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30 Refreshing Pastis Drink Recipes You Will Love

Take a look at these amazing Pastis drink recipes to rock parties. These rich drinks are easy to make and fun to have!

A Few Words About Pastis Drink Recipes

Pastis is a traditional French alcoholic beverage often enjoyed as an aperitif. It is an anise-flavored spirit that typically has a high alcohol content. To create Pastis, individuals dilute the core with water, resulting in a distinctive cloudy and milky appearance. It is known for its distinct licorice-like flavor, derived from the presence of aniseed and other herbs and spices. People commonly serve Pastis over ice, savoring it as a refreshing and flavorful drink. It has a long history in France and is considered a cultural staple in its drinking traditions.

Get ready to explore a world of tantalizing flavors and refreshing concoctions! In this roundup, we will dive into the realm of Pastis drinks and introduce you to some delightful recipes featuring popular brands. Whether you’re a fan of the classic anise flavor or seeking a new twist on this beloved French spirit, we’ve got you covered with Ricard Pastis recipes, Pastis drink recipes, and Henri Bardouin Pastis drink recipes!

See the Refreshing selection of Ricard Pastis Recipes

Explore an array of Ricard Pastis Drink recipes, each offering a unique journey of taste and aroma, whether you seek the refreshing allure of citrus-infused blends or the seductive charm of exotic fusions! Try it now and enjoy!

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Drink Made With Pastis

Sip pure and refreshing bliss! 

Blend the timeless allure of Pastis with a burst of fresh lime juice and a touch of sweetness from the simple syrup. 

Garnish this drink with fragrant mint leaves and enjoy an effortless symphony of flavors. 

Let its refreshing charm whisk you away to a world of pure delight. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Bartender Style Pastis Drink

We are introducing ‘Inferno Elixir’: An extraordinary concoction crafted with flair by this master mixologist. 

Witness the spectacle as a rock glass adorned with zesty orange slices sets the stage. 

A sugar cube doused in absinthe ignites, infusing the air with an alluring aroma. 

The fiery cube is then crushed in a mixing glass and combined with the finest Ricard, Galliano, and Beefeater Gin. 

A touch of almond syrup adds a sweet embrace, while a cascade of ice brings a chill to the flames. 

Finally, a cinnamon stick and a dash of Angostura bitters crown this masterpiece.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Ricard Pastis And Coke Mixed Drink

Prepare for a surprising twist on tradition as the iconic Ricard Pastis meets the refreshing charm of Coke. 

This daring concoction defies expectations, blending Ricard’s distinct anise flavors with Coke’s enthusiasm. 

A harmonious dance unfolds with each sip, offering a symphony of taste that tantalizes the senses. 

Rediscover the art of enjoyment as you pair your Ricard with Coke, creating a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more. Cheers to the unexpected!

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Make The Beguiling French Pastis

Allow the magic to unfold as Ricard, the epitome of authenticity, dances with crystal-clear water over a bed of glistening ice. 

Watch as the vibrant hues mingle, transforming into a mesmerizing elixir that awakens the senses. 

Sip slowly and succumb to its seductive charm, letting the unmistakable taste of anise transport you to the sun-soaked streets of Provence. 

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the Beguiling Ricard Delight, a true testament to the timeless art of indulgence.

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Fresh Pastis Drink With Water And Ice

We’ve got you a refreshing drink that celebrates the purity of flavor. 

This delightful Fresh Pastis drink is crafted with care and harmonizes the essence of anise with the clarity of water and the cool embrace of ice. 

With each sip, your taste buds journey through fields of fragrant herbs as the vibrant flavors dance across your palate. 

Immerse yourself in the simplicity of this new concoction, and let its crisp and refreshing nature transport you to a world of pure indulgence. 

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Ricard- Pastis Recipe

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Provence as you blend the iconic Ricard with precision and passion. 

With a touch of water, a swirl of ice, and a confident stir, watch as the translucent elixir unveils its complex character. 

Succumb to the symphony of flavors, where the velvety notes of anise intertwine with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Try this now and be whisked away on a journey of refined taste with this great Ricard-Pastis recipe.

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Pastis De Marseille Drink Recipe

Try the Pastis De Marseille! Immerse yourself in the flavors of this delightful drink recipe

Just combine Pastis with a splash of water and enjoy a refreshing beverage that captures the essence of Marseille’s vibrant spirit. 

Let each sip transport you to the sunny shores of Provence, where the mingling flavors create a pleasant sensation in your taste buds.

Indulge in the simple pleasure of the Pasis De Marseille and experience the easy charm of this coastal favorite.

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Ricard Pastis Refreshing Drink Recipe

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Experience the ultimate refreshment with this Summer Sipper! Ricard Refreshment Delight!

This tantalizing drink recipe combines water, aniseed, and fennel in a pitcher, infusing the liquid with delightful flavors. 

Enhance the experience with the zesty touch of lemons and add a perfect sweetness balance with sugar and Ricard Pastis. 

Stir gently until the sugar dissolves, and then serve the refreshing elixir over ice. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


How To Make Pastis Ricard Recipe

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Unleash the allure of Pastis Ricard with this captivating recipe. 

Start by pouring a generous serving of Ricard Pastis into your glass, embracing its rich heritage. 

Enhance the experience with a drizzle of delightful andel syrup, infusing a nutty essence. 

Add ice cubes to chill and invigorate, then top it off with sparkling water.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Mauresque Cocktail – Pastis Recipe

Here is another recipe for Mauresque Cocktail, a mesmerizing Pastis delight. 

With Ricard Pastis de Marseille as the soul, adding Monin Orgeat Almond Syrup brings a seductive sweetness. 

Chill the elixir with ice cubes and add cold water to taste, harmonizing the flavors. 

For an elegant touch, consider a star anise garnish. 

Calories per serving: 129
Total Preparation Time: 2 minutes

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Make Quick Yet Refreshing Pastis Drink

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You can create a refreshing elixir that will awaken your senses in just a few simple steps. 

Start by combining Ricard and freshly squeezed lemon juice, infusing the glass with tangy allure. 

Add orgeat syrup, mixing with care to meld the flavors, and then add ice cubes to bring a touch of sweetness. 

Elevate the presentation with a garnish of a lemon slice and a fresh mint leaf, adding visual charm. 

Complete the experience with a biodegradable straw and serve the cocktail.

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Traditional Style Ricard Pastis Recipe

Combine the iconic Ricard Pastis with water in a highball glass, allowing the elixir to unfold. 

Fill the glass with ice, immersing it in a refreshing chill. 

Please give it a gentle stir, awakening the flavors and melding them perfectly.

Sip slowly and let the essence of this classic Ricard Pastis envelop your senses. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Jaune Lemon Pastis Drink

Indulge in the Jaune Lemon Pastis Delight! 

Pour Ricard and freshly squeezed lemon juice, then add orgeat syrup to bring sweetness. 

Mix to mingle the flavors. Fill the glass with cool water and ice, and garnish with a lemon slice and fresh mint leaf. 

Add a biodegradable straw and serve this captivating cocktail. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Mauresque Cocktail – Pastis Drink

Try the Mauresque Cocktail, A Captivating Pastis Delight! 

Start by pouring Ricard Pastis de Marseille and Monin Orgeat almond syrup into a glass, letting the flavors intertwine. 

Please give it a gentle stir, awakening the magic within. Add ice, allowing it to chill the elixir to perfection. 

Complete the experience by topping the glass with cold water, creating a refreshing sensation. 

Garnish with star anise, if desired, for an extra touch of elegance.

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Contemporary Pastis Cocktail Recipe

Unveiling the Captivating Pastis Cocktail! 

Begin by adding a touch of sweetness with honey syrup and combining it with Pastis in a small Collins glass or coupe. 

As you slowly pour in the green tea, marvel at the mesmerizing transformation as the liquid turns milky-cloudy before your eyes. 

The fusion of contemporary ingredients creates a truly unique experience.

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See the Appetizing selection of Pastis Drink Recipes

Discover Captivating Pastis Drink Recipes That Ignite Your Senses! From traditional classics to contemporary creations, these enticing concoctions will transport you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean.


Pastis Drink- Pernod & Ricard Recipe

Discover the Enchanting Flavors of Pernod and Ricard Recipes! 

Dive into the depths of Pernod, with its mesmerizing anise notes that awaken the senses with every sip. 

Or venture into the realm of Ricard, where rich heritage and Provencal charm converge, leaving an everlasting impression. 

Enjoy them separately, as Pernod and Ricard shine in their own right. 

Pour each into a glass with water and ice, and let the flavors unfold in splendor!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Sweet Surprise Cocktail Recipe

Get ready to be whisked away by a symphony of flavors in this enticing recipe. 

Fill the glass with Pastis, infusing it with its distinct allure. 

Add a tangy Lemon Juice richness of Grand Marnier, and drizzle in Grenadine for sweetness.

Let the Dark Rum bring depth and complexity to the concoction. Pour in vibrant Orange Juice, infusing it with its sunny disposition.

Finally, top it off with a splash of White Rum, creating the perfect balance. As you take a sip, be prepared for a sweet surprise that will dance on your palate.

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How To Drink Pastis

Step into the world of Pastis and prepare for an enchanting experience. 

Pour pastis into a glass and add cold water to perfect dilution. 

Witness the mesmerizing transformation as the liquid turns from clear amber to a milky greenish-yellow, releasing the aromatic symphony of herbs. 

For a refreshing touch, add a couple of optional ice cubes. Find yourself on a sunny terrace, basking in the warm afternoon glow. 

Take a sip, savoring the flavors slowly, allowing the magic of Pastis to transport you to a world of relaxation and enjoyment!

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How To Drink Pastis Like A French

Try pastis in a French style with this quick recipe!

Begin by pouring a generous measure of this golden elixir into your glass, letting its alluring aroma captivate your senses. 

With a steady hand, add a cool stream of water, allowing the Pastis to bloom and transform before your eyes. 

Witness the magical alchemy as the liquid turns from amber to a mesmerizing milky hue, releasing an aromatic symphony of herbs. 

A single ice cube, like a jewel, can be added for those seeking a refreshing chill.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Refreshing Pastis Drink Recipe

Quench your thirst with a refreshing Pastis drink. 

Pour Pastis or Pernod into a highball glass. 

Serve it with ice-cold mineral water and let each person dilute the drink to their liking. 

The magic happens as the liquid turns cloudy and milky yellow, known as the ouzo effect. 

Enjoy this delightful combination of flavors and aesthetics. Sips and savor the refreshing taste, transporting yourself to Mediterranean bliss.

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Le Jus D’eden Cocktail- Pastic Recipe

Unveiling the Le Jus D’eden Cocktail – A Pastis Recipe! 

Follow the precise order of ingredients to unlock the full potential of this exquisite libation. 

Pour Pastis, Scotch Whiskey, and Mixed Avocado in the right order, allowing their flavors to harmonize into a symphony of taste. 

Sip and savor this extraordinary creation, letting Le Jus D’eden transport you to a realm of pure bliss.

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Absinthe Cocktail Recipe

We are Introducing the Absinthe Cocktail, a Harmonious Blend of Flavors. 

Prepare for a sensory journey as you assemble the ingredients in perfect order. 

Fill your glass with the vibrant zest of Orange juice, followed by the alluring presence of Pastis. 

Complete the concoction by gently filling the glass with Water, allowing the flavors to intertwine. 

With each sip, immerse yourself in the captivating essence of this extraordinary Absinthe Cocktail.

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Pastis Recipe To Try

Try this Easy and Delicious Pastis Recipe! 

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice and shake it well.

Pour the mixture into a festive glass filled with more crushed ice. 

For a charming touch, garnish with an apple fan and a bouquet of mint. Sip and enjoy this delightful concoction through a straw.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


A Quick Pastis Cocktail Recipe

Try this Simple and Delicious Pastis Cocktail Recipe! 

Start by filling a tall glass with crushed ice. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker without ice and shake vigorously. 

Add ice to the shaker, shake again, and strain the mixture into the glass. 

Top it off with soda, and garnish to enhance the presentation. 

Sip and enjoy the refreshing flavors of this delightful Pastis cocktail. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

See the Tasteful selection of Henri Bardouin Pastis Drink Recipes

Discover a World of Exquisite Henri Bardouin Pastis Drink Recipes! Within this group, explore the art of mixology elevated to new heights with the distinguished Henri Bardouin Pastis.


Mint Flavor Pastis Drink Recipe

Unveil the Irresistible Charm of Mint Flavor Pastis Drink!

Start by muddling fresh mint leaves, infusing the drink with their vibrant essence. 

Then, add a delightful blend of carefully selected ingredients, building a symphony of taste. 

As the glass fills with crushed ice, stir with finesse, ensuring the perfect marriage of flavors. 

Finally, crown this masterpiece with a splash of soda water, adding a sparkling effervescence that dances on the palate. 

Sip and savor the minty freshness of this enchanting Pastis drink, a true delight for the senses!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

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Spring Wind – Pastis Drink

Combining Gentiane De Lure’s elegance, Henri Bardouin Pastis’s sophistication, and the exquisite touch of homemade pear and herb syrup, this concoction is a harmonious symphony of flavors. 

Shake with finesse, allowing the ingredients to dance in perfect harmony. 

Let the tonic water cascade as you pour, bringing enthusiasm and life to this magical elixir. 

The final touch awaits, a garnish of fragrant thyme and an edible flower, evoking the essence of nature!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Calourasso Pastis Drink

Embark on a compelling journey with the Calourasso Pastis Drink featuring the exquisite Henri Bardouin Pastis. 

This enchanting libation combines zesty yellow lemon juice, homemade Provence herbs syrup, and the refreshing essence of a fresh cucumber slice. 

But that’s not all! A touch of sophistication is added with the velvety smoothness of a fresh egg white, bringing a delightful creaminess to the mix. 

Shake with passion and watch as these ingredients harmonize into a captivating symphony of taste. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Sour Garden Pastis Drink

Experience the vibrant flavors of the Sour Garden Pastis Drink. 

Mix the ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake vigorously, and pour into a glass. 

Garnish with a dehydrated lemon slice for an added touch of elegance. 

Indulge in this captivating creation and let the Sour Garden awaken your senses.

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Pink In Paris Pastis Drink Recipe

Indulge in the enchanting Pink In Paris Pastis Drink, featuring the exquisite Pastis Henri Bardouin. 

This captivating libation combines the tangy notes of Pink Grapefruit Juice, refreshing Lime Juice, a hint of sweetness from Simple Syrup, and a dash of Creole Bitters. 

Shake the ingredients with ice, strain them into a glamorous coupe glass, and garnish to perfection. 

Sip and let the Pink In Paris transport you to the romantic streets of Paris, where elegance and sophistication await. 

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Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Pink Millionaire Pastis Drink Recipe

Embark on a journey of exquisite flavors with the Pink Millionaire Pastis Drink. 

This captivating libation combines Stauning Rye, Grand Marnier, Henri Bardouin Pastis, Giffard Grenadine, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a velvety egg white. 

Prepare your glass by making it cold in the freezer or with ice. 

Shake the egg white vigorously, then add the remaining ingredients and ice before shaking again. 

Strain the delightful concoction into the chilled glass and garnish with a sprinkle of grated nutmeg. 

Elevate your drinking experience and savor the luxurious allure of the Pink Millionaire. 

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

30 Refreshing Pastis Drink Recipes You Will Love

30 Refreshing Pastis Drink Recipes You Will Love



Prep time


Cooking time


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Take a look at these amazing Pastis drink recipes to rock parties. These rich drinks are easy to make and fun to have!


  • Drink Made With Pastis

  • Bartender Style Pastis Drink

  • Ricard Pastis And Coke Mixed Drink

  • Make The Beguiling French Pastis

  • Fresh Pastis Drink With Water And Ice

  • Ricard- Pastis Recipe

  • Pasis De Marseille Drink Recipe


  • Choose the recipe that you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils that you need.
  • Make the refreshing Patis drink recipe to enjoy.

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