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36 Creative Frozen Cake Ideas Your Little Girls Will Love

Go through our list of the most amazing Frozen cake decorations you can find for your next princess-themed celebration!

A Few Words About Frozen Cake

Is the Frozen fan in your family having a birthday coming up?

Look nowhere else for inspiration because we have 36 Best Frozen Cake Recipes for you to try and make at home. These beautiful recipes will have you grabbing your kitchen utensils and motivating you to challenge your creative side.

From simple and easy frozen-themed cake pops and cupcakes to elaborate princess cakes with dresses and embellishments, there is something for everyone. Not to mention we also have recipes for Olaf fans! Go through our list and let us know which of these beautiful cakes you will be making for your next princess-themed celebration.


Frozen 2 Princess Doll Cake

Are you or someone in your family a fan of princess cake? This Frozen 2 Cake will definitely make them happy. The cake is made of funfetti with rainbow coloring divided into 3.

It is then filled with delicious cream filling before being fitted onto Elsa and Anna dolls. The dresses are made of fondants, so this is where your artistic skills are going to pay off.

The patterns on the dresses were made with royal icings in different colors for over-the-top accents. There’s no denying that this cake is incredibly beautiful.

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Easy Frozen Elsa Cake

Although it might seem difficult, this fun and colorful cake is beginner-friendly because you don’t need to bake it! This literal Elsa Frozen Cake is made of ice cream, so you can prepare it the night before decorating.

All you need is just some vanilla ice cream (or any other ice cream of your preference), some mini marshmallows, buttercream, and of course, an Elsa doll. The marshmallows are mixed in with the ice cream to give more texture.

Then the dress is made with piped buttercream. Mix up the colorings between blue and white, and you’ll get an amazing colorful dress. This Elsa frozen birthday cake will surely satisfy your little fan.

Calories per Serving: 558
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 mins

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Miniature Rice Paper Frozen Princess Elsa Cake

If you’re looking for a unique frozen cake design, this one is definitely something you need to try. This simple frozen cake design is small and dainty but has a powerful aesthetic.

It’s a tiny cake made of fractions of the ingredients mainly made for decoration. But it’s also great as party favors when you have a movie night with your little princesses.

What’s very cool about this dress is the dress part is made of rice paper to give it that frozen and icy look.

Print out Elsa’s body, and stick it onto the middle of the cake, and your frozen birthday cake is ready to display. A small frozen cake but with maximum impact.

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Elsa and Anna Frozen Disney Cake

We will never get tired of princess cakes and their variations. These cakes are one of the best-frozen cake ideas. The cakes are made of moist chocolate chiffon, with layers of mint choco chip frosting in the middle, very appropriate for a frozen theme cake!

Stack them as high as Anna and Elsa’s waist, then cut out a hole in the middle to enclose the dolls. Start carving your cake to shape the dresses, then cover them with frosting and colorful fondants to make the skirts and tops.

A cool addition is the beautiful string of snowflakes made of fondant coming out of Elsa’s hands. Definitely a great frozen-themed birthday cake.

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Snowflake Frozen-Themed Cake

Are you looking for frozen theme cake ideas, but you don’t want anything that’s too in your face? This winter snowflake cake might just be the frozen cake theme you want to make.

The cake itself is simply made of a round cake covered with blue marbled fondant. Then the snowflakes are made of royal icing. Be very careful as you start to decorate with the royal icing, as the snowflakes are very delicate.

The simple frozen cake is also decorated with embossed snowflakes to give it a more 3D effect. Definitely, something you’d want to make for your next frozen gathering.

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Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

A striking cake of Elsa, this frozen theme birthday cake is something you should try making for your next princess birthday celebration.

It can be said that it’s a frozen 2 birthday cake because Elsa’s dress is one that she wears in the movie. The colorings are more muted and sophisticated, with accents of dark blue and white embellishments all over.

They achieved the ombre effect by using an airbrush gun to paint the dress, but you can also just use normal blue fondant if you don’t have the equipment. Beautiful and striking, this DIY frozen birthday cake is one you should try.

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Frozen Cake


Olaf Frozen-Themed Cake

Are you interested in dealing with less mess and dishes? Then this is one of the best Disney frozen cake ideas you can encounter.

These cake sicles provide striking features without having to serve on a plate. The Disney Frozen cake inspired is the perfect one to make for your next princess party or Frozen-themed gatherings.

The base is made of chocolate cake, while the cover is white chocolate melting wafers which go perfectly with the snowflake icing and colorful sprinkles. Truly one of the best Frozen cake designs you can make.

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Frozen Themed Cakesicles

If you’re looking for a different homemade frozen cake, this Olaf Kit Kat Cake is something you should take a look into. Made from sheets of chiffon cake covered by light blue frosting, this Disney frozen cake recipe is simple and easy to do.

The Olaf is made by carving some fondant and stuck in the middle using skewers. The unique element is the log made of Kit Kat that surrounds the hot tub where Olaf is dipped in.

Take this cake to another level and switch the base cake to frozen chocolate cake so that you have double choco flavor!

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Disney Frozen Cake Pops

Another mess-free Disney Frozen birthday cake, this cake pop is understated and very elegant for your teenagers. The frozen-themed cake is made of donut holes, so there’s not even baking involved when preparing this Disney Frozen cake recipe!

All you need to do is to skewer the donut holes and then dip them into candy melts or chocolate. Then cover the whole cake pops with glitter and sprinkles for added glamor and effects.

Be careful not to let the chocolate dry out, or the glitter won’t stick. Go ahead and try this simple 15-minute recipe and let us know!

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Frozen Cake


Easy Disney Frozen Cupcakes

As you read along and try to find how to make a frozen birthday cake, you might be looking for something with great effects but less effort. These easy Disney Frozen cupcakes might be just what you’re looking for.

The cupcakes are made simply with regular chiffon cake, which you can even make with premix cupcake flour. The decoration is what makes these cupcakes really special.

It uses snowflake fondant that’s colored with edible glitter and pearls! Beautiful and muted, this Disney Frozen cake recipe is easy to create. Try it yourself!

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Frozen Themed Cake Balls

This is a good one to make: cake Frozen 2 celebration. Even better, you only need three ingredients for one of the most fun and easy frozen cake ideas to make.

This frozen birthday cake DIY is made of premix funfetti cake that gives them those beautiful blue hues all over. It is then covered with melted chocolate with your chosen color and sprinkled.

Make this recipe your own by switching out the base cake with other flavors such as chocolate or strawberries so that people can enjoy your cake and be surprised too!

Calories per Serving: 214
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 21 mins

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Frozen Easy Elsa Cupcakes

Here’s an elegant frozen cupcake for you to try. One of the best Frozen cake ideas, homemade and simple, these embossed cupcakes will surely make a lasting impression on your guests.

They’re simply made of vanilla cupcakes and covered with frozen-themed baby blue fondant. You can drag your knife to create the embossed texture on your fondant.

Then be creative with the sizes of your snowflakes. You can also print out guides for the snowflakes, to be more precise, but we recommend using snowflake cutters if available.

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Frozen Olaf Snowcap Dessert Cups

A no-mess, less hassle type of dessert with interesting visuals, if you’re looking at how to make a Frozen birthday cake, this can be one of your best options.

The recipe is refreshing as it uses blue gelatin in between Cool Whip, so it’s not your typical cake frozen theme. But the Olaf on top of your blue cake still gives the right image!

The only catch is that you will need an Olaf Cocoa Trimming Kit as your topping to take this to the next level, but if you don’t have access to the product, you can definitely substitute this with marshmallows or fondant and shape your own Olaf!

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Easy-Peasy Frozen Cake

Are you making Frozen cake with the whole crew? Then this how to make frozen birthday cake tutorial is definitely for you. The easy-peasy frozen cake is just like what the name says: very simple and easy to assemble.

The cake is quite short and covered in vanilla icing. But the decorations make this cake very special. All you need to do is grab some melting chocolate, let them dry, and crack them to create ice cracks that surround the whole cake.

The cake is then topped with the whole crew: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and others. Definitely, one to make with your daughters!

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Frozen Elsa Chibi Cake Pops

If you want to look for frozen cake ideas Elsa-themed, look no further because we have just the right recipe for you. This cute Elsa cake pop is just the right amount of cute and delicious.

This moist cake is made from crumbled-up cakes that are mixed with buttercream! Roll the cake crumbles into a ball to create her head, then create the body and other embellishments with blue fondants.

You can add more details with edible paints all over her face and dress. The result is a cute, chibi Elsa cake that will surely be your children’s favorite.

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Frozen Themed Ice Cream Cake

If you’re a fan of ice cream, then this delicious and striking frozen-themed ice cream cake is one you need to try.

This is also good news for those who do not like fondant, as they only use frosting to decorate the ice cream cake.

The author here stuck with white or vanilla ice cream, so when you cut into it, it still displays the blue dye that is synonymous with frozen, but you can also switch it to chocolate and cover the whole thing with blue, royal icing if that’s your preference after building the body of the cake, pipe on some buttercream on top to create one giant snowflake.

Total Preparation Time: 2 hours 30 mins

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3 Layer Frozen Themed Cake

Who doesn’t love an ombre cake? As you cut through your cake, the gradient in colors will impress your guests and kids! This ombre cake will be dyed in a series of blues, sticking with the Frozen theme.

The top will be left white, the middle will be baby blue, and the bottom will be dark blue to portray the waters of Arrendale. The cake has no fondant in it, so this is also a great option if you’re not a big fan of the sugary fondant.

It’s covered in buttery frosting and then topped with beautiful snowflakes. Don’t forget to swirl some blue within your frosting to create the frozen, icy effect!

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Disney Frozen Cake

This one might need a little bit more technique than previous recipes. You’ll execute the very popular drip cake mixed with a frozen theme in this recipe!

The result is a stunning and hip cake that you and your children will enjoy. The base of the cake is made of vanilla and blue funfetti, then covered with blue and white frostings.

To create the effect, you simply take white and blue frosting, piping them randomly on the cake, then after you cover the whole thing, you mix and flatten them together! The drip itself is made with white frosting.

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Easy Frozen Cake

If you’re looking for a little bit more understated Frozen cake recipe, this one’s for you.

The outer layer of the cake features only white frosting, but when you cut into the cake, you’ll see marbling of blue and white, just like Elsa’s icy interior. This no-nonsense cake is more about the taste than the looks, and it’s moist and rich in flavor.

This is the perfect cake to make when you’re having a Frozen-themed get-together or watching the new frozen movie. Try to make this together with your children, and we’re sure it’s going to be one of your favorites soon.

Total Preparation Time: 55 mins

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Disney Frozen Birthday Cake

One of the cutest and most artistic Frozen-inspired cakes. The cake features all three fan favorites: Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in snowman style.

The cake itself can be customized depending on your preference: chocolate, vanilla, or fruit – it’s all up to you. It’s then covered with blue, purple, and pink swirls to create the perfect birthday girl cake.

It’s then topped with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, surrounded by pine trees. Make the decorations by using fondants, from the characters to the snowflakes.

Place the snowflakes gently on the sides of your cakes. This is the perfect girly frozen cake!

Total Preparation Time: 4 hours

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Simple Frozen Cake Design

A dramatic and eclectic cake for all the Elsa fans out there. This unique cake features Elsa’s superpower: frozen icicles surrounding her background.

The recipe is simple enough. You’ll only need to make the base cake with some vanilla chiffon cake and top it with your typical vanilla icing.

But what’s special is the rock candy at the back! Stick about six to seven blue rock candies on one side of the cake to pose as icicles, then stand your Elsa doll in front of the cake.

Try to finish off the design with some sprinkling on the sides of the cake so that the cake looks more colorful.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Frozen Olaf Cake

Do you have an Olaf fan in the house? Then you should try making this cake for that special someone. This is a traditional cake with buttercream frosting that everyone can make.

All you need are the frosting with different colors: blue, white, black, purple, brown, and yellow for Olaf’s nose. The surrounding of the cake is made purple to portray Arrendale’s color theme, and the sides of the cake are made blue to portray its surrounding ocean.

In this one, you’ll need steady and artistic hands so that you can create a great 2D Olaf at the center of the cake. But don’t worry, just be ready with extra icing for practice.

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Frozen Cake Design

Another beautiful ombre drip cake. But this one is even more striking because the ombre is on the outside of the cake! This cake is made of original vanilla sponge cake, but the decorations are what made this special.

The surrounding icing is separated into three gradients of blue: light, middle, and dark. And each is carefully put onto the cake gradually to cover the cake from the bottom up.

Then you can start making your chocolate ganache to create the drip effect. Don’t forget to put some edible pearls and candy snowflakes to finish off.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Instant Pot Frozen-Themed Bundt Cake

Do you hate cleaning out your oven? Or do you just not own an oven? Then this recipe is perfect for you because this instant pot cake needs no oven!

This bundt cake is so simple to make, beautiful, and moist that you might want to retire your oven altogether. What’s awesome is that this recipe works with an even instant premade cake mix.

Create the swirls with some blue food colorings, then top the cake with white icing to create the frozen effect. Simple, easy, and with fewer dishes to wash. There’s nothing but love for this great one-pot instant frozen bundt cake recipe.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Disney Frozen Olaf Mickey Mouse Ears Cupcakes

Another one for the Olaf fans out there! This cute Olaf cupcake is also accompanied by some Mickey Mouse ears. Although it might seem complicated, these cupcakes are easier to make than they look.

Just make sure you have all the necessary ingredients you need, and you’ll be fine. The ears and the bows are made of fondants, and then the top frostings are made of buttercream.

You can get creative and try to make chocolate branches at the back of the cupcake to keep with the Olaf theme.

Serve this as a welcoming food for your next Frozen viewing party, which we’re sure will be a hit!

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Arendelle Aqua Frozen Cake

Are you after a simpler and easier cake to make? Then this Arendelle cake is something you should look into. The shape and colors of the cake will remind you of its icy surroundings, with baby blue on top and bottom and white right in the middle.

The inside of the cake is made of vanilla sponge with fruit toppings, and the surrounding blue icing is even blueberry flavored, so this cake is just as delicious as it’s nice to look at.

Don’t forget to add some gold flakes between your blue and white icing to create an even more elegant for your cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Disney Frozen Themed Cake

This cake might look simple on the outside, but you’re in for a surprise when you cut into it! This ombre cake is made of three different layers of blue and covered with swirls of blue and white icings.

This is really one of the easiest Frozen-themed cakes to make out there, so if you’re a beginner baker, this recipe might just be for you.

Top this beautiful cake off with some candy snowflakes to create more dramatic effects, and you’re ready for your next party.

Easy but still with pleasing aesthetics, this cake is the one you should try as a beginner.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Fruitcake: A Recipe Inspired by Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

This recipe is inspired by Olaf’s Frozen Adventure when he’s trying to save holiday tradition. So he goes all over the country to make new traditions for Elsa and Anna.

The same sentiment also goes here, as we hope that you’ll make this Frozen-inspired fruit cake to be something of a family tradition in your own home!

It’s simply made and only takes less than an hour to bake, so those hungry little ones don’t have to wait too long.

It’s also covered in healthy fruits, so there is less guilt. This beautiful, moist cake will surely be one to save in your recipe book.

Total Preparation Time: 39 mins

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Frozen 2 Water Nokk Cupcakes

If your kids are obsessed with frozen, then this is a cupcake everyone can help make together in your family kitchen. The water Nokk itself is a character in the newest Frozen franchise, which is an elemental water spirit that lives underwater in Arendelle.

The Nook is represented by the blue blob that will be hidden within the cupcake itself and only shows when you cut or bite into the cupcake, just like the water Nokk is hidden underwater in Frozen 2!

This one is definitely something that you can make to impress your kids to show your knowledge of the franchise!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Olaf Frozen Disney Cake

Another birthday cake recipe for the Olaf fan out there. If your kid is more interested in Olaf than Elsa or Anna, then this cake is for you! Olaf is the center of attention in this winter wonderland-type cake.

Stack three vanilla chiffon cakes, then cover them with buttercream. What’s unique in this cake is the use of ice cream cones to create your own pine trees! They also incorporate some blue and white rock candies on sticks.

If that’s not enough, you can also top it off with some edible pearls and candy snowflakes. The result is a striking Olaf cake surrounded by icicles and pine trees. 

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Disney Frozen Cake Push Pops

If you’re after a mess-free eating experience, this push-pop cake is just for you. This clever cake features blue and white chiffon and icing that’s placed inside push-pop containers, which you can get from any bake shop.

What’s great is that these push-pop containers can be washed and reused for your next party or gathering.

It’s a great way for you to have less mess because the kids will just need to push the cake and plop them into their mouths without even having to use the spoon!

Try this with any kind of cake, and we’re sure you’ll love us for this trick.

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Frozen-Inspired Cheesecake Bars

Are you not a big fan of chiffon cakes and are more into cheesecake? Then these Frozen-inspired cheesecake bars are for you to try and make at home.

The cheesecake batter is separated into three different colors: blue, purple, and white, to create the swirl effects. After placing the bottom biscuit part of your cheesecake, you can start pouring the three different colors haphazardly to create artistic swirls.

After that, bake and cool the cheesecake before you start decorating with sprinkles. Simple, cheesy, and delicious, who wouldn’t love this frozen cheesecake?

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Easy Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Cupcakes

Do you like marshmallows and Olaf? This recipe gives you both in one go. The super easy Olaf-themed marshmallow cupcakes are made of vanilla chiffon, then topped with blue icing. The marshmallows are cut into three to create Olaf’s head and body.

Then get ready with some dark-colored icing to finish off the design with Olaf’s branches and face features. This one is simple and easy to make, not to mention the ingredients are beginner friendly.

Don’t forget to buy different-sized marshmallows, though, because you’ll need some for Olaf’s tiny legs!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Frozen Disney Cake Pops

If your family has difficulty deciding their favorite character from Frozen, these frozen cake pops can be perfect for your movie night.

This cake pop features not only one character but all frozen characters – from Elsa and Anna to Hans! It’s made with a simple cake crumble, covered with chocolate ganache, and then topped with the characters.

You can easily make the character topping by printing your favorite Frozen cast, then stick some toothpick on the back before putting it on top of the cupcake. This is fun to make with your whole family, so try it!

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Frozen Princess Elsa Cupcake

Are you wondering how to make Princess Elsa cupcakes? Then this tutorial is just for you. It’s a simple way to make Elsa cupcakes by printing your chosen Elsa picture that’s appropriate for the size of your cupcake.

Then the picture is glued onto a candy stick. Create the base of the cupcake with some traditional vanilla cake recipe, and top that with some blue buttercream. The cupcake is then covered in blue sugar and shimmer dust.

Then lastly, the cake pop stick is inserted in the middle. Simple and easy, this is a beginner-friendly recipe for any frozen fan.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Frozen Blue Velvet Olaf Cupcake

Another cupcake for Olaf fans. The taste makes this different: because it’s still frozen theme, we’ll have to make it blue velvet! The blue velvet cupcake is made with chocolate powder and blue food coloring instead of the usual red.

The result is beautifully light and fluffy blue velvet cupcakes. The decoration is made with fondant, so you’ll need a few artistic skills in this part. Finish everything off with edible paint to color Olaf’s features.

Lastly, make Olaf’s hair with some licorice, and you’re done! A fun recipe with different ingredients, this one is surely fun to make.

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36 Creative Frozen Cake Ideas Your Little Girls Will Love

36 Creative Frozen Cake Ideas Your Little Girls Will Love



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Go through our list of the most amazing Frozen cake decorations you can find for your next princess-themed celebration!

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  • Frozen 2 Princess Doll Cake

  • Easy Frozen Elsa Cake

  • Miniature Rice Paper Frozen Princess Elsa Cake

  • Elsa and Anna Frozen Disney Cake

  • Snowflake Frozen-Themed Cake

  • Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

  • Olaf Frozen-Themed Cake


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make Creative Frozen Cake your kids will love.

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