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34 Best Pokemon Cakes Ideas To Try at Home

Here are Pokemon Cake Ideas you can try at home! Everyone will have something to inspire them, from easy to the most elaborate designs.

A Few Words About Pokemon Cake

You will be amazed by the list of best Pokemon Cake Ideas we made for you!

Not only do we have beginner-friendly recipes, but we also have three-dimensional cakes for the die-hard Pokemon fans out there. This roundup list includes many of your favorite Pokemon characters, so scroll away and find one that resonates with you.

There are also tutorials for Pokemon-themed cake pops and cupcakes for those wanting a simpler party favor. So you can have a mess-free celebration. So what are you waiting for? Read our list, pick a favorite, and join the fun!


Pokemon Theme Cake – Eevee

This is one of the best Pokemon cake ideas for your die-hard Eevee fans! Eevee is definitely one of the people’s favorite Pokemon characters, thanks to its cuteness and puffy ears.

This fluffy Eevee cake is made of three tiers of cylinders and a dome cake as its head. This recipe is quite complicated, so we recommend this to intermediate to expert bakers.

The fluffy cloud, Eevee’s head, and tail are made of colored fondant, so you’ll need to be more artistic and patient to pull this off. Although it requires a lot of effort, this Pokemon birthday cake is definitely worth a try!

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Pokemon Design Cake – Squirtle

The cutest birthday Pokemon cake features Squirtle! Whether you’re trying to impress your children or just a kid at heart, this floating Squirtle cake is something that you can try making at home.

According to the maker, this cake is very easy to make but makes an impactful visual. There’s no need for painting.

Just simple carving and shaping of the fondants will do. Customize the cake with your favorite flavor of base – chocolate, vanilla, or fruit.

Then top off with the colored fondant. This cake is special because Squirtle is lying on top of water made from blue and light blue fondant. Try it yourself and make this Pokemon theme cake!

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Pokemon Go Ball Pinata Cake

If you’re after a different type of cake or require a little bit of surprise stress relief, you should try making this Pokemon Go Ball Pinata Cake!

The Pokemon cake design is simple: a ball-shaped vanilla chiffon cake that’s carved to look like a Pokeball. What makes this cake special is the carved-out dome inside of the cake that’s filled with chocolate candies.

You insert the candies before putting everything together so that you will have a surprise when you cut it. Go ahead and make this cake at home so you can surprise your loved ones with their favorite candies.

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Miniature Fondant Pokemon Cake Idea

Are you looking for some party favors to give out at your Pokemon-themed party? Then this cute miniature Pokemon fondant cake is something you should try. This cake has three elements: the Charizard bottom, Pikachu in the middle, and a Pokeball on top of everything.

It’s a nice small cake that works as a party favor for your guests. This might need a little more patience, though, as there are a lot of small elements and detailed carvings for you to do.

But try to do them in bulk before putting them all together. You’ll probably save some time. Nevertheless, it’s still a great pokemon themed cake that can have an impactful aesthetic for your celebration.

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Pokemon Theme Cake – Charizard

A dramatic cake featuring the powerful Charizard. We’re not going to lie. This Pokemon theme cake needs intermediate to expert level of baking and also much patience to pull off.

You’ll need some reinforcements to hold the upright, so make sure you buy some supplies before tackling this project. The body of the cake is made of modeling chocolate, chocolate ganache, and vanilla cake and covered with fondant.

You’ll need to cool the entire cake before you start decorating it. Although this recipe is a bit more complicated, there’s no denying that the result is breathtaking.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokemon Design Cake – Jigglypuff

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you’ll love one of the cutest Pokemon birthday cake ideas: Jigglypuff cake. Famous for putting their enemies to sleep, Jigglypuff is one of the most favorite characters in the Pokemon series.

The good news is this cake is mainly 2-dimensional, so it’s a beginner-friendly recipe. Customize the cake with your favorite type of chiffon cake, then cover them with buttercream before finishing everything with pink fondant.

You can print out Jigglypuff’s body as a guide for dimension and cutting. It’s a nice Pokemon theme birthday cake with a nice design.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

Pokemon Cake Ideas


3D Pokemon Birthday Cake

One of the best Pokemon cake designs to celebrate your next birthday. This cake features the ghostly Gastly Pokemon floating on their surrounding purple air. It’s a pretty simple cake, made with a white batter mixed with purple.

You’ll need a cake stand and turntable to achieve the nice spherical shape of the cake, but you can also substitute that by using a big ceramic plate. This cake is not overly covered with fondant and just uses buttercream. The decorations are made of fondant.

You can have fun making the fangs and eyes. The airy and gassy effects are created by attaching some cotton candy around Gastly. A simple, easy, but cool cake – this cake is something you can make at home.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 25 mins

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Vegan Marble Pikachu Pokemon Cake

An easy Pikachu Pokemon cake, this recipe is a beginner-friendly tutorial for those who do not want to hassle themselves with 3D designs. This cake features a 2D Pikachu face, so it’s something that everyone can try to make at home.

What’s unique about this cake is that it uses vegan marble cake, making it a healthier option for you and your family. The Pikachu face is made with yellow frosting.

Then some fondant is incorporated into the eyes, and red cheeks design. For the finishing touches, pipe on Pikachu’s nose, mouth, and ears on top. A delicious, healthy cake that’s simple to bake.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 50 mins

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pikachu in Pokeball – Pokemon Cake

One of the best Pokemon cake ideas out there! You’ll want to make this dessert to impress your friends and family. The outer part of the cake is a Pokeball, which will be melted to reveal a Pikachu macaron.

We won’t lie to you and say that this recipe is easy because this cake requires you to have intermediate baking skills to pull off the Pikachu-shaped macarons and the Pokeball chocolate outer layer.

Cover the macaron with the Pokeball outer layer and put everything together. Serve them with a warm caramel sauce, so your guests can pour them over the chocolate to reveal the Pikachu inside.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

Pokemon Cake Ideas


Pikachu Pokemon Cupcakes

Are you after easy Pokemon cake ideas? That means these cute Pikachu cupcakes are for you. It’s the perfect companion to your Pokemon-themed gathering or party; you don’t need to clean up any plates afterward!

The cupcake base is made of a simple vanilla cupcake with yellow food dye, and the Pikachu parts are made of yellow, black, and red candy melts, so you can shape them into the ears, cheeks, and tails!

It’s a super simple recipe you can whip up in just about 38 minutes, so this is one of the recipes you need to save to make a quick and easy Pokemon party favor.

Total Preparation Time: 38 mins

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Pikachu Pokemon Cake – Swiss Roll

If you’re looking for a simpler and easier cake, you can try making this Pikachu Swiss Roll Cake. This cake is all flavor, with a fluffy chocolate Swiss roll as its base.

It’s one of the best Pokemon sheet cake ideas since you will roll the sheet cake base into a log that will be the base of Pikachu’s face.

There will be creamy chocolate frosting in between to give the cake some moisture. Pikachu’s face is made of simple chocolate, which was hardened before being placed onto the cake.

Although it might look too simple, there’s no denying that the taste will keep you coming back for more.

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Pokemon Theme Cake – Charmander

A unique Pokemon design cake that features everyone’s favorite Charmander. This cake is very simple. The tutorial is also very helpful – taking you through how to cut all the different body parts that make up a Charmander.

This is quite a big cake, so you will need to bake several cylinders to cover the whole area of the body. The cake is then covered with buttercream before finishing off with some orange fondant.

It’s a beginner-friendly tutorial since you don’t need complicated materials or equipment. All ingredients are easily found in bake shops. So, with a few artistic skills and patience, you’ll be ready to take on this project.

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Pokeball Mini Pokemon Cake

This is an easy tutorial for a Pokemon cake idea. The cake is tiny and bite-size, so it’s perfect for serving as welcoming sweets or desserts for your Pokemon-themed birthday party.

The cake is made of two parts – a white chiffon cake and a red chiffon cake covered in melted chocolate. It is then brought together with dark chocolate filling.

It’s a quick and easy cake, so you can whip this up in an hour. What’s great about this cake is you can also save it inside your fridge the day before and serve it when your guests arrive without hassle.

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Pikachu Ice Cream Cone Cupcake – Pokemon Cake

Who doesn’t love a dessert that has edible cups? One of the cutest Pokemon cake ideas DIY, the cupcakes are placed into an ice cream cone for easy serving. This means fewer dishes after the celebration!

The base cake itself is just a simple vanilla pound cake. Interestingly, the cupcakes are baked inside the oven together with the cone. Who knew ice cream cones could withhold so much heat?

These cupcakes are then decorated with carved fondants of Pikachu. Cut out his signature tail and ears. Then you’ve got yourself a totally and wholesomely edible Pikachu ice cream cone cupcake!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pinata Pokemon Cake Ideas DIY

Another lovely rendition of the pinata cake. This Pokemon character cake features the Pokeball that’s made into a two-dimensional version, so it’s a lot simpler to make than our previous pinata cake.

The cake has three different layers, with the two bottoms being hollow and the top will cover the pinata hole. Cover the whole cake with some fondant. Then you’ll have yourself a simple Pokeball pinata cake.

The maker decided to insert some Pokemon toys inside, but you can try to customize it and include anything you deem suitable – such as candies or treats.

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Pokemon Ball Smash Cake

Here’s a cool cake for those who have anger issues. This smash cake is made to be hit with a toy hammer so that it smashes and reveals the inner linings filled with candies. The big Pokeball is made of white melted chocolate, which is much easier to work with.

Insert your candies and toys into the ball and wrap the ball with a black fondant ribbon. It’s a nice substitute for those who do not want to make an actual cake.

Although it looks impressive, it’s also very easy to make because you only need a bowl to create the hard chocolate exterior.

Be ready to part when the birthday boy or girl hits it because the smash cake will be gone once you destroy it!

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Pokeball Cupcake

If you ever dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer, then Pokeball must be your favorite element to create some Pokemon character cake!

This is another easy, simple, fun, and quick way to add more interesting features to your Pokemon-themed birthday party. The tutorial is super easy. It only takes less than an hour to make. The cupcake is made of vanilla-flavored chiffon cake, then covered with fondant.

Try to make this cake more interesting by using differently flavored and colored cupcakes to portray different characters or even stacking them up on a cake stand to create a dynamic display.

Calories per Serving: 259
Total Preparation Time: 45 mins

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Easy Pokeball Pokemon Cake

Here’s an easy Pokemon cake buttercream base without fondant. This is another pinata cake that only requires you to work with buttercream icing, so it’s good news for those feeling uncomfortable with fondant!

It’s a very simple layered cake, where the bottom will have a hollow center for you to place your Pokemon toys and treats, and the top will cover it. Pipe on some white, black, and red buttercream all over to create the Pokeball decoration.

You can use scrap paper as guidance on where you want your colors to start and end. Easy, simple, without needing much equipment – it’s a recipe you can try any time.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 35 mins

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Pokemon Poffins

Are you looking for unique Pokemon cake ideas? Here’s a recipe for you to make your Poffins. For those of you not familiar with the jargon, Poffins are a special snack that fills your buddy’s hunger meter and boosts their mood.

There are even different colored ones to portray their level. Basically, it’s a Pokemon-themed food. In this simple recipe, an easy Pokemon birthday cake is in the form of different Poffins.

The Poffins are made of dough and not batter, so the texture will be more similar to bread. Decorate your Poffins with some sprinkles, and you’ll have yourself an authentic cake Pokemon style.

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Pikachu Pokemon Cake Pops

If you’re not a fan of cleaning up after a party, then you might want to look more into this amazing cake pop recipe.

Cake pops are an easy alternative to cupcakes and cakes since you don’t need to serve them on plates or cups – you can simply stick them onto styrofoam or inside glasses for your guests to take and eat right away. They’re also bite-sized, so you won’t have to worry about having crumbs.

These cake pops are made to resemble Pikachu and Pokeball, so you’ll have to cook two batches of the cake pops.

But for those who want to keep it simple, you can stick to one design only. A nice idea for a Pokemon cake for girls and boys alike.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokemon Kirby Cake Pops – Pokemon Cake

For those unfamiliar with this character, Kirby is a legendary non-Pokemon star warrior introduced in Pokemon Dream Warriors. This pink hero fights in his Planet Popstar, so what’s not to love about this adorable character?

These cake pops are an easy way out for you to keep your party simple and mess-free. The pink color theme can also go perfectly as a Pokemon girl birthday cake.

Kirby’s body is made of cake crumble and covered with pink chocolate, then his feet and hands are added by sticking some jelly beans. Add on a black edible marker to make his eyes and mouth, and you’re ready to go!

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Pokemon Go Cake

This Pokemon Go Cake will serve you well if you’re after a cool display. This elaborate cake features a green base where you can place all your favorite Pokemon characters so everyone will have their piece of “land.”

A big feature of this cake is a big Pokeball off to the side that is made from hardened chocolate. This cake needs you to be more skillful, but it’s worth a try if you have more spare time.

There are a lot of elements made from fondants that you will need to pay attention to, and the result will have everyone excited.

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Pikachu Pokemon Buttercream Cake

Do you want to have a fondant-free cake? This Pikachu buttercream cake is an easy alternative for your Pokemon girl birthday cake because it’s simple but features all the important elements of Pikachu’s face.

This needs a little bit more patience, though, because, unlike fondant, where you can shape and shift, the buttercream will have you scraping and starting over when you screw up a decoration.

So pipe slowly and carefully when you make this cake. The entire cake is covered in yellow buttercream, then accented with red and black. The ears of Pikachu are made from cookies which you cover with more yellow buttercream.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokeball Cake Pops

For those who want more varieties with your Pokeballs, then this easy Pokemon birthday cake recipe is for you. This cake Pokemon is in the shape of different Pokeballs, so you can serve it as a party favor.

The different Pokeballs are the regular ball, the great ball, the ultra ball, and the master ball. All you need is some cake crumble and colored chocolate, and you’re ready to make these cake pops.

It’s a mess-free recipe, too, so you can just serve it stuck on styrofoam for your guests to take and enjoy. Try to mix up the flavors and use different cake crumbles for each type of ball.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokemon Cake – Gyradose Cupcakes

Are you up for a challenge? This Gyradose cupcake is an impressive tutorial you can try at home. This unique birthday cake Pokemon is made entirely from cupcakes, so you must place them right!

It’s a super interesting design, and the best news is they provide you with a printout that you can use to cut out the designs. All the decorations on top are made of fondant, candy melts, and buttercream.

A very complicated and detailed design that will need careful assembly. For those who are skilled bakers, this is a recipe that you can try to master!

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Pokemon Pokeball Mousse Bomb Cake

Another one of the Pokemon cake ideas is easy and simple. These Pokeballs are made of mousse bomb, so for people who like the smooth texture of mousse cake, this will satisfy your cravings.

The base is made of chocolate chiffon cake, then topped with the chilled mousse bomb. Don’t forget to chill it since you need them to set so that your balls will have a nice shape.

After that, you can start assembling the cake by covering it with white and red melted chocolate and finishing with some dark chocolate icing to create the band around the Pokeballs. Simple and easy, this is a great mousse bomb you can make at home.

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Pikachu 3D Pokemon Cake

A standing Pikachu cake to satisfy all Pokemon fans out there! If you want to make this cake, we suggest you stock up on the utensils first, as you need reinforcements to keep the cake standing up.

It also needs more skillful bakers as you’ll deal with complicated details and ingredients. This cake uses marshmallows, rice Krispies, and fondant to make the shape accurate and scale.

It’s an intimidating cake, but the tutorial explains it in a way that you’ll get to know each step carefully. Try this one when you have a big celebration to impress your guests!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokemon Cakesicles

Do you want a mess-free birthday celebration? Because we have another unique cakesicle recipe for you. Cakesicles are a great alternative between choosing a full-on cake and cake pops.

Cakesicles’ size is bigger than cake pops, and you can usually eat it with two or three bites, so it’s more satisfying. But the shape of it makes it easy to carry around without wasting plates. So it’s a great choice that lies between cake and cake pops.

These Pokemon cake sicles are made of several different characters. Try to switch up the flavors by using a different cake mix for each type of cakesicle.

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Pokemon Cupcakes Made of Fondant

This tutorial is another party favor option for all who want to make cleaning up easier. These Pokemon cupcakes are made of different characters, and you can even incorporate your favorite if they don’t have it in the recipe.

The cupcake base is made in one batch, and you must create different toppings from the colored fondant.

It will be difficult, but you can always have your kids help you by making their topping decorations and choosing their favorite characters. This recipe is one that the whole family can experiment with.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pokemon Birthday Cake

Here’s a perfect cake for that birthday boy! This three-layered vanilla cake is covered with delicious vanilla icing and topped with fondant Pikachu and a birthday number.

You can also add a few details, such as your children’s names to be put on the sides of the cake to create an even more customized cake. This cake is pretty plain and simple, so this is a beginner-friendly cake that everyone can make.

The challenging parts would be the fondant carvings, but you can make up with printing out guidance before you carve it. You can also try other varieties and characters besides Pikachu to be the topper according to your children’s favorite character.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Easy Pokemon Birthday Cake – Pikachu

Another easy and simple two-dimensional cake for those who want to try baking. This Pokemon-themed cake is made of vanilla chiffon and decorated entirely with cream.

It’s a rich cake, but you can have fun and switch up the flavor using chocolate or fruit-based cake. Almost all of the elements are made of cream. Even the decorative red is made of piped cream.

The only exception is the black belt since we need a clean look for the Pokeball. You can also add a Pikachu figurine to the cake by cutting a yellow fondant as a finishing touch.

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Pikachu Custard Pudding

If you’re looking for something different, try this Pikachu custard Pudding recipe. It’s a very cute alternative to all the cupcakes and cakes you’ve seen earlier.

This custard pudding is light, airy, and soft, so it’s something that all your family members can enjoy. You should make sure that you go through all the steps in the tutorial to make sure that your custard has a nice smooth feel.

The Pikachu element is made of melted chocolate, and the small size makes it manageable and friendly for a beginner baker. Try this one for an easy weekend snack.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Pikachu Cake

Here’s an easy Pikachu bunny-style cake for you to try. This cake is made of three parts to portray Pikachu’s two-dimensional face. It’s a simple yet adorable take on the Pokemon cake trend.

Remember that you will need to bake an extra cake because the ear itself will take up about one whole cake – so grab a big plate for serving!

Then cover the entire cake with yellow frosting before making the finishing touches with chocolate and red frosting. This is an easy cake that beginners will love. Try it at your own home!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Nutella Pokemon Cake – Diglett

This is a cute and simple Diglett Nutella cake for all chocolate lovers. Diglett is a brown Pokemon that lives on the ground and always only shows its head, so this cake is a perfect portrait of your favorite Pokemon character.

Made simply with chocolate chiffon cake, the outer layer is covered in Nutella-flavored whipped cream. Then some simple piping for his eyes and mouth.

Pipe some of the ground around Diglett’s body, and you’ll have your display ready. A simple and beginner-friendly cake that everyone can make in the comfort of their own home without much effort.

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34 Best Pokemon Cake Ideas To Try at Home

34 Best Pokemon Cake Ideas To Try at Home



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Here are Pokemon Cake Ideas you can try at home! Everyone will have something to inspire them, from easy to the most elaborate designs.


  • Pokemon Theme Cake – Eevee

  • Pokemon Design Cake – Squirtle

  • Pokemon Go Ball Pinata Cake

  • Miniature Fondant Pokemon Cake Idea

  • Pokemon Theme Cake – Charizard

  • Pokemon Design Cake – Jigglypuff

  • 3D Pokemon Birthday Cake


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make creative Pokemon Cakes for your kids.

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