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31 Heavenly Rotel Pasta Recipes For Weeknight Dinners

Zesty Rotel cans are used to make numerous Rotel pasta recipes that are easy to whip up – a perfect solution for the simplest weeknight dinners!

A Few Words About Rotel Pasta Recipes

ROTEL cans are essential in American, Mexican, and nearby areas households. These magical little jars are filled with spicy and diced tomatoes and peppers – an essential when it comes to cooking Mexican and mostly American food. 

But, How ROTEL became so popular? The history of ROTEL dates back to 1945 when Carl Roettele started canning delicious tomatoes and spicy peppers together. The genius idea was so amazing that it became essential for cooking and baking purposes. 

If we specifically talk about Rotel Pasta – this is a genius solution for a quick and hearty meal. The sweet and spicy kick is provided by only one can of Rotel, leaving plenty of room for you to try making numerous Rotel-specialized pasta recipes. Be it Cheesy Cheese Hamburger Pasta, Beef Enriched Creamy Pasta, Rotel Pasta Salads, or a touch of seafood into your regular pasta – we have got you covered by creating a carefully curated list of Rotel Pasta recipes. This list is extraordinary because all Rotel Pasta recipes are usually one pot, easy to whip up, and ideal recipes for busy weeknights.

See The Amazing Selection Of Ground Beef Rotel Pasta Recipes

From a newbie’s guide to making Rotel beef pasta to cheesy cheese hamburger, beef enriched and perfectly seasoned, you can make Rotel fusion with beef pasta for a whole dinner on weeknights. It will serve you just right!

Table of contents


Savoury & Zesty Rotel Pasta For Dinner

Easy and cheesy, this rotel pasta recipe will melt in your mouth, imprinting your soul!

Al Dante rigatoni is complimented with black pepper stir-fried diced capsicum and onions till tender. Ground beef is golden-browned and mixed with rotel and stir-fried veggies for meaty chunks to the pasta. 

It’s time to add cheese variations to make this pasta a creamy delight! 

Tender beef and veggies are introduced with cube-cut velvita cheese, block of cream cheese, taco-style cheese, mozzarella cheese, Colby cheese, heavy cream, and taco seasoning for perfect aromatic flavors and creamy texture. In the end, add your pasta, and Voila!

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Creamy Rotel Pasta With Ground Beef

Rotel pasta mainly focuses on Rotel cans – of course. However, that’s not just it!

To make a creamy Rotel pasta with ground beef and sausages, you need at least 3 to 4 kinds of cheese, including; shredded cheese, mozzarella cheese, and melting Velveeta cheese for that perfect creamier texture. 

This pasta can be cooked in one pot – you can start by sautéing the veggies, followed by adding spices and seasonings, beef and sausages, and Rotel cans, and top it all with all the cheese you have at hand. 

Finally, add your pasta before giving it that one final good stir. 

Additional Information: You can add half and half or heavy cream to make it even more creamy

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The Cheesiest Cheesy Cheeseburger Rotel Pasta Ever!

Try making this new Rotel pasta recipe if you are looking for quick dinner ideas! 

This simple recipe can come together in around 30 to 40 minutes at max. Another plus point? All you will need is a bunch of pantry staples, and make it in one pot only. 

Start by tendering your onions alongside ground beef and spices of choice. Once the beef is brown and juicy, it’s time to simultaneously add Rotel cans and Velveeta cheese. 

If you like your pasta a bit garlicky, feel free to add garlic mixture and powder for a tempting aroma and taste. Add your pasta and mix all ingredients in the pot for a bit. 

Bake it for around 15 to 20 minutes in a preheated oven after topping it off with shredded cheese. 

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Ground Beef Rotel Pasta With A Spicy Kick!

If you are not a fan of cheese – due to any reason – there is a rotel pasta recipe without cheese! 

Although Rotel pasta is equal to loads of cheese, even when it is out of the equation, you still have to try Rotel pasta, right? Ramp up your without-cheese Rotel pasta recipe with a spicy kick! 

Stir-fry ground beef till tender and add a can of green chilies and Rotel alongside tomato paste for an irresistibly creamy texture. At this point, add any veggies of your liking and cook for a few minutes. Once everything is moist and tender, lay your pasta and sauce in the pan. 

Finally – mix, mix, and voila! 

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Beef Rotel Pasta With Garlic Knots On The Side!

Nothing like a hot n cheesy drippin’ Rotel pasta with a garlicky side to it! 

Toss onions and ground beef together till the meat is brown and juicy. 

Add seasonings and spices per your taste before dropping Rotel cans into the pot. Add cube-cut Velveeta cheese and mozzarella cheese to it. Once the whole pot resembles a melted mixture, shifting it into a casserole dish is time. 

Load in more cheese and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Ultimate comfort food is ready to be devoured and can be turned into dinner with garlic knots. 

Pro Tip: You can add as much or as little cheese as you like. It gives the Rotel pasta its signature creamy texture and flavor!

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Newbies’ Guide Into Making A Rotel Beef Pasta Like A Pro!

Making Rotel for the first time? Here is a recipe to teach you how to make Rotel Pasta from scratch! 

Ground beef is smoked with genius flavors of slap ya mama, lemon peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, taco seasoning, and flavor enhancer.

Compliment it with onions and capsicum if you like but don’t forget to add the cheese – lots of it! 

Preferably cube cut Velveeta cheese and queso blanc white cheese are used alongside shredded cheese and whipping cream or half and half.  

Add Rotel cans (undrained) and cook till it’s in desirable shape. Serve it with hot buns and enjoy the mama mia dinner with zero regrets!

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Beef Enriched Rotel Pasta For Dinner

Zesty Rotel pasta full of flavors, meat, and cheese – if that’s what you were looking forward to, you are at the right place!

This penne rotel pasta is simple and delish for meals at any time of the day – that’s how easy and quick it is to make it. Grab your ground beef, and season it with aromatic spices before dumping the Rotel can into it. Add in your penne pasta as the last final step. 

Serve it with salads or hot buns for enhanced flavors and a more fulfilling dinner. You can add spices of liking to keep it at your terms. 

Save the recipe now, and enjoy it later!

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Cheesy Hamburger Rotel Pasta

Penne Rotel pasta with ground beef and diced veggies is an ultimate choice for all pasta lovers – how about turning your regular Rotel pasta into cheesy hamburger style? 

The beef is cooked with veggies until it absorbs all the seasoning flavors, tender and aromatic. Keep your spices hot or mild as per taste. 

Add Rotel, tomato paste, and sour cream into a pot alongside cheese to give it that Rotel signature taste. You will experience the melting phenomena of cheese till it’s hot and bubbly. 

Add your Al Dante pasta and serve it piping hot for the best experience. 

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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Perfectly Seasoned Rotel Pasta With Ground Beef

Perfectly seasoned creamy Rotel pasta requires attention to detail and following the exact measurements – the rest lies in the taste of your hands! 

Pink beef roasted till golden brown is simmered in onions alongside hand-chopped veggies is sweet and aromatic till chilies cans, and cayenne gives it a hot heat. 

If you like it even spicier, you can use spicy and zesty Rotel tomatoes. Make it creamy using cheese and milk – this will serve as a base sauce to dip your favorite pasta. 

Serve it hot and immediately with a dash of dried parsley on top!

Calories per serving: 603

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Rotel Instant Pot Penny Pasta

A quick and warm solution for a busy weeknight dinner is to make Rotel pasta in an instant pot

When cooked in the instant pot or pressure cooker, the process of cooking the meat is reduced to 1/4th.

Ground beef can be cooked within minutes in the instant pot, and in this recipe, all you need to do is dump ground beef, spices, and Rotel alongside other ingredients together for at least 4 minutes. 

Quick release the pot at the final whistle. 

Add Velveeta and American cheese to make the beef mixture creamy. Add in your penne pasta once your beef sauce is ready and cheesy. 

Serve this steamy pasta dipped in creamy beef sauce alongside chorizo or hot buns for a heart and fulfilling meal in no time!

Calories per serving: 407
Total Preparation Time: 14 minutes

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See The Amazing Selection Of Sausage Rotel Pasta Recipes

Make classic Mexican cuisines to Southwest special sausage pasta with the base ingredient of Rotel, veggies, and cheese. Numerous ways lead to a hearty, decadent, and fulfilling pasta for dinner that is just so hard to resist!


Creamy Rotel Sausage Pasta

Don’t you feel like cooking a full meal tonight? Just grab your pasta! Don’t have ground beef or meat? Just grab your sausages! 

That’s how easy it is to pull together a crazy weeknight dinner when you have no energy left for cooking. This 100’s bucks-worth pasta recipe uses ziti pasta for long and thick noodles, meaty pork sausages, and cream cheese as the main ingredients. 

Cajun combined with salt and pepper gives it its signature blend of taste alongside tender veggies. When fusion together, there will be hot creamy sauce flowing through the thick pipes of pasta and meaty chunks of sausages in between. 

Make this comforting dinner tonight!

Calories per serving: 1556
Total Preparation Time: 35 minutes

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Savory & Spicy Sausage Rotel Pasta 

This savory and spicy sausage Rotel pasta with a twist of cheesy Alfredo sauce is a great weeknight dinner special. 

The sizzling sausages alongside onions and garlic pasta create a unique aroma and taste.

Keep the heat on medium before adding Rotel and chili cans. You can add the spicy versions if you like the hot kick. Add cream cheese, heavy cream, and a dollop of sour cream for a creamy and saucy texture. 

Add spaghetti or pasta just before putting off the flame. Serve it with roasted veggies, baked potatoes, or bread for a pasta meal at its best!

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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Ultra Creamy Sausage Rotel Pasta 

Beware! Highly addictive spicy pasta recipe ahead!

The heat of spice, the richness of the cream, full of flavors, and hearty, meaty chunks – there’s nothing not to like about this Rotel cans-starred ultra creamy pasta recipe. 

Iconic Rotel and green chilies combo make it Southern flavored, but heavy cream, cream cheese, half n half, and Mexican blend cheese make it a unique flavored recipe that belongs to only comfort food.

The sausages replace meat; you can add your favorite noodles to make this completely – your own!

Pro Tip: Reserve pasta water after boiling to use in the recipe for enhanced flavors and even better taste. 

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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One Pot Rotel With Sausage Pasta 

Do you like the smell of onion and garlic simmering together? Well, you might know how good it feels when the perfect combo is simmered in coconut oil! 

The sausages are added to the sizzling session of fragrant onion and garlic until heated. Now’s the perfect time to add your Rotel, chilies, dry pasta, and chicken broth into the same pan. Once pasta starts cooking, add in your spices. 

Dump in all cheese and let it flow through the whole pot. Check and adjust spice levels at this point cause there will be no going back!

Serve it with your favorite side dishes. Looking for inspiration? You will love our list of Italian snacks to make at home. 

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‘Burst Of Flavors’ Rotel Pasta Recipe

Experience the zesty and savory burst of flavors with this quick and scrumptious Rotel-inspired pasta recipe.  

The simmered and heated smoked sausages are the only meaty part here. Combined with Rotel and chili cans, the pasta is ready to take in loads of cheese. You can use your favorite one, but shredded monetary cheese goes well alongside cream cheese and heavy cream. 

The bow tie-inspired farfalle pasta looks incredibly delish with a good amount of spinach. This pasta is enriched with flavors, crabs, and protein. Perfect dinner for a busy weeknight!

Pro Tip: Make this recipe gluten-free by just swapping ingredients!

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Spicy Sausage Pasta With Rotel Twist

Whip up your next meal that is easy to prep, decadent, gooey, and cheesy!pasta with a hint of spice – actually, little more than just a hint. Smoked sausages half in calories and fat are sizzled in olive oil, onions, and garlic – a heavenly mixture. Make sure to use an oven-approved skillet here. 

Un-drained Rotel, whipping cream, chicken broth, dry pasta, and all spices goes in the pan together. This method ensures you have nutrition-rich pasta.

When everything is tender and settled, it’s time to give it a touch of the oven after adding loads of cheese.  After 3 minutes, your spice pasta dinner is ready to be served on the table.

Calories per serving: 852
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Flavorful Cheesy Rotel Pasta

A pasta plate full of flavors and color palettes is surely a crowd-pleaser!

Yellowish white for pasta and cheese, green for spinach and chilies, red for Rotel, and brown for sausages – you will get a plate that is a combination of it all. Good part? You can whip it all together in less than 30 minutes. 

The smoked sausages are simmered with onions and garlic for the aromatic base. This pasta gets its heat from the green chilies and spices.

Rotel adds the goodness of tomatoes alongside dry pasta simmered in chicken broth – locking all the goodness inside the pot. 

Finish it off with shredded Monterey cheese and a hint of parsley. Serve it piping hot with your favorite carbs or veggies!

Calories per serving: 538
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Quick & Saucy Rotel Sausage Pasta

There’s always a way to cook spaghetti or pasta differently – this time, we have a quick and saucy Rotel-inspired pasta recipe that will make you want more of it each time!

Pork sausage – mashed and mixed – with butter, garlic paste, onions, and Rotel is simmered in the pan till everything is tender and juicy.

Add a dollop of cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and sour cream to your whipping cream for a rich, decadent, creamy sauce. 

Feel free to add in more spices but salt, pepper, and onion powder are more than enough for a delish bite of this spaghetti pasta. 

You can serve it with some extra steamed veggies.

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Prompt Rotel Pasta For Family Dinners

Rotel pasta with a decadent, creamy sauce for dinner? Of course! 

The big pot or pan is glazed with butter before adding onions, garlic, and flour to it. 

Make sure to cook your flour for a minute to remove the unwanted flavor. It is more or less the same as making an Alfredo sauce.

Once your base flour is bubbly, add whipping cream, cream cheese, sour cream, parmesan, or any other cheese of your liking at hand. 

When the gooey sauce is simmering and ready, add your Al Dente pasta and cooked sausages for a prompt meal you can enjoy at family dinners. 

Pair it with our handpicked list of spicy snack recipes you can make in one go!

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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See The Amazing Selection Of Chicken Rotel Pasta Recipes

Chicken simmered in broth for divine taste and baking the dipping sauce to piping hot melted cheese on pasta – there are numerous ways you can whip up a chicken Rotel pasta recipe for a quick yet scrumptious meal.

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Chicken Rotel Pasta – The Ultimate Comfort Food!

First cooked and then baked – this chicken Rotel pasta recipe is savory and easy to whip up. 

The zesty and spicy flavors of Rotel and green chilies can are balanced out with the help of an extra creamy sauce made with lots of cheese and cream. You can add taco seasonings, but simple salt and pepper will also do the trick. 

For the meat part, it’s best to prepare it beforehand. Although, you can use pre-cooked chicken as well to save time. Plus, it is irresistibly delicious – so why not! 

The addition of chicken broth and pasta water makes it 2x more delicious with umami flavors and aroma. 

Serve it hot immediately for the best first bite of a freshly cooked meal!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Creamy Chicken Rotel Pasta – Fajita Flavor!

This fajita-flavored Rotel pasta will be a bull’s eye for pasta and fajita lovers! 

The recipe is simple and can be easily whipped up in about 30 minutes – only if you have prepared the chicken in advance. The bell peppers and onions create a flavorful aroma complimented with Rotel cans, fajita seasonings, chicken broth, and cream cheese. 

You can cook your pasta in the same pot or boil it separately. Season it with basic salt and black pepper. If you like it spicy, use original Rotel alongside cayenne. 

The creamy fajita-flavored pasta goes well with chips and hot buns!

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Creamy & Drippin’ Rotini Rotel Pasta 

Try a new flair of pasta recipe with exceptional taste, full of veggies and portions of protein. It’s a classic family dinner that will instantly become the kid’s favorite – they will still eat veggies, though! 

Deal with the chicken first – because the rest of the recipe will be done in the blink of an eye – if there is no option of pre-cooked chicken to avail. Fried and then boiled for a few minutes, the chicken alongside dry pasta will be done in about 10 minutes.  

Dump in all ingredients and spices alongside Velveeta cheese, and you are ready to serve a cream-dripping saucy pasta for dinner tonight

Calories per serving: 970
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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See The Amazing Selection Of Rotel Pasta Salad Recipes

Southern flavors, Mexican recipes, and Italian seasoning – these extremely colorful and full of flavors Rotel-inspired pasta salad recipes are not only easy to whip up but will be the ultimate comfort food you can bring to potlucks and family gatherings.


Potluck Perfect Tex Mex Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are underrated, delicious, not-so-hectic, and full of flavors that should be served more on the dinner table!

This Tex Mex pasta salad recipe is easy to whip up, enjoy with family, and tastes great. With a bunch of pantry staples, you can blend an unforgettable meal. 

Cooked rigatoni pasta is ideal for Tex-Mex salad alongside diced veggies of your choice. Try to keep it more on the crunchy side. 

Italian dressing is essential here, which is complimented with mayo and your favorite seasonings. Mix well, and don’t forget to add pre-cooked chicken to it. 

A hearty, light, and quick meal is ready to be devoured with your family on short notice!

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Zesty Southwest Rotel Pasta Salad

Try to make a feast out of this Rotel-inspired southwest pasta salad with minimum cooking requirements! 

The cooking process is used only to boil the pasta. Rest is all about mixing all ingredients. Radiatore pasta is used – specifically for this recipe – to make a bulky bite out of it. 

Rotel cans alongside green chilies, kernel corn, kidney beans, black olives, bell peppers, and chopped celery with onion are dumped in the pot to give it an enhanced flavor of zest.

Meld in a hint of olive oil and vinegar, a bunch of cilantro leaves, a dash of seasonings, and lime separately, and let it chill for a bit until all ingredients are settled. 

Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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Bowtie Rotel Pasta – A Perfect Salad Combo!

This bowtie Rotel pasta salad will want you to have more and more seconds and refills – it’s a bet! 

The little bowtie pasta is mixed with small diced onions and bell peppers – you can add more veggies of your liking. The essential Rotel cans, green chilies, and black beans give it a natural touch with the goodness of flavors. 

For the creamy part, add a dollop of sour cream, cream cheese, and healthy and green avocados.  

Add in your favorite seasonings to make it more or less spicy accordingly – a taco seasoning is a perfect fit if you are confused. 

Sprinkle the lime juice at the end and enjoy the heaven of flavors thrown in one bowl!

Total Preparation Time: 22 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Perfect Rotel Wagon-Wheel Pasta Salad!

A hearty meal that is less in calories, full of veggies, and has lots of rich flavors is a perfect rotelle or wagon wheel pasta salad with a flair of southwest flavors! 

Round and wagon wheel-shaped pasta looks amusing and tastes even delish. When boiled and drained perfectly, they can be paired with Rotel tomatoes, beans, veggies, and sour cream. Feel free to add cheese as well. 

Toss and turn the salad bowl before serving it alongside your favorite veggies for a whole and hearty meal. 

Calories per serving: 293
Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Perfect Mexican Rotel Salad Pasta

How to make a perfect Mexican Rotel pasta salad? Just boil the pasta and throw all ingredients in the bowl! 

Mexican salad and side dishes are known for a unique taste in their food alongside easy-to-whip-up side dishes. But nothing beats a Mexican Pasta Salad with a bunch of ingredients.  

Use rotini in tri-color pasta to have more colors in the bowl. A perfect salad does consist of corn, black beans, Rotel can with chilies, and veggies of liking. 

Use Italian dressing on this southwest-styled pasta salad to see how two different flavors make a matchless combination! 

Feel free to serve it hot or chilled – according to your preferences!

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See The Amazing Selection Of Other Rotel Pasta Recipes

From shrimp indulged to Mac N Cheese version and southwest touch to vegan approved – this list of Rotel-based pasta recipes will leave you wanting seconds of each recipe each time!


Make Shrimp Rotel Pasta For Busy Weeknights!

Rotel pasta with a little touch of seafood this time! 

This shrimp Rotel-inspired pasta is an ideal quick and savage meal for a crazy weeknight. Not only is it easy to whip up, but it is also a gluten-free nutritional meal for a healthier meal. 

The garlic and butter simmered pan is indulged with chicken broth, veggies, and shallow-fried shrimp. This combination is so aromatic and oh-so-delicious!

Add your pasta to the broth or boil it separately. You can even serve it with rice by omitting the pasta part entirely! A new dish is baking in the oven!

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Queso Mac N’ Cheese – Rotel Version!

Try your hands with something new and incredibly easy to pull together. A queso Mac N Cheese version with a little Rotel twist on the side. 

Start by baking the perfect dip for this recipe. There goes your diced onions, milk, Rotel cans, and seasonings in a baking dish. Before putting it in the preheated oven, drop cube cuts chunks of Velveeta cheese on top and close the oven for 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile, cook pasta and chop cilantro. Once the dip is fresh from the oven, mix it with pasta and sprinkle a hint of parsley. 

Serve it fresh and piping hot with your favorite side dishes. 

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

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Yummy Beef-y & Bean-y Rotel Sauce Pasta

Browned beef, penne pasta, black beans, and a can of Rotel are all heavenly-tasting ingredients in this classic southern pasta recipe to enjoy the zesty and umami flavors in one pot! 

Except for Tositisos’ queso con salsa, all ingredients are thrown together in one large skillet till everything is tender and moist. 

When the simmering is in its final phase, meld it in your salsa jar alongside cheese and serve it with some grilled meat or steamed veggies for ultra-comfort food for dinner tonight. 

Total Preparation Time: 95 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe


Meatless Rotel Pasta – Vegan Approved!

This one-pot creamy and spicy vegan approved Rotel inspired pasta will melt your hearts!  

Easy enough to whip in minutes and with a highly addictive aroma that will tantalize your taste buds – there’s o way to say no to this recipe. 

The flavors are enhanced with handmade cashew cream and red pepper flakes for a creamy, spicy, and melting-in-mouth delight. 

From vegan parmesan cheese to Worcester sauce, everything used in this recipe is vegan-approved, and if you are looking for a simple way to make a vegan Rotel pasta recipe tonight, you are surely in luck!

Calories per serving: 426
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the recipe

31 Heavenly Rotel Pasta Recipes For Low-Effort Weeknight Dinners



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Zesty Rotel cans are used to make numerous Rotel pasta recipes that are easy to whip up – a perfect solution for the simplest weeknight dinners!


  • Savoury & Zesty Rotel Pasta For Dinner

  • Creamy Rotel Pasta With Ground Beef

  • The Cheesiest Cheesy Cheeseburger Rotel Pasta Ever!

  • Ground Beef Rotel Pasta With A Spicy Kick!

  • Beef Rotel Pasta With Garlic Knots On The Side!

  • Newbies’ Guide Into Making A Rotel Beef Pasta Like A Pro!

  • Beef Enriched Rotel Pasta For Dinner

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  • Choose the recipe that you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils that you need.
  • Make the scrumptious Rotel Pasta recipe for your loved ones.

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