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30 Yummy Shrek Cake Recipes you will love!

Shrek cakes are in demand, and making one at home is as easy as a piece of cake. Don’t agree? We have kept a list of the finest ones here!

A Few Words About Shrek Cake

Shrek has been popular since the 1990s. First, as a children’s book written by William Steig and then as an animated film directed by Andrew Adamson in 2001. The film has several series, and it’s still popular as it was before.

Kids and adults find it equally amusing, which is why Shrek-themed cakes are so popular. There are plenty of ways this cake can be made at home, but the ones with iconic scenes from the movie are bestsellers. Keeping that in mind, this list includes the mud bath scene, the wedding scene, Fiona and Shrek’s journey alongside Donkey, and many more iconic scenes that will instantly put a smile on their faces. So, are you ready to learn how to make your first Shrek cake at home?


Handcrafted Shrek Face Cake

Who doesn’t love Shrek? The story of an ugly monster who found the love of his life in this beautiful story is loved and adored by millions across the globe.

This 3D-looking face of Shrek cake is modeled and designed very simply. Don’t worry too much because the process of making this Shrek-themed cake is simplified for people to make it easily at home.

The cake is first layered and crafted in the shape of Shrek’s face and then designed with the help of fondant, sculpting brushes, and air spray. This cake is perfect for Shrek lovers on their birthdays and at Shrek-themed parties.

Pro Tip: Fondant is the game changer in bringing out the details, so do not miss out on that!

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Shrek Cake in 2D Version

Shrek cake in the 2D version is popular and astonishing. The ugly monster looks so appetizing and fun that people just can’t help themselves but droll over it. The cake is made by shaping two layers of vanilla cake into the shape of Shrek’s smiling face.

Layered with the right colored fondant, the cake is then modified by hand to make out the right facial features. You can use sculpting brushes as well. After that, you need to make face features with the help of fondant.

You can use an air spray or hand painting to give it that brownish-colored touch and make it as glossy and matte as you like. The Shrek birthday cake is ready to rock the party!

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Square-shaped Shrek cake topped with Kiwi

For people who love themed cakes but in a minimalistic style, this Shrek-themed cake is for them! The simple and sophisticated cake is made at home and topped with Kiwi at the end to give it that classic Shrek cake look.

In this recipe tutorial, everything is made at home. From making the mixture of the cake to baking it and making the jelly for the top layer to making whipping cream – you will see all details inside the video.

If you have no idea where to start, this recipe tutorial is the helping guide. You can add or remove ingredients as per your liking, but the cake is pretty and decent already.

To newbies: It is highly recommended to stick with the plan!

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Making Shrek using Walmart Cake!

Making Shrek cake using only Walmart? It’s the trend you might have come across on the internet, and it not only looks good in the end, but it is also cheap and less time-consuming.

There is no baking involved, and you can make an expensive looking one at home. All you need is a birthday cake from Walmart. Give it the shape of Shrek’s face, and use lots of buttercream icing to give it a proper shape.

After that, fondant is used here to give it an even more realistic look. The ears and eyes are made using fondant, and the hand painting technique gives it the charm. Seems like something you would try?

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Shrek Cake Topper – Shrek in a wedding suit

If you have no idea how to make a cake that gives the Shrek vibes, you can make a cake topper instead. This cake topper can be used for Shrek-themed cakes for birthday parties and weddings.

The cake is made of purely fondant and aluminum paper. The aluminum paper is used to give the body base structure, which is later layered with fondant to complete the look.

This cake topper tutorial will provide you with all details so you won’t be left with the unanswered question if something is not making sense. Are you ready to make the best Shrek cake topper for your event?

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Disgusting yet yummy – Shrek ear wax in Q-Tips shaped cake pops

Do you remember the earwax scene from Shrek? Pretty disgusting, right? This video tutorial will teach you how to spice up your Shrek-themed birthday cake ideas.

You can make Shrek’s ear and nose and place some Q-tips with disgusting yet yummy earwax on top of them. Mind you. There is no usage of fondant here. Instead, the ears and nose are made of modeling chocolate, and the earwax is made of peanut butter cream mixed with a little bit of Shrek green color to give it that perfect look.

You can make more Shrek-themed cake pops using the same ideas and be creative! Want to make Shrek themed part a bit fun?

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Shrek Cake


Shrek & Fiona wedding-themed cake toppers

The classic and happy ending scene from the Shrek movie made people cry with tears of happiness. The love story is loved by people worldwide, and many want to make their special days even more special by getting a Shrek-themed cake.

These cake toppers are an ideal epitome of love and beauty perception for a wedding theme cake. This video tutorial will give you an idea about how to make Shrek and Fiona-themed cake toppers for a wedding in white gowns.

Made of fondant, these look-alive cake toppers will turn people’s heads in admiration. A great way to start your new journey in life?

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Snowman turned Shrek cake topper

Do you remember Shrek’s famous beige and rusty brown clothes? Those were the days, right? This snowman-turned-Shrek cake topper will give you that exact vibe from the movie screen.

This tutorial uses Sugar Buttons snowman mold to make the cake topper; you will love the easy and amazing process. From the usage of mold to fondant and brushes – all details are inside.

So, if you plan to try something new for your kid’s birthday party, a Shrek-themed cake will be a major hit. Easy to make and get the rounds of applause! Are you ready?

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Lazy Shrek cake recipe tutorial

This lazy Shrek cake recipe tutorial is a Shrek butt cake dumped in the mud. Another amazing iconic scene from the Shrek movie.

Now, the best part about this recipe tutorial is that it is for all those lazy people who do not want to bake a cake but want to make something amazing.

The store-bought sponge cakes alongside lots of chocolates, green color, and store-bought icing. By now, you must have gotten the idea of how lazy this cake recipe is.

The Shrek butt cake dumped in the mud is made with the ingredients mentioned above, and it’s the best fit for a Shrek birthday cake idea.

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Shrek fondant face cake

Here is another amazing Shrek fondant face cake that will give your Shrek-themed party a vibe. Made with chocolate cake layered with green-colored buttercream icing, this cake is mouthwatering.

You need to layer the cake into a few steps to achieve that look, and the top part should be covered in fondant because that will make the head of Shrek.

The base layer is covered with brown fondant stripes that will give the illusion of the fence, and then the head of Shrek comes out of it – the cake gives the illusion of Shrek coming out of the mud bath. Easy cake recipes are hard to find but are you ready to try this one?

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Shrek cake – Layered style

Shrek cake – layered style is a decent and modest version of Shrek-themed cakes. The layers are yummy and tasty and look delightful.

Normally, a cake is layered with buttercream and lots of buttercream, but this layered style cake is made with mysterious layers and a fusion of tastes.

The base of the cake is layered with cream frosting, and after that comes the cookies magic, again a layer of buttercream frosting, and to wrap it all up in a magical way, the top layer is always jelly. These layers look inviting, and you can hardly resist even if you are on a diet. Want to find more?

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Shrek cake made with fondant, paint, and love!

Shrek face cakes are quite in amongst children. The cake in the shape of Shrek’s face is fun to look at. It makes your kids look cool at their birthday parties –

I guess all mommies can relate to this “cool” thing. Whether you are making this for your kid’s birthday party or to revive old memories with a friend, this amazingly fascinating Shrek face-shaped cake will steal the show. The cake is made with layers of buttercream and green fondant simultaneously.

After that, it is made neat with the help of hand paint and sculpting methods. You can add as many details as you like because fondant takes care of this part. That’s pretty much it. Your cake is ready to be served on your loved ones’ big day!

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Shrek cake in a mud bathtub

Shrek in a mud bathtub with a belly outside is not only hilarious, but it’s fun to make as well. The cake is super cute, yummy, and made with all the good things inside.

Shrek is showing his feet, face, and belly outside of the cake, so that’s all you will need to make and place him in the baked chocolate cake. You can choose to layer the cake with the buttercream frosting of your choice.

You are also free to use chocolates, cake pops, or any other idea you have in your mind. The best part? This cake is specifically made as a graduation surprise, but it is also best fit for birthday parties, themed parties, or even just for fun to make at home.

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Ribbon-wrapped Shrek cake

Ribbon-wrapped Shrek cake is a genius idea for those who know the basics of baking but do not want to go into details or super commercial cake with toppers. Also, people who are not a fan of fondants are welcome to try out this recipe.

Why? Because it is one of the easy cake recipes you will ever come across. It’s a bet that almost anyone can make this at home with 100% success on their first attempt. The cake is, first of all, layered with chocolate ganache – 5 layers of cake make it huge – and the sides of the round cake are covered with Kit Kat bars.

The cake is then wrapped around with a ribbon, and an edible Shrek image in a swamp is placed on top, giving it a vibe of that swamp. That’s it!

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It’s all about Shrek cake toppers

Cake toppers are a game changer. They can make the vibes of a simple cake classy and expensive. But did you know that making cake toppers is as easy as a piece of cake? It’s that easy.

In this video tutorial of around 8 minutes, you will learn how to make a Shrek topper in 4 different styles. From number-themed cake toppers to wooden signs, grass, and cattails – it’s all covered under one tutorial.

Another great thing about this tutorial is that it is easy to learn and make instantly at home. So there is no waste of time, and you will be able to learn four new Shrek theme cake toppers. Not a bad deal, right?

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Hand-painted Shrek and Donkey Cake

We all know at least one family member who is good at sketching and painting. If you or a family member knows someone in your family or friends circle, then you are ready to make this cake at home.

The cake is first baked and layered with brown cream frosting in a square shape. After that, white color fondant is rolled, and the cake is covered with it. Adjust the fondant according to the size of the cake, and make sure to remove all creases.

After that, all you need to do is paint. Here in this tutorial, the cake is painted by sketching Shrek, the donkey, and the dog. Complete it by writing a wish on the cake because there will be a pretty room.

Additional Information: before starting to paint the cake, it is highly advisable to sketch it on paper.

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Shrek cake to make at home – Slowly but surely!

Oddly and surprisingly, Shrek-themed cakes are considered one of the most affectionate cakes at a wedding. There are mainly two reasons; both the groom and bride are either Shrek fans or their family members want to give them a cake with a lifelong love lesson.

Now, whichever the case is for you, in this recipe guide, you will see a step-by-step process of how to make a Shrek-themed cake with Shrek and Fiona toppers.

In this recipe guide, all decorations are made at home. If you cannot find the toppers, you can get edible prints and place them on top. It will be just fine.

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Shrek butt cake in the mud bath

The funny scene from Shrek where he takes a dirt bath is iconic, and people make fun cakes out of that scene as well. Although it looks hilarious, it’s so easy to make. The usage of fondant is also very less, and you do not have to make full Shrek.

Just the back side of the face, the iconic butt, and feet. In this quick video tutorial, the chocolate cake is baked in a pan, then filled with melted chocolate which is the mud in this scenario, and then already made Shrek’s face, butt, and feet are placed in a way that it seems like he is swimming in the swamp. Like the disgusting idea?

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Shrek-themed Cake – The Abs Version

This cake tutorial will leave everyone with a surprise. How? This is a Shrek-themed cake – The abs version! Yes, instead of making a fat monster, this cake is designed where Shrek has built his body, and not only that; he is holding a rose with a pretty smile.

Exist in a parallel universe? It might be or not! But he looks adorable in here. There’s a beautiful message at the bottom as well, and you can write anything you want to say to your loved one, but this idea will rock the party!

Are you ready to make Shrek cake from the parallel universe?

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Shrek cake at home – Made easy!

Shrek at home –made easy! This cake tutorial is for those who are not experts, don’t know what fondant is, and want to make a Shrek-themed cake. Is that you? If it’s a yes, you should watch this video.

For inspiration, you need to bake a cake at home –chocolate would do the work. After that, green buttercream frosting comes into play to give it that Shrek vibe.

You can draw his facial features by simply using a bar of melted chocolate and adding marshmallows to make the eyes and teeth. Once done, it is advisable to keep the cake in the fridge for a few hours.

Pro Tip: get a friend who can draw neatly to create a clean look. Else, it can all turn into a mess!

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Easiest ever recipe to make Shrek cake!

The next one on our list is the easiest-ever recipe to make Shrek cake! Are you looking for a recipe that doesn’t involve décor, fondant, and too much buttercream? If so, this is what you were looking for all around the place.

This recipe is made with a cake base, green juice, buttercream, biscuits, and jelly! If you want, add fruits and other ingredients as you like. If not, these ingredients are also more than enough.

With a complete guide about recipe ingredients and their measurements to make this incredibly easy cake at home – you will find everything under one roof. Ready to look at what’s inside?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Donkey topper for a Shrek-themed Cake

The donkey from the Shrek movie received immense love and admiration. The character first seemed very chirpy to the level of annoyance, but the donkey turned out to be that friend who would be the hope of life when everyone left you behind.

The friend that will try to make things work for you, the helping hand we all need. So, a Shrek-themed cake can never be complete without his donkey. To make one for your Shrek-themed cake – you can follow the guidelines shared in this video tutorial.

The donkey, which is made of fondant, is as happy and chirpy as it was in the movie. Ready to make your donkey for the party?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Chocolate and Mint Green; Shrek Birthday Cake

This chocolate and mint green; Shrek birthday cake recipe took around 3 days to make. Yes, that’s a lot of time, but the end product is yummy and dreamy. We can do that much for our loved ones, right?

Well, the first step is to bake the cakes, frost them with your favorite buttercream icing and add syrup of your own choice. Add the crumb coat layer and keep it in the refrigerator. Next day, you will be needed to make the green buttercream to make the final layer.

Once done, add the chocolate drip and refrigerate it again. D-day is when you will be decorating and presenting it. You can add chocolate bites, Shrek in a swamp edible printed picture, and anything else that you like. Your cake is ready to be served.

Additional Information: you can make the whole cake in one day, but the results are even better when the cake is cooled down following the same method shown in this recipe.

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Shrek birthday cake with Shrek topper

If you are searching for a recipe that gives you the Shrek vibe and is quite easy to make, then this Shrek birthday cake with a fondant topper will not disappoint you. The very first thing, bake the cake with your favorite flavors and buttercream layers inside.

The outer layer should be a Shrek-themed color, and that’s it. Your base is ready to be decorated now. The next step is to make the drip. A nice and clean chocolate drip with chocolate patterns on the bottom.

You can add green leaves to the bottom as well. The last thing is to add the already-made topper to it, and you are ready to rock the Shrek-themed birthday party!

Pro Tip: If you do not want to make a fondant topper, just add a printed paper topper to it!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Shrek’s butt in the mud

Do you like Shrek in a mud bath for birthdays? It is so much fun to make and looks hilariously amazing. But this recipe is slightly different from the others we have added. How?

Well, it is the moist chocolate cake recipe with no butter and no eggs – for those people who do not like both ingredients in their cakes. This is another Shrek butt-in-the-mud cake made with fondant and marshmallows.

You can add ingredients as per your liking, and feel free to replace any you do not like as long as Shrek is in the mud and his butt is out!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Effortless pull-apart Shrek birthday cake

Don’t know how to bake? Don’t worry! You can still make a Shrek birthday cake or a Shrek party cake at home. How? This effortless pull-apart Shrek birthday cake recipe you can make at home without even baking a cake!

The recipe uses the pull-apart cake method, where the two flavored cupcakes are placed together to shape a face. A triangle shape is cut to make the ears.

Once the cupcakes are placed together, the next step is to fill them up with lots of green-colored buttercream frosting, make the facial features and decorate them with melted chocolate. The cake is not only for lazy bakers but also the best fit when you are running out of time.

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Shrek cake recipe that anyone can make at home!

Want to make a Professional baker-style Shrek birthday cake, but this is your first time? How about a well-designed cake with Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey roaming around the fields? Does that not possible? Don’t worry.

This easy Shrek cake recipe that anyone can make at home will guide you in making everything for this cake. In terms of taste, what could beat a well-designed cake made with Cheese cream frosting, Marshmallow frosting, and satin ice-red vanilla frosting?

The cake is straight out of heaven in terms of both; the look and the taste! Another great thing about this cake recipe is that you can use toys instead of making fondant figures. So, that makes it easy for anyone to make it at home.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Making Shrek & Fiona cake toppers for wedding

We all know that Shrek & Fiona-themed cake toppers are always in for weddings; without them, the cakes seem incomplete. These cake toppers can be used for weddings, anniversaries, and engagements.

The complete process with all details is inside this tutorial. Even if you are a newbie and want to make these toppers for your loved ones, you can start from here immediately!

The green-colored fondant is used to make these fondant figurines, and the results will surprise you immensely!

Additional Information: Follow all the steps to get successful results. Green fondant is the key ingredient here!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Shrek Cake Layered Between White & Green Jelly

This recipe of Shrek cake layered between white & green jelly is for those who want to make a cake but not in the traditional way. This cake is made with layers of different ingredients.

Starting with the sponge cake layers to the green custard cream and moving forward with Jaffa biscuits to white cream and the top layer of jelly. All layers are prepared separately at home, and the recipe tutorial will educate you through each one of them to make the perfect Shrek-themed cake at home.

The combination of white cream, biscuits, and jelly gives this cake a very different look and taste, but that’s what we can expect from a Shrek-themed cake, right?

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Trendy, tasty, and unforgettable Shrek-themed Birthday Cake

If you are looking for a trendy, tasty, and unforgettable; Shrek-themed birthday cake, this is the one you can’t miss out on. Not only that it is one of the trendy cakes out there, but it is also very simple to make.

The cake is first baked –you can bake the cake of your choice in the shape you want. You can also buy simple store-bought cakes. After that, the mighty green-colored frosting comes to cover the cake up.

After that, you can add chocolate chunks or other décor material of your choice. The topper is a smiling Shrek face, tummy, and feet that will be placed on top of the cake. That’s it!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

30 Yummy Shrek Cake Recipes you will love!

30 Yummy Shrek Cake Recipes you will love!



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Shrek cakes are in demand, and making one at home is as easy as a piece of cake. Don’t agree? We have kept a list of the finest ones here!


  • Handcrafted Shrek Face Cake

  • Shrek Cake in 2D Version

  • Square-shaped Shrek cake topped with Kiwi

  • Making Shrek using Walmart Cake!

  • Shrek Cake Topper – Shrek in a wedding suit

  • Disgusting yet yummy – Shrek ear wax in Q-Tips shaped cake pops

  • Shrek & Fiona wedding-themed cake toppers


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make yummy Shrek Cakes for your loved ones.

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