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14 of the Most Amazing 90s Cakes for Every Celebration

Nothing like a nostalgic look back to the 90s for party inspiration. Here are some of the best 90s cakes that will get your party started.

A Few Words About 90s Cakes

Are you looking for a 90s cake idea for your next 90s-themed celebration? Look no more because we have some of the best collections of 90s cakes available on our list for you to try.

The 90s are about welcoming the new millennial with new-age designs and sitcoms that bring smiles to our faces, so you can bet we have included those on our list.

We have everything from elaborate and cool cakes depicting some of the most famous TV shows in the 90s to single-tier cake that bears simple graphic designs. Go ahead and look through our list to reminisce about the decade when you have your 90s sitcom marathon! 


MTV-Themed 90s Cake

What’s more 90s than MTV? The 90s is the decade when MTV starts to rule the screen with cool music videos and reality TV shows.

This 90s cake is perfect for having your friends over to reminisce about the days back in the decade when we used to wait for our favorite music videos to come on TV. Aside from the MTV logo, we also have other memorabilia that are typical of the 90s – cassette tapes, Kanye shades, and a Rubik’s cube.

All the decorative elements are made using fondant, a forgivable material that lets you shape it according to your needs. The most amazing part would be the neon pink leopard prints that will take you back to the good old days.

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Retro 90s Cake with Kool-Aid Buttercream

Are you looking to impress your friends for your 90s night in? This retro 90s cake will do just the job. What’s even more amazing is that they use a Kool-Aid buttercream to take things to the next level.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you taste it. Punchy and tart, just like the drink. The cake itself is a three-tier cake. Beginner bakers might have issues making the cake stand correctly, but the tutorial will show you how to stack them.

The cake is then covered with wonderful fondants painted with a simple 90s graphic pattern. Have fun and make this cake your own by including your patterns!

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The Fresh Princess 90s Cake

Are you like us, a fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show? The show is one of the most iconic and beloved by all. This cake was made for a baby shower celebration, but this can also be for any celebration you can imagine.

The cake features some token 90s items, from the colorful rainbow leopard print on the bottom of the cake, the chain necklace, and of course, the crown.

It is a fresh princess cake, after all. The maker will show you how you can make each element and paint the cake to achieve the desired pattern. It’s colorful, on-trend, and full of finesse.

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90s Cake


3 tier 90s Cake

Here is another impressive three-tier cake you can make during your 90s celebration with your friends and family. The 90s theme cake is made of a vanilla sponge cake base layered with some vanilla buttercream in between.

This combination can be altered if you’re more into chocolate flavors because the important part is the decoration details. What’s great about this cake is that the decorations are very simple. The first tier is covered with pink buttercream and then adorned with two earrings.

The second tier is covered with fondant that’s stamped to look like a brick wall, and the third one is made entirely out of printouts! A wonderful 90s theme party cake that can be created even by beginners.

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Memphis Inspired 90s Cake

This colorful trend may have caught your attention if you’re into graphic design. One of the best 90s cake ideas, this 90s cake is made to highlight the Memphis design trend that was big in the 80s and 90s.

The design is characterized by scattered, brightly colored shapes and lines. Mostly, the shapes are circles and triangles. The simplicity will make this cake beginner friendly and easier to make.

The tutorial will show you how to create haphazard circle patterns using fondant. Aside from the patterns, you’ll also add some lines and two triangle toppers to finish the cake. Truly a 90s cake through and through.

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Quintessential 90s Theme Cake

Here’s another 90s-themed cake that will grab the attention of your friends and family. This cake is an exceptional two-tier cake made with a colorful vanilla base cake, so it will have an amazing side view when cut into pieces.

After covering the cakes with some crumb coat, you’ll use fondant to create the brick layers. It will take a bit of time because the maker decided to cut the bricks one by one, but the effect is amazing.

Then you’ll adorn the cake with some quintessential 90s items such as shades, graffiti, and a can of spray paint. This is a 90s cake that will surely bring back your high school memories.

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90s Cake


Lisa Frank Inspired Galaxy 90s Cake

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you must be familiar with the Lisa Frank brand. Their colorful and imaginative designs are used to rule a variety of school supplies and stickers. It’s one of those things that you’ll share with your friends in class.

This cake takes the Lisa Frank theme to the extreme. The cake is a four-tier galaxy-themed cake made beautifully from vanilla sponge cakes. The maker used spray paint to emulate the galaxy look, complete with colorful stars and clouds.

It is then adorned with the Lisa Frank “stickers” made of fondant. A challenging cake, but it’s also a fun one to make.

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I Love 90s Cake

Here’s one of the simplest 90s theme cake ideas, a single-tier I Love 90s cake that’s also very beginner friendly. The cake can be made with any flavors you’d like.

All you have to do is make sure the cake will reach a decent height since it’s only a single tier. The decorative elements are made from wafer paper printouts to make it easier on you. Then you just need to stick them onto the cake using a steamer.

If you don’t have a professional steamer, you can use some boiling water to wet the cake. Then the cake is completed with some 90s snacks. Make this cake your own and include your friends’ favorite snacks.

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90s Cake with Blocks & Patterns

The 90s are all about punchy, colorful patterns and simple lines – and this cake captures the spirit of the 90s perfectly with its wonderful blocks and patterns.

The cake is made using a chocolate base cake, but you can switch that and use your favorite flavors. It is then stacked to create a single-tier cake before being covered entirely with white buttercream to make the perfect canvas for your 90s art.

Then all you need to do is haphazardly patch several color blocks before completing the design with some black piping lines. It’s a simple cake that even beginners can make.

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90s Cake


90s Rose cake

This is a wonderful cake for the feminine lady in your life. Once upon a time, in the 90s,  rose cakes were all the rage. These are feminine-looking buttercream frosted cakes decorated with beautiful linings and roses.

If you’re not a fan of fondant, then you’ll be delighted that this 90s-themed cake is made using only buttercream. But we want to remind you that you’ll be challenged to have a steady hand and creative skills.

Practice on scrap papers several times before putting them on the cake, and try to follow the tutorial on how to pipe them on.

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Honey 90s Cake

This wonderful healthy cake originated in South India and was popular during the 90s. The Honey 90s cake is made from flour, unrefined sugar, and less oil which makes it perfect for those looking for healthier options.

Follow along with the tutorial explaining how to create this bakery-style 90s cake. The maker purposefully adds the flour gradually while sifting and mixing to reach a fluffy consistency.

This is a cake known for its soft texture and moist flavor, so it could be a little more technical than others on this list. But after you try it once, you won’t be able to wait to make another batch.

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Disney Aladdin 90s Cake Pops

Every 90s kid will always remember the decade as the rise of Disney classics. One of them is everyone’s favorite – Aladdin. This one is for all the Disney fans out there, an Aladdin-inspired 90s cake pop.

Cake pops are an easy way to create party favors for your guests. This particular cake uses blue-tinted vanilla sponge cake as the base for making the crumbs, but this can be adjusted to your favorite flavors.

It is then mixed with some buttercream to create a texture that allows you to shape them into cake pops.

The only challenging part would be when you have to shape the fondant to emulate Aladdin’s lamp. But aside from that, this is a manageable cake that’s easy to make.

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Classic Simple Chocolate 90s Cake

Here’s another snack that will bring you back to the 90s. Apple 90s cake is a delicious and quick snack to make. It’s also the perfect recipe for leftover cakes, so no cake goes to waste.

You start with some vanilla cake, shred it, then prepare the sugar solution desiccated coconuts for coating. It’s a simple cake with minimum ingredients and effort, so it’s manageable for beginner bakers.

The maker decided to take these cakes to another level by coating them with some colored sugar solution, but you can skip it and still get the same taste.

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Coconut & Raspberry Sponge 90s Cake

This is a snack that everyone will be familiar with as they stand in the cafeteria waiting for their turn. This old-school coconut and raspberry sponge, traybake 90s cake, is a tasty and easy-to-make dish for your next 90s get-together.

Rather than the decorations, all you need to do is focus on the cooking process. It’s very simple to make. You don’t need to stack the cake or cover them since it’s just a simple sheet cake.

The maker purposefully cut the cake into portions so that they emulate the real sponge cake we eat in the canteen. You can do this or even serve it on portion trays for old-time’s sake.

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Index of 90s Cake

14 of the Most Amazing 90s Cakes for Every Celebration

14 of the Most Amazing 90s Cakes for Every Celebration



Prep time


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Nothing like a nostalgic look back to the 90s for party inspiration. Here are some of the best 90s cakes that will get your party started.


  • MTV-Themed 90s Cake

  • Retro 90s Cake with Kool-Aid Buttercream

  • The Fresh Princess 90s Cake

  • 3 tier 90s Cake

  • Memphis Inspired 90s Cake

  • Quintessential 90s Theme Cake

  • Lisa Frank Inspired Galaxy 90s Cake


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make an appetizing 90s Cake for your family.

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