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34 Mouthwatering Sicilian Recipes You Will Love

Are you looking for some Sicilian recipes to make dinner this week? Come and check out some of the best mouthwatering dishes on our list!

A Few Words About Sicilian Recipes

There’s nothing like Sicilian recipes to accompany your weekday dinners. Sicilian recipes refer to the food that the people in the Italian city eat. The town is in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula. Its location makes its cuisine unique, with influences from Greek, Roman, Arab, French, and Spanish cultures.

We’ve included three sections on this list: Sicilian pasta recipes, cookie recipes, and other recipes. The recipes range from simple appetizers to slow-cooked main dishes and refreshing desserts. And all are equally delicious, so there’s no harm in trying all of them!
So get inspired; this list has enough ideas to fill up your menu for a whole month!

See the best selection of Sicilian Pasta Recipes

Would you like to make your pasta with a touch of Sicily? Try one of these traditional Sicilian pasta recipes, and you’ll love how it can be both fresh and rich at the same time.

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Sicilian Braciole Recipe

You may not be familiar with Sicilian braciole yet, but after you try this Sicilian recipe, you’ll want to include this one into your main menu every week. Braciole is a very tender and lean beef cutlet that has been smashed several times by a mallet to achieve its level of tenderness.

Most of the time, people do this by beating their meat with a mallet, but you can also ask your butcher if they have any already prepared for you. Make sure you choose the thinnest possible beef, as that’s why they’re so tender.

You will then season your beef and cook it slowly inside the marinara sauce. Lastly, you’ll serve it with fresh pasta to make a full meal.

Total Preparation Time: 4 hours 15 minutes

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Classic Sicilian Lasagna Recipe

Are you feeling like Garfield this Monday? Then why not try making this beautiful lasagna? It’s one of the most well-known traditional Sicilian recipes; one bite will show you why.

This recipe by All That’s Jas takes its cue from an authentic root, using ingredients that are typical of the area. You’ll need lasagna noodles, Genoa salami, cheese, ground beef, and marinara sauce to create this Sicilian recipe.

If you’re one of those who hates making marinara from scratch, you can use the store-bought one. But make sure you season it with oregano and basil, as they can be a bit bland. You can also freeze this dish for an easy dinner, so it’s a total win!

Calories per serving: 691
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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Easy Sicilian Chicken Soup Recipe

If you think this Sicilian recipe should be classified as pasta, then you need to look closer. That’s right. This Sicilian chicken recipe has macarons, making it a full meal on its own! It’s not macaroni, but a smaller pasta called ditalini.

Although you might be more familiar with things like cannoli or lasagna, Sicily is also known for its chicken soups. The ingredients in this recipe are as fresh as you can expect in any Sicilian recipe, with bell peppers, garlic, potatoes, onion, celery, and chicken thigh.

Get this cooking in the afternoon, then enjoy it as dinner. It’s the perfect meal to accompany your cold nights, and you can say goodbye to your runny nose.

Calories per serving: 260

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Pasta with Sicilian Fava Beans Recipe

Are you looking for Sicilian fava bean recipes? Believe it or not, fava beans are one of the most famous crops from Sicily. It’s not a native to the area, though, and it’s believed to be brought into the area by Romans and Greeks.

Nevertheless, fava beans have taken over the region and become one of the staples of their dishes. This particular one is a pasta plus fava beans recipe. If you like your recipes to be simple, short, and sweet, you’ll also love the list of ingredients.

All you need are fava beans, pasta, onion, chicken stock, parsley, pepper, salt, and cheese. Save from the fava beans. You probably already have all the ingredients!

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See the best selection of Sicilian Cookies Recipes

Nothing like a delicious plate of Sicilian cookies accompanying your afternoon coffee. From almond cookies to figs, we have it all! Come and check out our list of authentic Sicilian cookie recipes!


Sicilian Amaretti Cookies Recipe

Just like fava beans from our previous recipe, almonds are considered one of the most typically Sicilian items in Italian recipes. They add these nuts to almost everything – desserts, salads, bread, ice cream, and the list goes on.

That’s why it’s only natural that there’s a recipe for Sicilian almond cookies or Sicilian amaretti cookies recipe. It’s one of the most authentic Sicilian recipes; you can find this almost anywhere when visiting the region.

What’s even better about this Sicilian recipe is it’s gluten-free. You only need four ingredients: peeled almonds, sugar, egg whites, and vanilla extract. These cookies take a short amount of time to bake, and you’ll enjoy the chewy, wonderful texture in no time.

Total Preparation Time: 15 minutes

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Sicilian Sesame Cookies Recipe

It’s been deemed by many to be the perfect companion for a cup of coffee. It’s the Sicilian sesame cookies that are easy to cook and easier to devour. The maker even calls it a call to the “Old World” or their Sicilian roots, where desserts can be savory and sweet.

And that’s what these sesame cookies are. They’re delightful without being overly sweet. All you need to make this Sicilian recipe is toasted sesame, flour, sugar, butter, salt, eggs, vanilla, and baking powder.

These cookies are amazing with a cup of coffee. Or better yet, you can make these into your late-night companion for some fun wine time before bed. The choice is yours!

Total Preparation Time: 35 minutes

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Sicilian Recipes


Genovesi Ericine Sicilian Cookies Recipe

These cookies are said to have originated from the town of Erice, but it’s also famous throughout Sicily. The name Genovesi was said to come from the hats of Genovese sailors who came to Sicily to trade. The shape of these cookies is the same as the hats!

These cookies are essentially shortbread with custard and dusted with powdered sugar. The result is layers of flavors with different textures. For these cookies, you’re going to be making two different things: the shortbread and the custard filling.

When you’re done with your shortbread, you will let them rest, then fill it with the custard. Although it seems like a lot of work, the results will be worth it! It’s one of the best and sweetest Sicilian food recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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Sicilian Fig Cookies Recipe

Our last Sicilian cookie recipe features a refreshing cookie filled with fruity flavors typical of the Mediterranean region. This wonderful Sicilian recipe includes figs, citrus, nuts, and dried fruits!

It seems impossible, but this recipe managed to combine tastiness with health. To make this Sicilian recipe, you need to prepare a food processor and kitchen scale. The food processor will be used to mix the dried fruits and nuts so that all of them are well incorporated.

While the kitchen scale makes sure you have the right and exact amount of ingredients, which is crucial to baking. You will use the fruit and nut as a filling for the cookies, so you’ll be greeted with wonderful flavors in each bite.

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See the best selection of Other Sicilian Recipes

Because there are too many great dishes, we’ve decided to add even more with these other Sicilian recipes! We have appetizers, main dishes, and even desserts. Make your choice and liven up your evening.


Must Make Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe

We’re going to start with a delicious cheesecake recipe that’s well-known in the region. There’s nothing like a Sicilian ricotta cake recipe, and this Sicilian recipe is one of the best out there. Sicily is also famous for its production of ricotta cheese, and it’s not classified as cheese.

Ricotta is only a by-product or creamy curd produced during the process of making other Sicilian cheeses such as pecorino. That’s why it’s become a staple since it’s easy to get and is abundant.

The recipe features two different layers, the first is the base from graham crackers, and the second is the ricotta cheesecake. And although it’s a cheesecake, you will need to bake it for 60 minutes. Dust off some powdered sugar, and enjoy your cheesecake with your family.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Sicilian Recipes


Green Gold: Sicilian Pistachio Cream Recipe

You may not be familiar with this one, but if you’ve been to Sicily, you know that this green gold can be found everywhere in the region. Sicilian pistachio cream is one of the best companions for your otherwise boring toast or even as filling for your cookies.

You can even just dip your spoon and enjoy them as is. The flavor is said to be intense, and it pairs well whether you’re cooking something savory or sweet. You need pistachio cream, egg yolks, sugar, mascarpone cheese, whipping cream, cognac, crushed pistachios, and dark cocoa powder to make this heavenly sauce.

Since this Sicilian recipe has raw egg yolks, some folks may be a bit apprehensive. If you are, you can whisk them on top of the double boiler to prevent food poisoning.

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Authentic Sicilian Cannoli Recipe

Do you want to make your cannoli, complete with its own Sicilian cannoli filling recipe? Then try this Sicilian recipe from an Italian chef, Billy Parisi. He’ll show you how you can bake the best outer crust with a crispy and chewy texture and the rich filling typical of Sicilian cannolis.

These delicious desserts are native to the region, and they reached worldwide fame when they started serving them to the Arabs during their rule. Nevertheless, this cylinder-shaped pastry stuffed with ricotta, almonds, and chocolate has become a favorite and well-known Sicilian dessert.

This Sicilian recipe is simple, and the ingredients can easily be found in the shop. Be extra careful when you pipe in the filling, and don’t destroy the shell!

Calories per serving: 215
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Original Sicilian Cassata Cake Recipe

If you’re not familiar with cassata cake yet, then you should. Cassata cake is a traditional cake that’s native to the region. It’s a short-crust cake made with the cream of sweetened sheep’s ricotta and dark chocolate drops.

The recipe shown will be a plain cassata cake, but traditionally you should add some candied fruit or marzipan to your cake. This cake is usually eaten during the Easter celebration, and it was elected as the official Easter dessert in the 1500s by the locals.

Some Sicilians even have a name for people who do not eat cassata cake during Easter – “tintu” or petty people, so join the crowd and have some!

Total Preparation Time: 3 hours 5 minutes

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Sicilian Rice Pie Recipe

This is another dessert that’s traditionally eaten during Easter by Sicilian, pastiera di riso or Sicilian rice pie. The pie is native to Naples and then brought into the Sicilian region. The main parts of this recipe are a sweet crust pie and its rice and ricotta cheese filling.

Including rice as a sweet dessert might be counterintuitive, but you’ll be surprised how well they mix when you try this Sicilian recipe. You will also have to make the crust from scratch, using flour, sugar, butter, and zest.

Then you’ll cook your filling separately, the rice with lemon and milk first, then mix with the ricotta, eggs, sugar, and flavorings. Put them together and bake them in the oven!

Calories per serving: 377
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Sicilian Swordfish Recipe with Oregano and Summer Squash

If you want a refreshing dish with no guilt, try one of the best and healthiest Sicilian fish recipes! Create this Sicilian recipe with Just a Little Bit of Bacon using fresh swordfish, the perfect light meal for your summer evenings.

The fresh fish is paired with chopped tomatoes and grilled squash. The fish is lightly prepared with olive oil and lemon. Then it is grilled to perfection. Don’t overcook the fish, or you’ll have a rubbery protein.

You will also make an oregano sauce that you will use to dress the squash, tomatoes, and grilled fish. Eat this dish as is, or pair it with potatoes. The choice is up to you! This healthy, delicious, and easy Sicilian recipe everyone can enjoy.

Calories per serving: 475
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Carrabba’s Spicy Sicilian Butter Recipe

If you’re unfamiliar with Carrabba, you may want to try this Italian restaurant. Carrabba is an Italian-American chain restaurant that’s headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They serve lots of delicious meals that take their roots in the Italian region of Sicily, and this delicious sauce is one of those well-known recipes.

This Sicilian recipe was created by a professional “copycat” cook who tried to emulate menus from famous restaurants. This means you can bet it will taste as delicious as the one in Carrabba.

The dish is a simple olive oil bread dip infused with garlic and Italian herbs. The secret to this Sicilian recipe is choosing the best olive oil as your base, and the rest will fall into place.

Calories per serving: 47
Total Preparation Time: 5 minutes

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Sicilian Stuffed Calamari Recipe

Some of us may be reluctant to create our stuffed calamari or squid. You might be scared that the flavors don’t work, or you might undercook or overcook the squid! That’s why this Sicilian recipe by a professional chef, Chef Jar, is here to help you.

She’ll explain to you step-by-step how you can create this wonderful dish that will impress everyone who is a seafood lover. The main parts of this dish are the squid, the filling, and the tomato-based sauce.

The difficult part may be when you cook the squid, but make sure you’re slowly cooking them in low heat. After 1.5 hours, you’ll come up with some of the most tender and delicious squids you’ve ever had in your life.

Calories per serving: 418
Total Preparation Time: 2 hours

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Sicilian Caponata Recipe

You’re missing out if you’ve never heard of authentic Sicilian caponata recipes. This wonderful dish is a typical appetizer that influences Greek, Arab, Spanish, and French. The fresh and zesty appetizer has over 37 variations in Sicily, but this tutorial will show you four of the most well-known variations.

The first is simple Palermitan caponata, then Palermitan caponata that’s enriched with nuts. Then you’ll learn more about the Catanese variation that adds bell peppers into the mix and the Agrigentina variety that adds sweet peppers into the recipe.

But overall, all of these are Sicilian eggplant caponata recipes that are fresh, healthy, and delicious. You should try this Sicilian recipe, which is one of the best Sicilian eggplant recipes you’ll ever taste.

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The Best Sicilian Arancini Recipe

Are you looking for arancini or Sicilian rice balls recipe? Then we’ve got the perfect one for you. Arancini is one of the most well-known Sicilian recipes. These crispy golden nuggets are everywhere in the streets of Sicily.

To make this Sicilian recipe, you will have to do two different things: create the filling and the rice. The rice is made specifically using arborio rice, which is the same rice you use when you want to make risotto.

Then the filling is made using meat sauce with peas. You’re creating a deep-fried risotto dough with its sauce on the inside as fillings! Get creative and create your fillings when you feel comfortable enough. The possibilities are endless with Arancini!

Calories per serving: 249
Total Preparation Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

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Baked Sicilian Eggplant Recipe

If you haven’t noticed yet, eggplants are staples in Sicily. A lot of their dishes revolve around fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits, and eggplants are one of those veggies they are so fond of. This baked eggplant recipe is no exception.

Made with tomato sauce, pecorino, salami, mozzarella, and bread crumbs, even someone who hates eggplants might even convert and take a bite. You only need to slice the eggplants into thin discs, then arrange them inside your baking dish.

Then top it off with the other ingredients, and you’re ready to bake it. Serve this wonderful dish with some fresh salads, or enjoy it on its own. The choice is up to you!

Total Preparation Time: 50 minutes

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Sicilian Gelato Recipe

Who doesn’t love gelatos? They’re delicious, creamy, and less guilt-inducing than ice cream! In this tutorial by Food Nouveau, you’ll learn how to make Sicilian-style gelato, complete with cornstarch as its thickening agent.

You will need to use egg yolks in another recipe, but this Sicilian version does not. This means the recipe is much quicker and simpler than other gelato recipes.

A word of warning, though, if you want to achieve the best possible texture from this recipe, you will need to invest in an ice cream maker.

The result is a beautiful velvety gelato that everyone in your family will love. You won’t even miss ice cream.

Total Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Sicilian Struffoli Recipe

If you’ve never heard of struffoli, we’re here to let you in on this delicious recipe. Struffolis are deep-fried dough that’s usually served as desserts. They’re crispy on the outside and soft and smooth on the inside.

They are also often coated in honey to make them even more decadent. Struffoli is eaten during the holiday period or Christmas in Italy, but you can enjoy these any time you’d like with coffee or other drinks.

Another reason to love this recipe is the fact that you only need four different ingredients to make this dessert: honey, canola oil, eggs, and all-purpose flour. We’re betting that everything is already inside your pantry, so why not cook this tonight?

Calories per serving: 607.78
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Sicilian Fried Calamari Recipe with Spicy Marinara

Once in their life, everyone ordered a bowl of fried calamari as their appetizer, so why not bring this dish into your home and make your version of deep-fried calamari? This recipe will teach you to make fool-proof calamari, so pay attention to each step.

Aside from the calamari, she will also show you how to make spicy marinara sauce. But if you’re not into hot sauces, you can skip this and create your dipping sauce.

One of the secrets she spilled in the recipe is to marinate the calamari inside buttermilk for around two hours before coating and frying them. That way, they stay tender and juicy even after frying!

Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes

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Sicilian Olive Salad Recipe

Maybe you’re not familiar with olive salads yet, but with this recipe, you’re going to want to make them in bulk to store inside your fridge. This fresh and zesty olive is marinated and infused with herbs, garlic, dried oregano, and chili, so you can bet it will satisfy your savory cravings.

They also make a great addition to a fancy charcuterie board when you want to have a healthier dish. All you need to do is to combine all the ingredients and let them soak inside olive oil and white wine vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to pit the olives first if you want something easier to eat. Spread them generously onto your bread or use them as a salad dressing.

Calories per serving: 33
Total Preparation Time: 10 minutes

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Sicilian Fish Recipe in Tomato Sauce

Have you been waiting for more Sicilian fish recipes? Then this rich Sicilian fish stew cooked inside tomato sauce will satisfy your seafood cravings. This stew is jam-packed with flavors and is the perfect Mediterranean comfort food that can warm up even the coldest winter.

The maker of this recipe uses monkfish, but you are welcome to use any type of firm white fish that you fancy. The secret ingredient to this recipe has got to be capers and anchovies.

The taste of those two ingredients will immediately transport you to Sicily. You can serve this fish with a bed of rocket salad, a bowl of couscous, or just rice. It goes well with almost any carbohydrates you can imagine!

Calories per serving: 234
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Sicilian Chocolate Gelato Recipe with Bourbon and Chocolate Chip

We’re returning to heavenly desserts with this amazing recipe for Sicilian chocolate gelato infused with bourbon and chocolate chips! Bourbon and chocolate go together so well that you will start mixing them for your next get-together.

This recipe is very simple. All you need is milk, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, and bourbon. They use 1% fat for the milk, so it’s still classified as gelato instead of ice cream.

They also use cornstarch as their thickening agent, making this recipe Sicilian. You can skip the bourbon if you want to make this a kid-friendly recipe, or better yet make two different versions for kids and adults!

Calories per serving: 440
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

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Sicilian Meatloaf Recipe

If you want to feed everyone quickly, try making this Sicilian meatloaf dish. The maker of this dish admitted that they did not like meatloaf growing up. Thankfully, they came across this wonderful Sicilian version of meatloaf – with ham and mozzarella cheese rolled up inside the meat.

They have been in love ever since and make this recipe regularly. The ingredients in this recipe are very similar to a Sicilian meatball, which are breadcrumbs, eggs, parmesan cheese, and tomato sauce.

They also add in more flavors with onion, garlic, and red pepper. Feel free to add your favorite herbs and vegetables as stuffings.

Calories per serving: 502
Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

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Sicilian Marinara Sauce Recipe

Do you want to have a Sicilian marinara sauce recipe that goes well with everything? Why not try this one and keep it for your next menu? This recipe infused red wine into the sauce, which takes this marinara sauce to another level with deep textures and flavors.

The onions in this sauce also pair well with the tartness of tomatoes and wine, giving it another layer of sweetness. What’s amazing about this sauce is that you can use it in almost everything except for desserts.

Pair it with spaghetti, pour it on rice, and make it a layer inside your lasagna or as a pizza sauce. The possibilities are endless with this marinara sauce. Another plus point is that you can keep this inside your freezer for up to 6 months!

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Sicilian Limoncello Recipe

Do you remember the saying, make lemonade when life gives you a lemon? Why not follow this recipe and make limoncello instead? Legend has it. Almost all the houses in Sicily have lemon trees, which is why limoncello is the drink that’s available everywhere.

One plus point about this tutorial is that the maker will give you three options for making limoncello. The first is a creamy limoncello, original Sicilian limoncello, and some lemonade.

We recommend you try all three since the recipes are not different, and the ingredients are very easy to acquire. Keep them inside your fridge and let them freshen your summer days.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Carrabba’s Sicilian Chicken Soup Recipe

Do you still remember Carrabba from our list? This surprisingly authentic American chain restaurant also has another famous dish that everyone wants to copy, Spicy Sicilian Chicken Soup or Mama Mandola’s Chicken Soup.

It’s perfect as a side dish or as a main meal since you can incorporate paste into the soup and make it into a full meal. The spiciness comes from bell peppers and pepper flakes, and they’re adjustable for those of you who are not big fans of spicy foods.

You can also tame this dish down if you have kids. Make this in big batches, and warm them up for dinner. Skip the late-night hassle, and make some chicken soup!

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour

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Vinny’s Sicilian Meatballs Recipe

From the recipe’s name, you can already tell that this is going to be one heck of an authentic recipe, right? This recipe is created by Vince, a Sicilian native who has this recipe passed down from generations of cooks.

That’s why you should join in and try this legacy. Legend has it Vinny’s dad made this every Sunday when they first came to the U.S. from Sicily. There’s also an unexpected secret ingredient to this Sicilian meatballs recipe: A-1 Steak Sauce!

That’s right. The sauce gives it a nice and deep flavor. So what are you waiting for? Make these meatballs the perfect companion for your pasta and marinara sauce!

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Sicilian Tripe Recipe

You might think that tripe is not delicious or worth trying, but once you try this Sicilian recipe, you’ll be surprised by how tasty it can be. Tripe can be enjoyable when they’re cooked right and cleaned properly, so make sure you buy fresh ones from the butcher.

This recipe is inspired by humble Sicilian peasant cooking. Meat can be expensive, so that’s why those who do not have the money often resort to using tripes. You need to season this soup properly with chicken stock, white wine, tomato paste, and bay leaf.

The taste will be clean and savory and pairs well with the potatoes. This is a great alternative to meat and cheaper too!

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Sicilian Bread Recipe with Sesame Seed

Do you want a base recipe that goes well with any toppings you have in mind? Try this wonderful Sicilian sesame bread recipe, and you’ll use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To make this bread, you will need special semolina flour with golden colors and delicious flavors. This flour is typically used to make Italian bread, and they have higher protein content. This makes its texture very different compared to other types of bread.

One of the secret techniques this maker will share with you is to put some ice cubes inside the oven when you bake the bread. That way, you’ll get some nice crust on the outside.

Total Preparation Time: 2 hours 55 minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Sicilian Pickled Eggplant Recipe

Do you want to try a Sicilian pickled eggplant recipe? This tutorial is a great way to start. Italians are famous for their preserves, and this wonderful eggplant recipe is usually served with other antipasti such as sun-dried tomatoes, salami, pickled mushrooms, cheese, olives, and grilled peppers.

You can enjoy these eggplants by serving them on top of toasted bread together with other antipasti. To make this Sicilian recipe, you’re going to need some 1-quart jars that are tightly closed.

If you’re in a hurry to enjoy them, don’t worry. The recipe is a quick pickling process, so you can enjoy these eggplants in mere 6 hours. Make them in the morning, and serve them for dinner.

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Sicilian Agrodolce Sauce Recipe

If you’ve never heard of agrodolce, we’re here to get acquainted with this Sicilian staple sauce. Agrodolce is the Italian version of the sweet and sour sauce. It is created to enhance the flavors in vegetables, pasta, meats, and poultry.

So it’s an everything sauce that can pair well with anything. This salsa recipe is cooked with sugar and vinegar until they’re reduced and rich. You should also use peak-season tomatoes to make sure they’re as fresh as possible.

Add in some herbs and spices according to your taste to create more depth in their flavors. You can leave the sauce chunky or blast them inside a mixer or food processor for a smoother finish.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

34 Mouthwatering Sicilian Recipes You Will Love

34 Mouthwatering Sicilian Recipes You Will Love



Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



Are you looking for some Sicilian recipes to make dinner this week? Come and check out some of the best mouthwatering dishes on our list!


  • Sicilian Braciole Recipe

  • Classic Sicilian Lasagna Recipe

  • Easy Sicilian Chicken Soup Recipe

  • Pasta with Sicilian Fava Beans Recipe

  • Sicilian Amaretti Cookies Recipe

  • Sicilian Sesame Cookies Recipe

  • Genovesi Ericine Sicilian Cookies Recipe


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make mouthwatering Sicilian Recipes for your family.

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