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30 Best Minecraft Cake Ideas For Your Little Ones

Are you looking for ideas to make your own Minecraft cake? Check out some of the best on the internet we have gathered on this list.

A Few Words About Minecraft Cake

Minecraft cakes are the perfect addition to your little one’s birthday celebration. The game that took over the whole internet was released in 2011. Minecraft now has over 140 million active users worldwide, with over US$300 million generated in yearly revenue.

We will show you two different types of ideas to get you inspired. The first is a collection of Minecraft cakes that will satisfy even the most die-hard fan. The cake selection ranges from a simple creeper sheet cake to a multi-tier cake with characters. Then we’ll show you some Minecraft cake toppers, which you can add to your plain cake and make it more festive.

So go ahead and try one of our cakes! Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite!

Index of Minecraft Cake

See the best selection of Minecraft Cakes

Do you want to impress everyone with your cake-decorating skills? Look at these Minecraft cake inspirations and try making one yourself at home.


Minecraft Cake Tutorial with Figurines

If you’re not after simple Minecraft-inspired cake designs, you’ll love this tutorial by Caketastic Cakes.

The cake is a two-tier Minecraft theme cake that will impress die-hard fans out there. This fantastic birthday Minecraft-themed cake design features Steve holding his sword, a Creeper, and the birthday boy’s name and age in Minecraft font!

Then start working with your fondant to make thin sheets and cut out squares to emulate a pixelated Minecraft world.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


How to Make a Minecraft Cake without Square Cutters

Suppose you want to make a simple Minecraft-inspired cake design with striking visuals. In that case, this Minecraft cake recipe by Little Cherry Cakes is the perfect one for you.

The cake is of Minecraft Steve standing on a hill, with actual Minecraft block designs, TNT, and the birthday boy’s name and age written in Minecraft font.

To make this cake, you will need special tools – a carving knife and a big square mold to make the pixelated structure.

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TNT Minecraft Cake

Here’s a fantastic concept for a Minecraft theme birthday cake. It’s a simple cube cake with the shape of three-dimensional Minecraft’s TNT.

Because it needs to be precisely a cube, you’ll probably need to bake several sheet cakes and stack them to the same height as its width. Try to have fun with the recipe, and make your favorite sponge cake and buttercream icing flavors.

It’s a pretty straightforward tutorial to make a beginner-friendly Minecraft party cake.

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Minecraft Cake


3D Fondant Minecraft Birthday Cake

If your little one is a big fan of the Minecraft game, we’re sure they’ll be very impressed with this next cake by How to Cook That.

It’s a colossal cube cake that looks like a Minecraft hill, with pixelated square fondants. Just like our last cake, to keep with the Minecraft theme, you will need to create a cube-shaped cake. Because this is a considerably large cake, you’ll see that the process takes a lot of work.

The maker puts a weight on top of the cake to keep the cake leveled and uses even surfaces to press the sides. You’ll also use a square mold cutter to create the pixels; then, you’ll put the fondant squares on the cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pig and Watermelon Minecraft Cake

This next cake by Ashlee Marie is an impressive three-dimensional cake featuring the Minecraft Pig and a watermelon. To create this cake, you will need several tools before your start.

It’s a challenging cake since you’ll have to shape it, so it looks geometric, especially when you shape the Pig’s head and the pixelated watermelon. Make sure you have plenty of sponge cakes for backup materials if you mess up.

Also, extra patience because it’s one of the most challenging Minecraft birthday cakes we have on the list!

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Square Checkerboard Minecraft Cake

Do you want your guests to gasp in awe as you cut into your DIY Minecraft-themed cake? Then watch as this tutorial shows you how to make simple Minecraft-inspired cake design ideas into something unique.

This cake by My Cupcake Addiction has a surprise inside, so you’ll see checkerboard patterns with brown and green colors when you cut into the cake.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to create some cake toppers using fondant.

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Simple Minecraft Cake with Toppers

If you’re looking for impressive Minecraft cake ideas, this cake looks like an actual Minecraft game screen capture.

This birthday Minecraft-themed cake by I Love Cakes features a single-tier cake with Minecraft Steve, Pig, Creeper, Minecraft crystal sword, and a tree right behind them.

This cake is an abstract take on the Minecraft cake trend since they don’t try to copy it exactly.

So for those who want to be less prominent or put in less effort, this easy round Minecraft cake is the perfect recipe for you to start baking and decorating.

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Lookalike Minecraft Cake

Believe it or not, we’re going meta and will show you a tutorial on how to make a Minecraft-themed cake from Minecraft.

In the game, the players can also encounter Minecraft cake. They’re Minecraft sheet cakes that players can eat while playing.

This video by Sideserf Cakes tries to emulate the cake using fondant icing. You’ll work with two different colored sponge cakes and a green buttercream so that the inside is as impressive as the outside.

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Round Minecraft Cake

Some people can get intimidated by three-dimensional cake designs; we include this cool Minecraft round cake by Cuppa Kaykes on our list.

It’s a simple single-tier round cake with two-dimensional figures of Minecraft characters. On the side of the cake, you’ll find Pig and Steve.

You can also complete the cake with the birthday boy or girl’s name on the board. It’s genuinely a birthday boy Minecraft cake that your guests will enjoy.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

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Simple Two-Tier Minecraft Birthday cake

In that case, this two-tier Minecraft Birthday cake by Timidekor is a perfect addition to your party.

The cake features many Minecraft characters and objects as toppers, and the bottom tier has a pixelated effect. One of the issues you might face when you make this Minecraft recipe cake is there are too many elements to create.

But you can easily do this by cutting gradients of brown and black and placing them randomly onto this Minecraft design cake.

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Cube Minecraft Cake

If you’re looking for easy Minecraft-themed cake ideas, you have come to the correct list. This following tutorial by Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardios features a multi-tier Minecraft cake that looks complicated but is simple to create.

In this recipe, you need to visualize the cake as to how you see the Minecraft world. Everything will be made as cubes! The cake has a pool, a hill, and sand. All you need to do is create each element using something that has similar colors to them.

For example, use blue jelly for the water and chocolate cake for the dirt. Then use some rice Krispies to make the sand.

To make grass, you can top off some of the chocolate cake with green buttercream. Lastly, put some printout characters as cake toppers.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


2 Tier Customized Minecraft Cake

This is a huge two-tier cake by Nanay Reine that features lots of Minecraft characters as cake toppers. It also has a pixelated bottom tier that emulates the Minecraft game visuals

To make this Minecraft cake birthday cake, you can make your base. We recommend you follow the tutorial and use chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream as the base.

The decorative elements on this cake are all made using fondant from the hills, the background, and the toppers.

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Minecraft Cake with Icing

If you want to make simple, easy Minecraft cakes, the following tutorial by Rozeya will delight you. Instead of the usual pixelated design, this recipe features a drip cake with Minecraft printouts as cake toppers.

To make this cake, you’ll need fondant, buttercream, a base cake, and printouts. You will also need a fondant letter cutter to create the birthday boy’s name on the bottom of the cake.

It’s one of the most straightforward Minecraft Bday cake ideas that still satisfy die-hard fans.

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Easiest Minecraft Cake Ever

There’s a reason why the maker of this tutorial calls it an Easy Minecraft birthday cake. To make this cake, all you need is sponge cakes and icing.

The cake is a three-tier sheet cake with green icing and a naked chocolate base cake. If you’ve never heard of them, A naked cake is a cake with bare sides.

Because you’ll make the base cake with chocolate sponge cake, the inside will resemble the ground. It’s one of the most straightforward Minecraft birthday cake ideas that’s easy to make.

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Diamond Sword Minecraft Cake from Cupcakes

If you prefer a simple process for your Minecraft cake ideas, this wonderful Minecraft sword cake is one you have to try.

The cake concept is a pull-apart cupcake, so you will have several cupcakes to fill in the shape. Arrange your cupcakes on top of the printout in the form of the sword, then start piping the colors directly on top of your cupcakes.

The result will be a cool-looking cupcake cake that everyone can enjoy without using plates.

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Simple Minecraft Birthday Cake

This is a simple Minecraft cake that even beginner bakers find easy to make. So if your kid’s a big fan of Minecraft, he will be thrilled to be presented with this honorable cake.

Start by preparing your base cake using plain vanilla sponge cakes. Then prepare seven different colored fondants – dark blue, blue, light blue, orange, brown, light brown, and flesh.

Make sure your base cake has a square dimension, then roll the fondants and cut them into small squares to fit the cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Village Minecraft Cake

If you’d like to challenge yourself, this cool Minecraft village cake is the perfect addition to your party. You’ll be thankful that the maker of this tutorial, Bee’s Cakes, shows detailed instructions because it’s a complicated process.

In general, you’ll create this cake in three different components. You’ll use a square baseboard as the background of the village cake.

For the base cake, you’ll want to make two cubes resembling villagers’ houses. Lastly, you’ll create detailed elements using leftover sponge cakes and fondant.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Block Minecraft Birthday Cake

We know we’ve already shown you another Minecraft cube cake tutorial on this list, but this one is for those who don’t like fondant.

This is a simple Minecraft cake that only uses sponge cakes, candy melts, and buttercream icing! Although it’s just a single-tier cake, it will help if you see this cake as a three-layered cake.

Start by covering your entire cake with white buttercream, then cover the bottom layer with brown cinnamon.

Then mark the pixels on top of the cake, create the candy melts with the exact dimensions on wax paper, and transfer them onto the cake.

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Grass Block Minecraft Cake

This is another Minecraft theme cake for people who dislike fondant. It’s a Minecraft cube cake that looks like a grass block from the game.

To make this cake, you’ll need three elements – base chocolate sponge cakes, chocolate buttercream icing, and green buttercream icing.

Start stacking your sheet cake to make a cube shape using the sponge cakes and chocolate buttercream. Then when you have the correct dimensions, pipe the grass onto the cake using green buttercream icing.

Calories per Serving: 399 Calories
Total Preparation Time: 2 hours

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Creeper Minecraft Cake

The following tutorial by Holly Muffin features an easy Minecraft sheet cake. The character you’ll make on this cake is the Creeper. It’s a simple tutorial; all you need is colored fondants, buttercream, sponge cakes, a rolling pin, a carving knife, and a ruler.

Start by making the sheet cake first, and since we’re covering it with fondant, you’re free to choose any flavor you like. Then cover the cake with white buttercream and let it chill.

In the meantime, you can print out the creeper design or take note of the dimension from the tutorial. Then roll out your fondants and cut them into squares to create the pixelated visual.

Put the squares on top of the cake, and your Minecraft theme cake is ready to serve.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Buttercream Minecraft Cake Decorating

This tutorial by the Dessert Wizard has simple ideas that result in a striking visual. The cake is a single-tier round cake with Minecraft Steve, a crystal sword, and the Creeper.

You can separate the process of making this cake into four different parts. The first is the base cake, which you’ll cover in green buttercream and decorate with brown fondant squares.

And then you will make Steve and Creeper using colored fondant, but if they’re not your favorite character, feel free to switch them with someone else.

Lastly, you will use a carton board and some colored fondants to create the crystal sword topper. You will need gum paste or edible glue to stick the fondant onto the carton.

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Minecraft Cake

See the best selection of Minecraft Cake Toppers

If you already have your base cake ready, a Minecraft cake topper will be the perfect addition that will take it to the next level. Take your pick from 9 of the best Minecraft cake toppers on our list!


Easy Minecraft Cake Topper Tutorial

This tutorial by Daily Cake TV will show you the perfect cake toppers to add to your plain cake.

All you need to create these elements are colored fondants. The colors you will need to make these toppers are green, blue, navy blue, light blue, skin color, brown, red, black, and white.

Aside from the fondants, you will also need edible paint to write the TNT sign. It would help if you also had a small square fondant cutter to make the pixelated sword.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Wither Minecraft Cake Topper

If you want your Minecraft-themed cake to have a villain on it, you can make this Wither cake topper by Caketastic Cakes.

Your kids will be thrilled if you use this cake topper on your small Minecraft cake. The cake topper is easy to make because the Wither has straightforward cube shapes that you can easily make using gum paste.

She also said it’s best to use gum paste to make decorations and fondant to cover the cake.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Creeper and Sheep Minecraft Cake Toppers

The following tutorial will teach you how to make two different Minecraft cake toppers. At the same time, Sheep are passive mobs that don’t do anything besides supplying wool and mutton on grassy biomes.

Mau uses fondant as the primary material to create these cake toppers. The good news is you won’t need any extra tools to make these toppers.

Try to make these toppers the night before so that it’s ready for your cool Minecraft-themed cake the next day.

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Fondant Diamond Sword and TNT Minecraft Cake Toppers

The following tutorial by Bunscoat will show you how to create two different Minecraft weapons – the Minecraft diamond sword and Minecraft TNT.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, the diamond sword in Minecraft is the most robust and durable type, which is why it will be a favorite of your little ones.

You can make these cake toppers using colored fondants and ask your kids to join you while making them. Remember to use a printout as a guideline for your Minecraft sword.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Fondant Alex and Steve Minecraft Cake Toppers

Your kids are going to love the following tutorial by Cheshire Bakery. That’s because it features two of the most famous characters in Minecraft – Alex and Steve.

According to Lego Club Magazine, Alex and Steve have a romantic relationship and distinct personalities.

Alex is an explorer and hunter, while Steve loves mining and alchemy. To make these cake toppers, you must print out Steve and Alex.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Minecraft Cake Toppers using Gum Paste

If you want options for your cake toppers, the following tutorial by Cake Toppers will delight you.

This video will show you how to create five different Minecraft-themed cake toppers – TNT, Minecraft Steve, Minecraft Zombie, the Creeper, and a Sheep. Gum paste has similar characteristics to fondant as they’re both soft and pliable sugar dough.

That’s why it’s great for detailed cake decorations and cake toppers. But in terms of handling, you can still make these cake toppers with your little ones.

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Creeper Minecraft Cake Toppers

This tutorial by Francesca Fazio has very detailed instructions, so if you’re a beginner baker, you should try to make this Minecraft cake topper.

This is also ideal for those who want to invest less in tools since you’ll only need an exacto knife and ruler to make this cake. Aside from the tools, you will also need green, dark green, and black fondants.

You can also work with your kids to make this cake topper, so get ready with more fondants.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Minecraft Steve Cake Topper

Here’s another easy Minecraft cake topper tutorial by Pink Cake Princess. The palette knife and the ruler create sharp edges that are synonymous with Minecraft and ensure that each component has the right dimension.

One thing you need to prepare for this recipe is different colored fondants – blue, flesh, green, brown, red, white, and black.

You can buy plain white fondant and mic the colors yourself, but it won’t be easy to get the exact colors.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Easy Fondant Pig Minecraft Cake Topper

The following tutorial is a cute little sugar-paste Minecraft pig by Becky Bakes Cakes. Although it has different names, sugar paste, and fondant are the same! will refer to it as sugar paste, while those who live in the U.S. and Australia call it fondant.

Because this tutorial only shows you one character, it’s easy to follow. You’ll use the ruler to measure each box and create sharp edges.

This will be a beginner-friendly tutorial since you’ll only need two different fondant colors and then paint the eyes with edible paint at the end.

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Minecraft Cake

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