sauce. 

Make it creamy with the help of milk, broth, cream, and non-cooked pasta. Cover the lid till the pasta is Al Dante and serve it sizzling for the best result of flavors and, of course – the aroma! 

A simple one-pot family meal to die for!

Calories per Serving: 768
Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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Pasta With Tomato Veal Sauce

Elegant, aromatic, and scrumptious; this pasta with tomato veal sauce is a recipe that will let you hang out with your family while cooking. 

Scallions accompany the sizzling sounds of ground veal to give the first aroma.

Followed by tomatoes, tomato paste, and heavy cream to make the sauce rich, creamy, and divine heaven. 

Add Al Dante pasta to the simmering sauce and let it soak up all flavors in the pot. 

Serve it hot and bubbly with the generous garnish of mozzarella cheese on top!

Calories per Serving: 814
Total Preparation Time: 27 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

See The Diverse selection of Other Recipes Using Ground Veal

Think about juicy Mediterranean burgers, Spicy Biryani, Enchilada-burrito hybrid, steamed dim sum, and Georgian cutlets – check out a wide range of ground veal international cuisines that are easy to make and superb in taste!


Delish Veal Cutlets For Munching

Looking for ways to use your ground veal that is super easy and tasty? How about Georgia’s special Veal cutlets? 

This is a famous Georgian cuisine straight from the Georgian kitchen for you. 

The cutlets or meat patties are made by mixing all ingredients in one big bowl.

Shape the meat mixture as per preferences – shape and length – fry them and serve with any side dish you can have. 

Sounds like just the right idea for you?

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


This Pakistani Ground Veal Biryani Is A Must-Try!

With a bunch of Asian Masala – you can easily find in the Asian section – you can pull out a delish and savory biryani recipe from Pakistan using ground veal and white rice. 

Ground veal fried till golden alongside diced tomatoes and onions is layered in a big pot with white boiled rice.

Top it off with Biryani masala, green chilies, cilantro, and iconic orange food color to get traditional Asian cuisine at the dinner table tonight!

To minimize the effect, you can serve this spicy rice with some plain yogurt

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Perfectly Saucy N Hot’ Veal Enchiladas

There is no better way than making a hybrid of burritos and enchiladas using ground veal for a quick meal.  

The flavor of taco seasoning, enchilada sauce, chilies, jalapenos, and black bean can are added to the simmering ground veal in the pot – it will bring out the classic enchilada flavor in the meat. 

The prepared veal mixture – soaked and drained – is ready to be poured on the tortillas alongside a handful of shredded cheese.

Wrapped tortillas go into the baking dish, and enchilada sauce is poured alongside extra cheese. 

The baked enchilada-burritos are ready to be served alongside veggies, salsa, or more cheese.

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Steamy Dumplings Using Ground Veal 

Another Asian cuisine you can make for an entrée special occasion special. 

The dim sum dumplings are small authentic Chinese bites of meaty chunks and flavors heaven.

Shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, carrots, chilies, and meat are mixed for the filling. 

Don’t forget to add hoisin sauce and sesame oil to it. 

Take wonton wrappers and fill them all before steaming them for good 40-45 minutes. The dumplings will be thoroughly cooked and savory if you follow the precise notes. 

Pro Tip: Brush oil before putting your dumplings away for steaming. It will work as a non-stick agent. 

Calories per Serving: 576
Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

 Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Hearty & Juicy Mediterranean Veal Burger

A veal burger patty is going to steal the show – better than takeouts!  

Ground veal put together in a bowl with seasoned garlic, onion, eggs, crumbled feta cheese, and seasonings is ready to be shaped into the juiciest burger patties ever! 

Stir-fry patties till golden on both sides and place them in burger patties alongside veggies, sauces, and cheese of your choice. 

When making a nice and juicy burger at home – you’ve got all your choices on the table! 

Calories per Serving: 310
Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

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29 Diverse Ground Veal Recipes To Try At Home

29 Diverse Ground Veal Recipes To Try At Home



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Weeknight dinners, healthy side dishes, pasta recipes, and international cuisines – Make numerous ground veal recipes comfortably at home.


  • Flavor-Packed’ Veal Piccata Meatballs 

  • Veal Mince Meatballs with Parmesan & Basil

  • Stuffed Ontario Veal Meatballs

  • Veal Meatballs With Ricotta and Fresh Mozzarella

  • Healthy & Appetizing Greek Kofta Kabobs

  • Unrivaled Homemade Italian Meatballs – Just For You!

  • Delicious Veal Meatballs On Spaghetti – Perfect Dinner Recipe


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make delicious Ground Veal recipes for your family.

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