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29 Mouthwatering Discada Recipes to Enjoy with Your Family

These 29 Delicious and easy Discada Recipes will be the star of your next family gathering.

A Few Words About Discada Recipes

On a holiday or a family gathering, who doesn’t want to eat a big and heartwarming meal and share it with your loved ones? Today we are talking about Discada Recipes. Discada is one of those meals that you can make big portions of and share with a big gathering.

We have gathered twenty-three delicious Discada recipes so you can try them at home, and we will teach you how to make Discada. So what is a Discada? Discada is a northern Mexican dish made with a different mix of meats. You also can use beef, pork, seafood, chicken, turkey, vegetables, and many other ingredients to make a Discada. Discadas are usually made on discs. The disc is usually made of either steel or iron. It is wide and round to provide a large surface area for the ingredients to cook evenly. You can replace the disc with a Chinese wok or cook it on a normal pan in your kitchen.

Index of Discada Recipes


Discada Mexicana

Discada Mexicana

This is a traditional Mexican recipe for Discada cooking. This recipe will feed your entire family!

With ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and a  Discada disc, you can make this Discada Mexicana treat yourself and the entire gathering with a fantastic, greasy, and mouthwatering Discada plate.

This recipe has bacon, onion, pork chorizo, potatoes, and seasonings. It’s lairs upon liars of flavors. Pair it with your favorite drink and serve it with taco shells and dips of your choice. What else could be better?

Total Preparation Time: 45 minutes

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Pork Discada Tacos on a Blow Disk

You must try these Pork Discada tacos on your next picnic or your next outdoor cookout! This tender, flavourful pork Discada won’t fail to impress you and your guests.

This meat is marinated with herbs, and orange juice for the right acidity that goes just right with this greasy meat, and also some red pepper flakes and jalapeno pepper for a perfect kick.

Serve this delicious meat on a plate with some tacos and some lime pieces on the side, and like this, you have the perfect meal for your next gathering.

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Stovetop Discada Norteña

Discada Norteña  is a traditional Mexican dish. Traditionally this dish is cooked on a disk, but if you don’t own one or the weather is rainy or too hot for you to be cooking outside, try cooking the discada inside your house on your stove.

Like any recipe, every household has its unique way of cooking this dish, so if you don’t like any of its ingredients, you can replace it with what you have at home or with what you like.

Like this, you won’t miss out on this delicious meal just because you can’t cook it outside.

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Discada Recipes


Discada Breakfast on the Plow Disc

Having a Discada plate for lunch or dinner is always a nice idea, But have you ever thought about having a Discada for breakfast? Why not! It has the most delicious elements of breakfast.

It has sausage, hashbrowns, bacon, and Smoky Jalapeno Seasoning for an extra kick. It’s perfect for a Sunday morning or as a camping meal. Make sure t cook every ingredient of this recipe separately because each one of them needs a different cooking time.

After cooking every ingredient separately, display them on the outer side of the disc to keep it warm and prevent the ingredients from overcooking.

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Street Style Discada Tacos

When it comes to street food, Mexican food reign supreme, especially tacos. Who doesn’t like tacos? The mixture of different types of meats, And vegetables wrapped in a tortilla served with different sauces.

This street food is popular in Mexico and the united states, the perfect comfort food. It’s filling, warm and cheap! It’s also perfect for parties and gatherings.

And like a normal taco, this discada taco recipe is unique, delicious, and hard to beat with the grilled meats and the warm tortillas.

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Discada with Tomato and Potatoes Cubes

This discada recipe requires ingredients. I’m sure 80% percent of it is already in your pantry.

This recipe is perfect for a cold day when you want a warm mouthwatering meal and when you have vegetables that you don’t have anything planned for and don’t want to go bad.

This recipe has carbs from the potatoes, protein from the different types of meat, fat from the bacon, and fibers from the vegetable, so it’s a complete and balanced meal. Pair it with rice or with tortillas and sauces.

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Discada Recipes


Cheesy North Discada

This is a must-try cheesy North Discada recipe. It’s suitable when you don’t know what to cook because cooking discada is fast and simple, it’s not so different from the traditional decade recipe, but it has a delicious twist.

The discada meat in this recipe is marinated with beer to tenderize the meat even more and to add another layer of flavor to the dish.

After cooking this mouthwatering discada, add a generous amount of your favorite cheese. The cheese will enhance the flavor of each component of the discada dish.

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Shrimp and Octopus Discada

Shrimp and Octopus Discada

This discada recipe is for seafood lovers, But be careful this recipe is addictive!

This recipe has shrimp, octopus, and vegetables, so if you don’t like seafood, this recipe isn’t for you. Shrimp have a mild, salty, and a little sweet taste, and they can soak up the flavors of the vegetables and seasoning you add to the Discada.

Octopus is very similar to chicken and pork. It’s usually described as a milder version of chicken or pork meat, so don’t miss out on this delicious seafood dish.

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Discada Ribeye Steaks on the Plow Disc

The ribeye steak is a beef cut from the ribs’ outer side. It’s tender and juicy and has a savory flavor and high-fat content, mixed with other ingredients of the discada, creating a semi-fancy meal.

The Ribeye steak is marinated with rum, rum gives a delicious alcoholic bite and also gives caramel notes to the dish.

Coffee rubs act as a tenderizer because coffee has a high acidity level, garlic, and olive oil.

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Discada Recipes


Vegan Mexican Discada

Vegan Mexican Discada

This discada recipe is for our vegan and vegetarian readers! I know what you might think: a discada is usually made with various types of meat.

How could it become vegan? Every type of meat in this recipe is substituted with its vegan substitution, so this dish is a vegan meat feast.

You can try this discada recipe if you are vegetarian, vegan, cannot eat meat, or don’t like its taste. For me, everyone should try this dish at least once to try and expand their palette.

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Chihuahua Beef Discada

Chihuahua Beef Discada

This recipe is popular in Chihuahua city in Mexico. This discada recipe is easy, and it will only take you 30 mins to cook it.

This recipe is pretty affordable and doesn’t need many culinary skills. This recipe has ground beef, two types of sausages, tomatoes, and seasonings, so this recipe will be the perfect mouthwatering tomatoey meal when you don’t know what to cook and want something delicious and fast.

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Discada Chicken and Rice

You have chicken and rice and want to make a healthy and hearty meal. You are tired after a long work day and want to make something fast and easy without having lots of dirty dishes to clean up.

We suggest you try this rice and chicken discada. It’s tasteful and easy to make using ingredients you already have.

This discada recipe is rich in herbs, rice, and chicken. A perfectly balanced meal. You only need a single cooker to whip up this recipe.

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Monterey Chicken Discada

Monterey Chicken Discada

Discada is a dish popular in Mexico that has so many types of meat. The dish has a mixture of grilled meats cooked on an agricultural plow disk, while Monterey Chicken.

Monterey is an easy-grilled BBQ chicken topped with bacon and melted cheese. Both dishes are from different cuisines, and as you can tell by the name of the dish, it’s a mixture of both cuisines.

This discada recipe is for people who love exploding flavors and cheesy food. You can make this dish for a family dinner or a date night.

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Sweet and Sour Discada Taco

Sweet and Sour Discada Taco

Here you have this weekend’s recipe. This discada recipe contains both flavors, which are sweet and sour, this balance is usually done with an added sauce, and in this discada recipe, the sweet taste comes from the pineapple, and the sour taste comes from the Limon.

This recipe has ground meat, pork loin, ham, turkey meat, bacon, Mexican chorizo, chopped onion, and chopped cilantro for garnish.

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Beer Discada Norteña

The northern discada is a classic dish of the countryside of Mexico. Its main feature is the combination of several types of meat with sausages and vegetables very well seasoned, discada is an alternative to a barbecue and the perfect excuse to hang out with your friends and have some fun.

This discada recipe is a traditional way to cook meat with beer and does something special for the dish.

It infuses the meat with the moisture that’s necessary for cooking. It also makes the meat tender, so it melts in your mouth when you eat it.

Calories per Serving: 345
Total Preparation Time: 50 minutes

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Beer Marinated Chicken Fajitas on a Discada

This fajita discada recipe is healthy and has just the right amount of vegetables. Fajitas are any type of grilled meat with peppers and onions served on a tortilla.

The term fajita originally referred to skirt steak, the cut of beef originally used in the dish. Skirt steak is a very flavorful cut of meat with beefy flavor, which could be a little tough if not prepared right.

You might think it is a taco, but they are different. Tacos are made with cooked meat and served on a cold tortilla. Fajitas are made with grilled meat and served on a warm tortilla.

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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Tequila-Lime Chicken Wings Discada

Tequila-Lime Chicken Wings Discada

Every discada recipe has at least one type of meat, and this type of meat is everyone’s favorite: chicken wings. The recipe is delicious and fun, so it is perfect for a movie night or for a party.

The chicken wings in this recipe are marinated with tequila, and tequila adds a smoky flavor to your marinade. This discada recipe also has lemon, which helps tenderize the meat and speed up the cooking process.

These wings are tender, delicious, and easy to make. After you try it, I am sure it will be your go-to chicken wings recipe.

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Street Discada Tacos with Salsa

Street Discada Tacos with Salsa

Who doesn’t love to eat a taco? It is the perfect meal to eat when you want something fast and also cheap, so what is the difference between a normal taco and a disacada taco? add this to your list of discada recipes.

A street taco is a traditional taco in Mexico. A street taco is served on a tortilla with meat, onions, and cilantro.

There is no cheese, tomatoes, or lettuce on traditional street tacos. But when it comes to normal tacos, they could have ingredients like cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and other things, these tacos are perfect when served with salsa.

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Breakfast Burrito Discada

Breakfast Burrito Discada

A breakfast burrito usually is a tortilla tightly wrapped around a filling of various breakfast ingredients.

Breakfast burritos typically have sausage, potatoes, eggs, veggies, and bacon, but you can also make them with vegan ingredients, this discada burrito recipe has most of these ingredients, but instead of cooking it on a normal pan, it is cooked on a discada outdoors.

So this discada recipe is the perfect breakfast to cook when camping or when you don’t want your kitchen to smell like a restaurant at 8 am.

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Discada BBQ Bacon Burgers

Discada BBQ Bacon Burgers

We all love burgers and grew up eating them. It was and still is one of the most common dishes that you can find in any fast-food restaurant.

Even if you want to make it at home, it’s easy to make and affordable. Usually, a burger consists of a bun or a bread roll and feelings, and the filling usually is meat or a chicken patty, and these days you can find vegan options also.

It could also have tomatoes, lattice, and pickles. And this discada burger is easy, and you can make bigger portions faster because of the wide discada surface.

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Discada Mexicana (Norteña / South Texas Style)

This discada recipe is a great way to show your cooking skills to your friends and family and make them a delicious meal outdoors.

This recipe has bacon, pork, ham steak, smoked sausages, and many different types of pepper.

So this meal won’t be suitable for kids or people who can’t handle spiciness very well, be ready for the spicy and flavorful dish you will make, and don’t forget to pair this dish with your favorite drink.

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Tawa Chicken Discada

This Tawa chicken discada recipe is super crispy, flavorful, and tender because of using chicken thighs. This recipe needs just a few ingredients: chicken thighs, onions, and seasonings, making it perfect for cookouts and picnics.

You can marinate the chicken thighs and season them at home, and they will be ready to be cooked.

Every chicken thigh needs to be cooked for 3 mins on each side, so the skin gets crispy without overcooking the meat. So this discada recipe is simple, cheap, and super delicious.

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Mexican Style Pork Discada

This discada recipe is similar to the original discada recipe but has a small twist. In this recipe, you will find the usual ingredients of a discada with green plantains and russet potatoes.

These two ingredients will soak up all the flavors of the different meat types and the seasonings and herbs used in this recipe. They will also add some carbs to the dish, making it feel more balanced.

Also, in this discada recipe, you will find that beer is added to the dish to make the meat cook faster and be more tender.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

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Discada Patron

This discada recipe is perfect if you are planning on camping. The recipe is easy delicious and filling. This recipe has sausage, bacon, and pork meat as a normal discada.

After cooking these meats, they are removed, then potatoes are added to the disc with the oil from the meats. After cooking the potatoes, you add peppers, onions, and the dish’s most interesting ingredient, shrimp.

After cooking the shrimp, add all the cooked ingredients to the disc. This technique ensures that nothing from the ingredients will get overcooked, and just like that, top the dish with a generous amount of your favorite cheese, and there you have your lunch for your next camping dinner.

Total Preparation Time: 45 minutes

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Discada-Style Dove Tacos

The main ingredient in this discada recipe is Dove breast meat. Dove meat is usually considered a delicacy and not so easy to get, so if you can get your hands on some or if you are a hunter, then you should go for this recipe.

Dove meat usually has a liver-like taste. The meat is dark, has a rich flavor, and could be tough. Dove meat can get easily overcooked.

You need to add it last after you cook your bacon and onions. Enjoy this recipe with your friends and family and serve it with tortillas, cheese, and a side of cream cheese, Bon appetite!

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Beer-Seasoned Meat and Vegetables Discada

You can cook this discada recipe outside on a Chinese wok or a plow discs pr inside on a normal pan. After making sure that all the meat has cooked properly, you add tomato cubes to make the dish extra juicy and give it an extra acidic taste.

After cooking the discada put it on the side, cut some potatoes, and cook the remaining discada fat until it gets crispy.

After cooking the potatoes, add the meat to it, and here you have the perfect Mexican dish.

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Egg Rolls in a Bowl on the Discada

Egg rolls are a fried side dish on Chinese and American restaurant menus. It consists of a flakey, crispy wheat flour dough filled with cabbage, meat, and other ingredients. Egg rolls are fried in hot oil, served hot, and dipped in duck sauce or soy sauce.

And this egg roll recipe is made on a discada, but the difference from a regular egg roll is that it is not stuffed in the dough, it is just the feeling of an egg roll, so it’s less oily and healthy you can bear it with tortillas, rice, or pasta.

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Chili Dogs Discada

This discada recipe is for hotdog lovers, but this is not any boring hotdog recipe. This hotdog is cooked outside on a discada, so it is great for picnics, cookouts, and camping days, and it is guaranteed that it will satisfy your guests because who does not like hotdogs?

This recipe has vegetables, chilis, ground meat, and a lot of seasonings, so it is filling, flavorful, and delicious.

This discada recipe will feed a big gathering of people. Serve this meat and vegetable blend in hotdog bread with cheese, a drink, and your favorite chips.

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Discada Southern Fried Cabbage

This discada recipe is for stir-fries and cabbage lovers. In this recipe, the only meat used for cooking is bacon, and its fat is used for cooking the rest of the ingredients.

You start making this dish by cooking the bacon on your disc or wok. You remove it, so it won’t overcook. You add the onion and cabbage and stir them until they are done.

After cooking the vegetables, you add the bacon back to the discada. Serve this dish with warm tortillas or your favorite source of carbs, and enjoy!

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