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31 Amazing Boba Cake Recipes For Every Celebration

Minimalistic to fancy, these boba cake recipes are easy to make using ingredients you can find at home!

A Few Words About Boba Cake Recipes

Boba cakes can be considered ‘Global Cuisine’ without any hesitation! Just like boba tea or bubble tea. The colorful teas inside plastic mugs and small black round-shaped pearls at the bottom are what boba teas look like in general.

Where did this recipe even come from? Back in the 1980s, boba tea was just a regular tea. It was being sold at vendor stalls outside of schools in Taiwan. Kids would love to have it for breakfast and after school as refreshments. The concept of adding tapioca pearls in black tea originally came from Taiwan, but the world’s best boba tea is made in China.

Although tea has been here for a while, making boba cakes is relatively new yet equally popular. Hundreds of boba or bubble tea flavors are available worldwide, and all these flavors are also available in the form of boba cakes. From matcha to caramelized dripping, bubble drink tea-shaped cake to minimalistic earl grey boba cakes – we have made a list of boba lava cakes, boba tea drink cakes, and boba cake recipes in general for you. All these recipes are easy to make and ‘mouth-melting delicious.’ And the cherry on top? It will be within your budget, and that’s a promise! 

See the best selection of Boba Lava Cake Recipes

Simple layers draped with heavy whipped milk tea cream on top of your chiffon sponge cake. Once sliced, these cakes will have a burst of lava – check out various simple-to-fancy boba lava cake recipes for all occasions.

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‘Pull-Me-Up’ Boba Lava Cake

This boba lava cake is made by making the batter with black tea.

The milk tea goes into both; the cake batter and cream frosting.

The special boba tea cake batter, the frosting cream, and tropical pearls are the main ingredients to make the lava cake, and the detailed process to make all of them is shared in this guided video tutorial.

The boba tea sponge cake is wrapped with the help of a plastic sheet and frosting cream alongside boba pearls that goes all on top.

Once you are ready, pull off the plastic sheet, and there you have your heavenly delicious ‘pull me up’ boba lava cake ready to be served.

Additional Information: The plastic sheet wrapped around the cake is formally known as the ‘Collar’ or ‘Binding Collar.’ It is used to enclose all ingredients of the cake inside till you need it to flow on your cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Custard Milk Tea Draped Boba Lava Cake

A beautiful and luscious spongy black tea-infused cake is topped with boba milk tea custard and boba pearls, completing the final look.

But to make it the lava cake, plastic acetate comes into play. The plastic acetate is fitted around the fluffy cake, all ingredients go inside, and then you lift it making the custard flow onto the cake naturally.

The floodgates released by removing the acetate give it the right texture then and there.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Original, Luscious Recipe for Boba Lava Cake

This is an original, luscious recipe for making boba lava cake that is hard to resist.

200 grams or 7.05 oz black tea is required in the whole process of making this cake.

Prepare your tea in advance to add to the batter as well as frosting custard cream.

The milk tea alongside brown sugar is the two main ingredients for this special lava custard frosting.

If you want to know how to make boba pearls from scratch, especially for this recipe, then this is the right place to start.

The homemade boba pearls on top of your cake would be a delight. The last jigsaw puzzle is adding a plastic sheet alongside the cake.

Once the sheet has secured the cake, add lava custard and boba pearls before pulling the sheet off!

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Lava Cake With Real Boba On Top

A soft and moist chiffon sponge cake is baked by mixing and adding all ingredients for the special boba tea lava cake batter.

You can add milk tea or simple black tea to the batter, but if you do not want to, you can skip it.

Once the cake is made, the next part is making a flowing, creamy buttercream frosting alongside boba pearls.

The cream frosting is made with plain simple ingredients with an addition of boba milk tea.

On the other hand, mixed with brown sugar, these boba pearls are so soft and chewy that they will melt in your mouth!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Transparent Collar Boba Lava Cake At Home

This cake is so moist that it will melt in your mouth. A mushy heavy cream frosting, thick enough to flow slowly on the cake, and sloppy blackish brown small balls of boba dipped with brown sugar to place on top of the cake to enhance its look and flavor.

The star ingredient in this recipe is Earl grey tea instead of regular tea. Do you know you can make a transparent collar for the lava cake at home?

Additional Information: Earl Grey is black tea with a unique taste flavor between more or less lemon and orange. The tea is infused with the oil of the rinds from bergamot orange. It’s a British original and is known for its delectable taste!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba Lava Cake recipe For Lazybones

Boba pearls are squishy and sloppy. Because they take the most time, start off by boiling them in hot water for around 40 to 50 minutes.

In the meantime, you can make the black milk tea-infused cake batter and heavy cream complimented black tea pudding mixture.

This mixture will go over the top of your boba lava cake alongside black boba pearls.

This recipe does not use a transparent collar pulling-off method, but it’s still a lava cake!

Additional Information: For one standard-sized boba milk tea cake recipe, use only about 20 g or 0.7 oz. of black tea to maintain that perfect taste of milk tea; more or less than this ratio will affect the taste of the cake. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

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Boba Cake Recipes


Boba Lava Cake Miniatures

This boba-inspired lava cake recipe is accomplished by baking the miniature cakes into the right-sized mold with a simple cake batter and black milk tea.

The cake goes into the oven for around 50 minutes, and in the meanwhile, heavy whipped cream mixed with a special brown sugar and milk tea combo pudding is prepared.

The boba pearls are the cherry on top that goes on the top of the cake at the end but are eaten as the very first thing on these cakes.

Pro Tip: Fold the egg white mixture into the cake batter very slowly. It will enhance the final look of the cake. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba Milk Tea Cake With Lava Inside

This lava cake is made by using a recipe where the lava will flow from inside of the cake instead of outside.  

No collar method is involved. Instead of prepared milk tea, the cake batter infused with black tea goes inside the tin angel cake pan. 

Once the cake is baked, two types of heavy creams are prepared. One that will go on top is a bit thicker, and the other one that will be used to fill the inside is a bit runny.

Soften the tapioca pearls and pour both creams with pearls inside and outside. Your scrumptious cake is ready to devour!

Pro Tip: After pouring the cake batter into the pan, toss it gently against the shelf to remove air bubbles.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Let Your Kid Make This Boba Lava Cake

This a straightforward recipe to simplify making boba-inspired lava cake.

All the work goes into making a heavy whipped cream to be draped on the cake later, with the help of finely brewed black milk tea.

The boiled boba is mixed with brown sugar for a rich taste. Now, for baking, you can make a square-shaped vanilla sponge cake.

Scoop out two or three pieces with the help of a cookie cutter. These small pieces go inside a transparent collar; each layer is filled with heavy cream, and the squishy boba goes on top.

Now, you are just one step away from cramming down it. Just pull off the collar!

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Boba Cake Recipes


Drizzling & Creamy Boba Lava Delight For All

This lava cake recipe uses the procedure of layers only! No fillings inside or no transparent coverall pulling off method.

You need a spongy base of milk tea fusion simple cake draped with milk tea-infused heavy whipped cream custard, and then top it off with glamorous tapioca pearls.

It is important to note that if you want a large cake, do not grease the pan before adding the batter.

Simply follow the instructions, and there you will have a flowing and flawless lava cake with boba pearls to satisfy your taste buds!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Earl Grey & Boba Fusion On Your Favorite Lava Cake

This boba lava cake is an ideal sweet treat for birthdays, small gatherings, and even for you to have with your tea.

The spongy chiffon cake is baked round with a special ingredient in the cake batter; earl grey tea!

The sweet and tangy flavored cake is further covered under a huge pile of heavy dripping cream – again made with earl grey tea as an essence.

The soft tapioca pearls go on top. Add a generous amount of boba pearls to have them in each bite. Seems like a good sweet bite for a lovely evening?

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe 

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Simple to 3D modeled and draped with fondant and made with only buttercream, this bubble or Boba tea drink cake recipe list is made just like a boba tea cup. These cakes are a perfect choice for absolute boba tea lovers!

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Hyperrealistic Boba Tea Cake!

To make a hyper-realistic bubble tea cake, melted chocolate is molded into an empty cup.

You can make it of any color, then add the rolled fondant chunks at the bottom that look exactly like tapioca pearls.

A straw is also made with orange chocolate following the same procedure. Once the module is cooled down, green buttercream frosting alongside round cake slices goes into the cup layer by layer.

Fill the top of the cup with pink melted chocolate again and add an edible wrapping sheet before inserting the straw.

Your bubble tea cake is ready to serve alongside real boba tea, but the results are astonishing. No one could guess which one was the real bubble tea!

Additional Information: Did you know that Boba tea is widely known as the favorite drinking tea of this era, “The Bubble Tea”?

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Cartoonized Boba Tea Cake – It’s Real!

To make this bubble tea drink cake in cartoon style, a round pink tint cake is layered with buttercream frosting and boba pearls between each layer.

The cake is crumb-coated using lilac and pink frosting, giving it that ombre effect.

A plastic straw decorated in stripes using washi tape is placed on top before leveling and evening out the cake.

The last but most important step is adding a cute kawaii face and fondant-made boba pearls on the outer layer of buttercream frosted cake.

You can dig a small hole in the outer layer of the cake to place the boba pearls, and voila! Your customized boba birthday cake is ready to be served in a few hours!

Additional Information: Tapioca pearls get hard after a day, so make sure to bake the cake on D-day!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

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Gigantic Boba Tea Cake For Boba Lovers

To make a gigantic bubble tea cake, make the boba balls. You can use any material of your liking, but if you want to get the real boba taste, use muscovado sugar and gelatin.

Make a giant cup template using acetate and add your layered chocolate cake crumb coated with chocolate ganache.

Boba pearls were also made using gelatin, milk tea with the fusion of gelatin, and cheese cream frosting again filled with gelatin.

Keep your cake in the refrigerator and once everything settles down, remove the acetate and serve the tempting cake chilled after a few hours!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe 


Boba Tea 3D Cake Tutorial

Moist chocolate cakes of different sizes are layered with buttercream frosting between each layer. Start placing the smallest cake on the board and then goes upward.

The cake is level and crumb coated before chilling it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Again add layers of your favorite colored buttercream.

In this tutorial, light pink and lilac color is used. Apply white buttercream on top and seal it off with a fondant strip.

Apply fondant-made boba-shaped pearls, add the straw, and serve it cold! This is a perfect Boba birthday cake surprise for boba tea lovers!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Bubble Tea Cake But, Where is Boba?

An incredible boba cake design themed as a bubble tea drink! The cake batter is colored in various colors – you can choose your favorite ones – but the black batter is specifically to make the round shape cake bites that go into the cake batter.

Once you have baked your base cake, layer them with lots of buttercream frosting of the same color.

The cake is topped with an original straw dipped in purple buttercream, and some black buttercream is used to make round spheres resembling boba pearls.

And with that, wrap it up and serve it with any bubble tea of your liking!

Pro Tip: Chilled buttercream cake will be as good as a fondant one, only with an even better taste!

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Matcha Boba Tea Cake Inside a Cup

Mix the matcha powder in the cake batter to make a green bubble tea cake.

The matcha-colored moist chiffon cake can be put on the cardboard with the same colored frosting.

After leveling the cake into the shape of a bubble tea cup, add rolled fondant in the matcha color.

Add a small round piece on top with a straw made of a skewer or dowel. It will not only look good on top but also will hold the cake in place.

Add small round cutouts in navy blue or black at the outer bottom of your cake to give an illusion of the boba pearls.

And with that, before you even know it, your bubble tea drink cake is ready to be cut in half!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Brown Boba Tea Carved Cake

To make this carefully curated boba cake design, you will need a large and round funfetti cake that can be cut further into a small round with the help of nesting circles. 

Place the circles onto your cake board and carve them to shape them into the perfect bubble tea cup.

Add your favorite colored fondant over it alongside boba pearls and a straw.

Also, make small round balls shaped cutouts of fondant alongside rolled fondant balls for décor.

A simple yet fascinating boba milk tea cake is ready to make your day!

Pro Tip: If you place your half-done cake into the fridge for a long time, add shortening to it before placing fondant on it.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Whipped Boba Tea Cake Tutorial

An edible cyan-blue bubble tea cup that is heavily whipped and topped with a bright yellow straw with boba pearls sitting at the bottom is a figment of imagination.

The figments that you can eat! This dreamy bubble tea cake is forged with melted chocolate on the outside and heavenly moist vanilla cake chunks with buttercream filled up inside.

This cake’s combination of taste and realness makes it as good as a picture, only a mouthwatering delicious one!

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Effortless & Quick Boba Tea Cake Tutorial

This mid-height, medium-sized coral pink colored bubble tea cake can be prepared within 4 to 6 hours with the right ingredients by your side.

The base of the cake’s decision is totally up to you, vanilla, chocolate, or funfetti.

Stacked in ascending order, the layers of sponge cake will give the illusion of a bubble tea cup. Add your coral-pink fondant to wrap your ‘oh-so-yummy cake’ base.

The black fondant rolled balls are only used for further décor, with some pink buttercream smacked on the cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Kawaii Themed Boba Birthday Cake

To make this cute kawaii-inspired cake with a boba tea twist, a vanilla confetti cake with sprinkles inside is just the right choice.

The silky sponge cake layers are filled with strawberry buttercream filling complimented with strawberry chunks and raspberry jam inside each layer to give you an explosion of sweetness with each bite.

A pastel yellow fondant supported with black fondant-made boba pearls covers the outer look of this adorable boba birthday cake for your little ones.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba Milk Tea Bento Box Cake

Made with milk tea as a star ingredient, this spongy boba tea cake is designed as in the internet’s favorite bento style.

The cake is carved according to a cute bubble design reference that is further filled with simple buttercream filling first and layered again with beige buttercream to give it a rich look.

The black buttercream dotted boba pearls and blushing face will make your favorite person crave more of this bento cake till the end. A happy birthday with zero waste!

Additional Information: Bento cakes are usually 3 to 4 inches or 7 to 8 cm in size and serve single person only in a takeaway box!

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Bubble Tea Cup Inspired Boba Cake Design

This simple and delicious boba cake recipe will leave everyone wanting more!

The effortless round spongy vanilla – or any flavored – cake, half draped with classic white buttercream and the other half with pastel purple, gives it an amazing ombre effect.

The black rolled fondant balls placed on top and bottom make it undoubtedly – boba!

The sweet taste and alluring design are a perfect combo of a delightful treat for any occasion, which is just irresistible.

Pro Tip: use a palette spatula knife at 45 angles to smooth off buttercream flawlessly on your cake!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

See the best selection of Boba Cake Recipes

The chewy boba pearls dipped in cheesecake to Basque river cake and jiggle-y dramatic boba to minimalistic and delicious one – the list will help you simplify boba cake recipes to make at home!


Dramatic Amber & Dripping Boba Tea Cake

This dramatic amber with hues of brown boba milk tea cake is made with all ingredients using black tea.

From silky sponge and jiggle textured black tea cotton cake layered with creamy and velvety milk tea pastry cream filling, topped with squishy boba pearls, brown sugar caramel drip, and milk tea frosting – that’s all black tea and boba!

Pair it with real boba tea for a taste so sweet and caramelized; it is meant for only a heavenly experience.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Cream Filled-In Boba Milk Tea Cake

Do you remember your simple cake or vanilla sponge cake recipe? If yes, all you need to do is add some black tea mixed with it in an Angelo baking pan and bake it.

The circle empty inside the cake is filled with boba pearl and sealed with creamy and custard textured milk tea filling.

An enormous amount of filling is added to the cake with excess boba pearls.

Every bite of this boba cake recipe is filled with velvety milk tea filling and milk tea base cake complimented with boba pearls that will explode a luscious taste in your mouth! Ready to experience it?

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Brown Sugar Boba Cake With A Twist Of Cheese

Chewy and floppy tapioca pearls dipped deep in sweet and caramelized cheesecake with brown sugar syrup on top – this cake is a marvelous combination of cheesecake with boba pearls.

Only 4 to 5 ingredients are used to create this altered cheesecake recipe baked in the oven with a store-bought crust serving as a base.

Usually, cheesecake is very smoothly caramelized and topped with syrups, but boba pearls make it chewy and even more delectable.

Pro Tip: To make cheesecake crust at home, mash any hard-textured biscuits and mix them with butter.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba Cake Dipped In Brown Sugar Syrup & Pearls

With a caramelized sweetness, creamy texture, and heavenly taste, this boba tea-inspired cake is perfect for a birthday or a sweet treat for your dreamy evenings.

The milk tea sponge cake is covered with tin foil tightly and filled with milk tea custard filling alongside boba pearls that are softened and tossed in brown sugar caramel.

The semi-solid flow of lava custard is the most crucial part that enhances this simple yet delicious cake’s aroma, looks, and feel!

Additional Information: When your whipped cream starts to leave trails, that is just the right texture of lava custard flow – not too thick or thin.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Crème Brulee Boba Crepe Cake

Evenly thin layers of crepes, double whipped cream filling, brown sugar syrup dipped boba pearls, and caramelized glaze on top of it all – this recipe is so delicious and easy!

These crème brulee crepes are complemented with melted brown sugar syrup and caramel-dipped tapioca pearls making each bite a sweetmeat paradise! 

The sweet crème double whipped filling is everywhere, be it crepe layers or décor.

You can always adjust your sweetness level, but making caramel glaze out of golden caster sugar with the help of a blow torch shouldn’t be a miss in any case!

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Earl Grey Boba Molten Cake

Sweet and tangy earl grey tea is famous for making a boba-inspired molten cake with lava inside.

The earl grey – known for its unique taste – gets along well with boba, and the combination is deadly – for you!

The milk tea cake is baked in an Angelo baking pan for a nice round shape that is filled with the help of a piping bag, and soft, chewy balls of boba go at the end, but on the top, so you can have quite a few in each bit.

Once cut, the cake automatically becomes molten lava in boba tea style.

Additional Information: you can use a paper mold while baking because it is easier to work with than tin pans!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba River Basque Cheese Cake

A silky soufflé cheesecake burnt till the end with no crust or topping.

This Basque cheesecake will make you fall in love with desserts, especially this river flow custard cream complemented with candy sweet brown sugar syrup.

The boba pearls are tossed in melted and caramelized brown sugar syrup.

The thickness of this custard filling matters the most to make a perfect boba river Basque cheesecake for a day as good as this cake!

Additional information: Basque cheesecakes are soft like a feather with no toppings or base of the crust. Unexpectedly, they are burnt from the top to make it “Basque cheesecake.” 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Boba Milk Tea Sponge Cake Recipe

Instead of making one big round cake, this boba-inspired cake design will help you make 6 to 7 small single-serve cakes at the same time and with less effort!

Dark brown sugar flavor cream is used in the cake batter and frosting for filling and décor. The milk tea sponge cake – prepared in a large square baking pan – is shaped in small circles with the help of a cookie cutter.

Add your filling in between layers and frost them with the same buttercream. Small sweet delights are then topped with boba pearls and a melting-in-mouth taste!

Ready to give it a go?

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31 Amazing Boba Cake Recipes For Every Celebration

31 Amazing Boba Cake Recipes For Every Celebration



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Minimalistic to fancy, these boba cake recipes are easy to make using ingredients you can find at home!


  • ‘Pull-Me-Up’ Boba Lava Cake

  • Custard Milk Tea Draped Boba Lava Cake

  • Original, Luscious Recipe for Boba Lava Cake

  • Lava Cake With Real Boba On Top

  • Transparent Collar Boba Lava Cake At Home

  • Boba Lava Cake recipe For Lazybones

  • Boba Lava Cake Miniatures


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make the delicious Boba cake for your loved ones.

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