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26 Creative Nintendo Switch Cake Ideas You Can Make for a Gamer’s Birthday Party

You can try endless creative Nintendo Switch cake ideas at your next Nintendo-themed birthday party to get a jaw-dropping response from all!

A Few Words About Nintendo Switch Cake

A Nintendo Switch Cake is a must-have on a gamer’s birthday! Let’s look at the history of Nintendo. Founded in 1889 as a handmade playing cards company, it has now become almost a century-old company specializing in video games better than anyone. Nintendo has been popular and still topping the charts in the video gaming industry. This Japanese company has billions of fans all around the globe, and if you have that one-in-a-million fan in your house with their big day coming up – all you need is a Nintendo Switch cake to light up their day. We have added a variety of Nintendo cakes that suits everyone’s need. From decoration tutorials to professional and a bit challenging to beginner-friendly – all the recipes are here for you to choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Ready to find out what’s in it for you?

See The Best Selection of Nintendo Switch Cake Recipes

We have included Nintendo cake recipes from Super Mario to Mario Kart, The Legends of Zelda to Ninja Turtles, and more. Still, our collection is curated to make Nintendo Switch cakes with the theme of a game adored by all. See below to find your favorite recipe.

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Hyper-realistic Nintendo Switch Cake

Making hyper-realistic cakes is an art, and if you are an artist ready to test their limits – this Nintendo cake is a good way to start! The cake is made with casual baking supplies and products that can be easily found in your baking pantry – the technique used here makes this tutorial different from others.

The thin layers of sponge cake – cut in the perfect size of a Nintendo Switch controller – are filled and crumb coated with green-colored buttercream frosting and finally covered with black fondant.

The controller buttons and the screen are made hyper-realistic by using very common things that can easily be found in your home or at the store. Want to know what those secret things are?

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Link’s Awakening is an amazing game recently introduced to gamers by Nintendo in 2019. The game is super popular, especially among kids.

With that being said if you are planning to surprise your kid with a Nintendo theme birthday surprise, get ready for reactions like, “Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch cake – is it for real?”

Because that’s how good you can bake and make a Nintendo theme cake with Swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache, Nutella, and white candy melts on the inside and the outer layer of cake at home by using simple ingredients and a little effort. So, are you ready for the Nintendo night party?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Splatoon on a Nintendo Switch Cake – What a Combo!

If you or your loved ones are Nintendo Switch and Splatoon games fans, this recipe tutorial is just for you! Splatoon is another amazing, fun, and kid-friendly game that is popular and a favorite of many.

This tutorial guides you not only on how to décor a Splatoon-themed Nintendo cake, but you will also be able to learn all basics of baking, leveling, frosting, décor, and many more minor details.

From making cocoa buttercream to preparing fondant layers and adding them onto your cake to placing Splatoon on top of your cake – get ready to dive in and learn all about making a Splatoon-themed Nintendo cake!

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Nintendo Switch Controller Cake

If you are looking for Nintendo Switch Fortnite cake designs with easy and simple recipes, you should try this video. Why? Because a hyper-realistic-looking Nintendo-themed cake is made with a Fortnite game logo on top of it.

The cake looks so surreal that you won’t believe it’s not real. The cake is made exactly the size of a Nintendo controller – you can make one by the exact measurements of the controller – and later on, it is covered up with fondant to begin the décor part.

This themed cake’s décor is kept simple, and lots of fondants are involved in making it as real as possible. Seems like what you had in mind.

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Fortnite Cake with Nintendo Switch Over The Top

Do you want to make a very expensive and customized Nintendo cake at home? How about an easy and simple recipe to make a Fortnite cake with Nintendo Switch over the top that looks expensive?

This recipe is simple, easy, and can be made at home in just a few hours. This tutorial will guide you on making a Nintendo cake with Fortnite, headphones, and necessary Fortnite objects such as cake pops and cake toppers by just investing a little of your time.

It is also an ideal recipe for those looking to make a themed cake on a budget!

Additional Information: Prepare all assembling and décor pieces beforehand to save time and energy.

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Super Mario & Nintendo Switch, But on a Cake!

It will not be wrong to say that Super Mario is one of the most popular games in the entire world. Also, the combination of Nintendo and Super Mario is ideal for gamers. If you plan to surprise fans on their birthday, how about a Super Mario & Nintendo Switch, but on a cake?

The cake is made with a simple buttercream, a frosted rectangular-shaped cake with chocolate ganache. Later on, rolled fondant is placed with the Nintendo color scheme on top of it.

The cake is decorated with a Super Mario game screen and finished by adding fine details. An amazingly satisfying and mouth-watering Super Mario cake will be served on D-day.

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Nintendo Switch Cake


Hand-Painted Nintendo Switch Cake

Looking for an easy way out to make an effortless and stunning hand-painted Nintendo Switch birthday cake recipe?

Start by frosting thinly sliced vanilla sponge cake filled with chocolate ganache or buttercream. Crumb-coat it with extra layers of buttercream and chill it out.

Roll out black, blue, and red colored fondant and curate fine details – again with the help of fondant. Give it the ‘Happy Birthday’ rose gold stroke, and voila! Your Nintendo cake is ready to be served!

Additional Information: It is important to take the right measurements of the Nintendo Switch. If you do not have one at home, try getting a printed image instead!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Glorious Nintendo Switch Controller Cake

A brownie cake is hidden inside a Nintendo Switch with jelly on top and a luscious taste – are you up for a Nintendo Switch Controller cake challenge?

This recipe tutorial is a complete demonstration of how to bake the base of your themed cake, how to layer it with frosting and rolled-out fondant, how to add Nintendo controllers with buttons, and how to add a screen made out of jelly.

This is a perfect birthday surprise for Nintendo lovers, and if you have no idea where to begin, now you do!

Pro Tip: Keep your cake refrigerated overnight to let the jelly settle on it completely.

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Not Your Regular Nintendo Switch Cake!

This is not your regular Nintendo Switch cake! Instead, this is a huge, glossy, creamy, and Nutella-filled Nintendo-themed cake with a complimentary Fortnite theme, from leveling up the cake to making Nutella-filled buttercream and adding layers of fondant to decorating it.

You can make a glossy, yummy Nintendo switch themed cake for your kid’s next birthday at home and on a budget.

The glossiness on the cake is due to the usage of edible sticking paste. If you do not have one at home, you can use water instead. Ready to surprise your little gamer?

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Nintendo Switch Cake


Skillful Super Mario & Nintendo Themed Cake

Another amazing, delicious, juicy, and skillful Super Mario & Nintendo-themed cake recipe is here to make your loved ones’ day even more memorable. The good part? You can make this nice and neat Nintendo cake recipe at home using a few ingredients.

From filling up the cake with just the right amount of buttercream frosting to shaping and decorating the cake just like a Nintendo controller – you will not have to worry about a thing here!

So, are you ready to get yourself the title of ‘themed cakes chef’? Seems like a far-fetched dream? Well, not anymore, with this recipe by your side!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Boxy Super Mario & Nintendo Cake

Nintendo has a huge fan following from around the globe ranging from adults to kids. With that being said, there is a huge possibility that you might have one or two fans in your house as well.

Can you relate to it? If yes, then you should check this boxy Super Mario & Nintendo cake recipe to surprise them on their big day. The recipe is super simple, neat, and mouth-watering.

From draping vanilla buttercream over your chocolate cake to red, blue, and black fondant rolls layered upon it and adding Mario images to complete the look. Look at this complete and easy Nintendo cake tutorial, and thank us later!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Nintendo Switch & Legends of Zelda Cake Combo!

Sandy beach, palm trees, a mountain topped with white and pink dotted eggs, waves of the sea crashing in, and the link passed out on the beach – sounds familiar? Well, that’s the Legend of Zelda inside the Nintendo screen, but as a cake!

The Nintendo Switch & Legends of Zelda cake combo is a unique recipe dedicatedly curated for fans only.

If you know someone who is an admirer of both; the Nintendo Switch and the Legend of Zelda, then nothing can beat the idea of this marvelous cake that looks cinematic and is also a mix of heavenly taste, leaving everyone feeling that temptation. Sounds like what you wanted to make?

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Air-Painted & Voluminous Nintendo Cake

Looking to satisfy the sugar cravings of a bunch of kids but with a Nintendo-themed cake? How about an air-painted & voluminous Nintendo cake for the next themed party? This cake is huge, made with a different style than what you might have seen so far. It is neat and looks super hyper-realistic.

Is the cherry on top? In fact, it is a cherry inside! Yes, the strawberries are mashed and put inside the layers of sponge cake, which are again filled with buttercream frosting and locked with the help of sugar paste to make controllers.

Still, the screen part of this Nintendo cake is made by air painting and a cutout of Mario Kart to make it look super realistic. The cake looks gorgeous and tempting – all thanks to its divine taste.

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No-Fondant Nintendo Switch  Cake

Fondant or gum paste creates that neat look that makes cakes hyper-realistic. Almost all themed cakes are made by using lots or bits of fondant.

However, if you do not want to make your themed cake using fondant, this no-fondant Nintendo Switch cake recipe will be a lifesaver for you. This zero-fondant Nintendo cake recipe uses only buttercream and chocolate ganache.

From where can you get those colorful buttercreams for controllers? Don’t worry. The secret recipe is shared in this tutorial as well. Eager to know more about it?

Pro Tip: Refrigerate your cake before presenting so everything is settled and won’t budge for the next few hours!

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2-Tier Nintendo Controller Cake

2-Tier Nintendo Controller Cake

This 2-tier Nintendo controller cake is an ideal selection of choice for Nintendo and especially Mario Kart lovers.

For youngsters or adults, age is just a number for games and Nintendo. Be ready to make an amazing, tempting, as well as easy cake recipe tutorial that all will devour in a few minutes.

Sounds, what were you looking forward to? Then dig in to find out how to level the cake to the exact Nintendo controller size, frost and crumb coat it, and add fondant layers to make it themed.

Did you know? That you can use piping gel to stick the buttons on the cake. But water would also work just fine.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Smoothly Decorated Nintendo Switch Cake

Nintendo is the epitome of the gaming industry, and what Nintendo Switch provides is unparalleled, which is why this gaming console is so famous around the globe. Suppose you are also planning to make a Nintendo Switch controller-themed cake.

In that case, this easy decorating tutorial will give you the right directional way – by following it. You can quickly achieve a Nintendo Switch cake with the Nintendo logo on top.

A smooth cake that looks like the real one but is unmatched in terms of taste and mouth-watering aroma. This is purely a décor tutorial. However, if you wish to bake the cake, feel free to do so!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Ultra Street Fighter Inspired Nintendo Cake

When Nintendo announced they would launch the Nintendo Switch alongside the old ultra-street fighter – the fans were over the moon. Do you also know that fan?

Well, it’s easy to make them over the moon again by making this homemade ultra-street fighter-inspired Nintendo cake. You can rock that party with only two grey-colored joy-cons and single layered cake!

The cake is easier to make than you can imagine, even tastier than you can see, and a unique design for a Nintendo Switch cake you will be making. Ready to take that ultra-street fight into your kitchen?

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Buttercream Whipped Nintendo Switch Cake

Looking for some Nintendo Switch cake ideas without fondant? You have come to the right place. This amazing, quick, and creative recipe tutorial is ready to make a Nintendo Switch birthday cake without using any fondant.

The cake is filled with these heavenly delicious peach chunks mixed with fresh buttercream and spreads in quantity onto your cake. After that comes the Nintendo controllers’ part; they are also made with colored buttercream.

And a Super Mario image is placed on the mid-top of the cake to give it that finest look. Add little details and a birthday name alongside your wish, and you are good to go!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Fondant Draped Nintendo Controller Cake

Do you have a kid that is just inseparable from their Nintendo Switch controller? Are you looking for Nintendo cake ideas to give them a memorable surprise? Then, you should give this recipe a try!

The iconic fondant draped the Nintendo Switch controller with fuchsia pink, shocking green, and grey colored controller – “but can it be edible”? This is what you’ll hear from everyone.

The recipe is simple, and the uniquely designed Nintendo controller will be the sweet treat they’ll never forget. Ready to make a cake that will not only be the highlight of the party but it will also help them remember the little efforts?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Jam-Filled Nintendo Switch Cake

You can try to make a Nintendo cake in numerous ways and styles. However, if you are specifically looking for Nintendo controller cake ideas that involve jam in any way, this jam-filled Nintendo Switch cake would be an ideal recipe.

From making the batter and buttercream from scratch to decorating and icing it to get the finest results – all steps are included in this complete guide.

The fondant layers are draped all over the cake to make that perfect, smooth, and glossy Nintendo controller look, which is the end goal. Ready to make your own Nintendo controller cake?

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How To Decorate Nintendo Switch Cake Like a Pro!

If you already know the basics of baking but want to know how to decorate Nintendo Switch like a pro, then you should start from here.

Blue and yellow-themed Nintendo joy-cons and Ninja Turtles on top of the cake would give it that vibe you were looking for everywhere else.

From making fondant rollouts to the placement and adding edible wafer paper images to making it of top-notch quality – if you were missing out on a décor tutorial that would be a perfect fit, then you are in the right hands.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Irresistible Nintendo Switch Controller Cake

In search of an irresistible Nintendo Switch controller cake idea that will make people’s jaws drop? How about a rectangular-shaped round cornered fudge brownie cake that is filled with chocolate buttercream and further draped with chocolate ganache?

The dreamy and hyper-realistic cake is further covered with a nice, neat, rolled fondant to enhance its glamour.

From making minor details of buttons to creating neat and nice cutouts of the controller – you will learn everything in this short, quick, and crisp tutorial.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Buttercream Molded Nintendo Switch Cake

A class vanilla sponge cake that is layered with classic buttercream made with butter and sugar confectionaries alongside chocolate buttercream to give it that specific divine taste.

Furthermore, red icing and blue icing are used to draw the joy-cons of the Nintendo controller on the cake alongside black buttercream to make the screen. Once the base layer of buttercream is done, add anything you like on the screen and make small buttons again with the help of buttercream.

That’s it, and your buttercream-molded Nintendo Switch cake is ready to be served on any occasion. This recipe tutorial involves no-fondant, but the outcome will give you the illusion otherwise!

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Gluten-Free Nintendo Switch Cake

Gluten-Free Nintendo Switch Cake

If you are on a diet or due for any reason, you can enjoy your cakes, but in a very gluten freeway, then this gluten-free Nintendo Switch cake recipe would be the one that will be the best fit for your need.

From food dye to fondant and batter to edible glue – all ingredients used in this recipe are gluten-free. The cake is first baked, crumb coated, then again frosted with homemade buttercream layers to make it moist and creamy.

The fondant used here is for joy-cons and the name alongside special wish. With that, you can wrap your perfectly homemade gluten-free Nintendo Switch cake in no time!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Realistic Nintendo Switch Birthday Cake For Kids Party!

A realistic Nintendo Switch cake specially curated just for kids’ parties! This cake is pretty amazing when you look at the finished look.

Nice and neat fondant rolls spread out on the cake with shortening representing the screen and carefully cut-outs of alphabets to make the wish. But, if you look at what is inside, you will also be surprised.

A special homemade Oreo buttercream-filled chocolate cake that looks just irresistible. The cake can be modified according to one’s wish, but the recipe can be followed exactly to achieve successful results.

Pro Tip: Use water instead of glue if you are out of stock.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Have Sugar Rush With This Nintendo Switch Cake

Have Sugar Rush With This Nintendo Switch Cake

Gamers and Nintendo lovers know what a Nintendo-themed birthday cake could mean to them. If you are a gamer or know someone who is, just make this cake, and you will get them all lit up.

The cake is made with sponge cake as a base filled with buttercream icing – you can always choose the flavor of your sponge cake and buttercream icing. Once the cake’s base is ready, you need to prepare your icing and piping bags.

Choose your favorite icing color from grey to black, blue to red, and draw on the controller. Be as creative as you like and as much sugar as you want unless you want to have a sugar rush!

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26 Creative Nintendo Switch Cake Ideas You Can Make for a Gamer’s Birthday Party

26 Creative Nintendo Switch Cake Ideas You Can Make for a Gamer’s Birthday Party



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



You can try endless creative Nintendo Switch cake ideas at your next Nintendo-themed birthday party to get a jaw-dropping response from all!


  • Hyper-realistic Nintendo Switch Cake

  • Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Cake – Is It for Real?

  • Splatoon on a Nintendo Switch Cake – What a Combo!

  • Nintendo Switch Controller Cake

  • Fortnite Cake with Nintendo Switch Over The Top

  • Super Mario & Nintendo Switch, But on a Cake!

  • Hand-Painted Nintendo Switch Cake


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make creative Nintendo Switch Cakes for your loved ones.

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