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30 Most Amazing Silken Tofu Recipes You Will Love

Silken Tofu is widely used worldwide. You can make so many savory dishes with silken tofu. Here are such amazing silken tofu recipes that are worth trying.

A Few Words About Silken Tofu

Have you ever heard about silken tofu? If you still need to, then you are missing a lot. Silken tofu is like regular tofu but in a different style. It is a Japanese-style tofu that is soft and jiggly. You will love the smooth, moist texture that slips if not carefully held.

There are so many dishes that you can make using silken tofu. It can be a stir-fried dish or a soup. You can make anything out of it. These silken tofu recipes will show you how versatile it is. This article has different sections, including silken tofu desserts, silken vegan tofu recipes, soups, and much more.

Go through the article to explore a variety of recipes to make for special occasions. Give your taste buds a new flavor with these recipes.

Index of Silken Tofu

See the best selection of Silken Tofu recipes

This section has all the silken tofu recipes you might want to try. Every recipe has unique ways of making the dish with some tips and tricks. There are Korean style, Japanese style, spicy, rich in flavor, and yummy recipes that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Yummy Silken Tofu Recipes With Wonderful Spices

Koreans are known for their minimal but euphoric sensational spices. And this recipe exactly serves you the taste of what they are known and admired for.

Cutting to the chase, find these Korean vegan silken tofu recipes, rich in protein with a sensational mix of spices.

You will admire this basic ingredient recipe turned into something incredibly tasty. The recipe is an art of taste that will keep you hooked with all its spices.

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Spicy Yet Savory Silken Tofu Recipe

Would you ever consider making a dish that is less work and more of a taste? Well, this Korean recipe will throw off your stress of making Something that would eventually require too much work.

Your cravings will have Something to look forward to if you make these spicy, savory silken tofu recipes.

This tofu is soft and moist in its texture and is added with different tastes of veggies mixed with sauces and spices.

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Make Delicious Silken Soft Tofu In 10 Minutes

Korean recipes are international sensations with all its taste. The speed of their recipes begging to be at the top with taste and nutritional impact is hard not to try by everyone.

So this recipe got huge applause around the internet, and everyone making it made it even more special. It would be great if you tried this out on times when you want to be lazy and get to make it in less time than possible.

This little video tutorial is the easiest way to start your perfect soft silken textured tofu plate in no time.

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Silken Tofu Recipe With Flavorly Seasoned Toppings

The Japanese had made it possible to give their people an unforgettable taste with less effort. Well, you see, these silken tofu recipes are doing an amazing job already and getting all the love.

So you can try this Korean butter soft tofu better than any 3-course meal. Dig up some little veggies, which would make the sauce taste better.

The recipe tastes so good with all the green onions and peppers because they bring out the joy of a yummy meal.

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2 Easy Ways to Cook & Prepare Silken Aka Soft Tofu

This incredible vegan silken tofu recipe in different styles will steal your heart and upgrade your taste buds with its amazing spice flavors. So these easy ways to cook and prepare soft tofu are worth a try.

These vegan silken tofu recipes are made with special care for flavors with basic ingredients and are a must-try. The core ingredient is tofu, but all different flavors will take your taste buds on a different adventure.

One is Korean soft tofu, and the other is Japanese soft tofu. So with this tutorial, you can learn how to give a different meaning to each in a unique way and can upgrade the radar of taste for your taste buds.

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Silken Soft Tofu In Chinese Style Recipe

Do you want something to add some taste to your dinner platter? Here is the recipe guide to give you a different styled tofu with shitake mushroom, the extra core ingredient to favor your vegan silken tofu recipes.

This recipe is super easy; given the time, it takes hardly a minute. You can learn to make perfectly made Silken tofu recipes quickly.

Gather all your ingredients, stir fry on your pan with sauces and sesame oil, and add your cut-out square-shaped tofu to absorb all the goodness.

This Silken vegan tofu is rich in its taste with sweet and spicy flavors. Go on and try out this recipe to carry on with your Korean soft tofu taste.

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Delicious And Savory Soft Tofu In Different Style

Japanese people should be admired for their classic touch of silken tofu recipes. They are called the real masters of minimalistic recipes.

This recipe is a life savior for vegans, where no stress occurs; You can already see the results of this perfect savory just inside your pan mixed with different spices.

You can make this ideal soft buttery tofu with the sauce, like excellent daily cuisine. It is easy to prepare your dinner or lunch with just basic ingredients.

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5 minutes Steamed Silken Tofu with Garlic Soy

The search for a healthy and delicious recipe has ended with this tutorial on making steamed Silk tofu. This vegan recipe is made with the goodness of perfect sauce and healthy soft textured tofu.

This recipe is so easy to make and barely takes 5 minutes. So steam off your soft tofu and make your soy sauce garlic recipe as instructed in this tutorial. Remember to finish off your tofu platter with finely chopped green onions.

It gives off the perfect look of a Korean recipe. A healthy Korean dish can be done in simple steps and takes less time. Serve these effortless silken tofu recipes at lunch or dinner for a happy meal.

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Easy Silken Tofu Recipes In 2 Styles

If you love Chinese or Korean cuisine, this recipe is for you. So far, soft tofu has been a sensational ingredient around the world.

People like this soft textured tofu; This tutorial shows you how you can make soft tofu at home. Making this soft tofu could be hard, keeping in mind long made the habit of buying from stores.

It could help with the texture of the tofu you want. Getting two styles of making soft tofu in one video is a cherry on top.

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Soft Tofu Chinese Recipe With Mushrooms

Take some time to make these easy steamed silken tofu recipes; you won’t regret it because it is very soft and chewy.

This recipe is simple, and it becomes heavenly good with a touch of mushrooms. Mushroom lovers will love this recipe of soft tofu in Korean style.

All the ingredients in this recipe are already mentioned in the description box. Top your soft tofu with mushrooms and sauce, and you are done. Find the list of ingredients in the description box.

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 4 Super Quick Silken Tofu Recipes

This recipe will blow your mind with how different the taste of soft tofu can have with just a few ingredients.

It includes caesar dressing and tofu mayonnaise, poppy seed cheesecake cream, and a tofu chocolate mousse. And it’s all just by blending ingredients instructed in tutorials with Silken tofu recipes.

You will get the amazing buttery texture of flavors every time it gets mixed with smooth, soft tofu inside. The recipes are amazing, giving you different ways of making soft tofu.

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5 Minute Easy Chinese Style Tofu Recipe

How could you not yet try these perfect Chinese silken tofu recipes? This tutorial is better for you to keep up with the ways and tricks to make perfectly textured soft tofu.

Get ready to note down this quick meal in your diary because your hectic routine and laziness might want to make it later or sooner.

Making this vegan silken tofu recipe is incredibly mouthwatering, and being a vegan, the most considerate way is to make it yourself. Vegan silken tofu recipes can be delicious, too, and this recipe is here to prove you right.

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Make Chinese Style Tofu At Home

Everybody likes silken tofu recipes. So quit worrying about bringing soft tofu, especially when it’s unhealthy to stick with store-bought Tofus.

This recipe will teach you a basic and easy way to make homemade silken tofu from scratch. The homemade silk tofu is easy to make, bringing out the perfectly enhanced nut flavor better than the store-bought.

So make sure you follow the guidelines to make these silken tofu recipes happen. So you don’t have to waste a single amount of time making your favorite recipes using soft tofu.

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How to make Soft Tofu with Soy Sauce, Onion & Cucumber

Signature silken tofu recipes are complete with the onion and soya sauce sprinkle. Here is how these silken tofu recipes dishes take off with their minimum ingredients and taste of simplicity.

These silken tofu recipes have a unique place in the heart of many Koreans, and the details they put into them are gorgeous.

Plate your yummy soft textured tofu and slice them into long cuts, do as the tutorial says, and top it off with other veggies and homemade sauce.

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Chinese Soft Tofu with Sweet Brown Syrup

A sweet and nutritious recipe always has a perfect taste to reach the heart. Chinese have a way with food where they don’t have to endure the stress of serving it hot or cold, spicy or sweet.

This tutorial can help you make this unique Chinese-style silken tofu recipes in no time with a unique way to serve it. these silken tofu recipes are completely synced with a spicy sauce or even a sweet sauce.

This tutorial uses sweet brown syrup to top it off with soft, moist tofu. You will admire every bite of this saucy silken tofu recipes.

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Minced Pork With Soft Tofu | Silken Tofu With Meat Sauce

A full-packed meal rich in protein and savory is hard to come by. Meat lovers, you will have what you want if you love tofu too.

This recipe will give you an excellent scrumptious platter to turn your meal into a beautiful beginning or the end of the day. The dinner meal might go most tasteful with these silken tofu recipes.

This pork meat sauce recipe has every flavor, bringing your taste buds alive. Cater your soft tofu with this meat sauce recipe on top.

Help yourself with these few minutes of silken tofu recipes and have the meal of your day. The look of this dish will be enough to seek your approval to try it at least once.

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 Spicy Chinese Soft Tofu Recipe

After this recipe, you will be compelled to appreciate the art of Chinese savor. This recipe gives your taste buds an adventure of blasting flavors.

This Chinese tofu vegan recipe is completely effortless and, with the touch of signature ingredients, including garlic and sesame seeds with sesame oil, is a gateway to heaven.

If you like to try something new and different, you can try these firm silken tofu recipes. A burst of spices and flavors will leave you amazed, and making this recipe will call you to make it more than once.

So try these silken tofu recipes and save time with this protein-filled dish on your next meal.

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Silk Tofu with Onion and Garlic

Who doesn’t like the taste of garlic? The garlic’s finishing, the garlic’s like, and especially the garlic’s aroma heightens the taste of any dull dish.

This recipe is the quickest and finest in making perfect silken tofu recipes made with onions and garlic.

Your taste buds will thank you for this savory taste. So try out a different taste with this recipe and thank us later.

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Silken Tofu Recipes

See the best selection of Silken Tofu Dessert

Silken Tofu desserts have smooth tofu as the main ingredient. Different recipes have different ways of making desserts. We got you some amazing dessert recipes here that you must try. These recipes are yummy and sweet. Have a fun, lovely experience with these recipes.


Soft Tofu Chocolate Mousse Recipe

The dessert is on the list of the best and must-try recipes. The recipe introduced in this video tutorial is a Soft tofu dessert recipe perfectly fine in texture and filled with chocolate.

It’s a quick and easy tofu dessert recipe for vegans where they don’t need to be stressed about the intake they don’t want.

This time, make a different dessert by trying this recipe using soft tofu with chocolate to impress your family or treat yourself.

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Taho – Filipino Silken Tofu Dessert

Wait, a Filipino dessert with tofu? You sure want to take advantage of this one. Make sure you get the recipe perfectly assembled because this tofu dessert is amazing on its own.

This recipe requires steamed tofu to fulfill the recipe by making an easy sauce on your own. Taho is layered with ingredients to give off a sweet flavor, and in between is layered with soft steamed tofu to balance the sweetness and bring out the uniqueness of the dessert.

This silken tofu dessert recipe is otherworldly, making your sweet times even sweeter. If you are looking for a breakfast recipe or even craving a little snack, these silken tofu recipes will help.

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Chocolatey Soft Tofu Dessert Treat

This yummy tofu dessert is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Blend tofu with cocoa powder, the sweetener of your choice, and vanilla extract.

Once done, do some toppings with fruits and tada! A chocolatey dessert is ready to make your day. This pudding is a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate.

Serve this dessert chilled, topped with fresh berries or chopped nuts for extra texture and flavor. A tasty and guilt-free treat is ready.

This chocolate tofu pudding is a must-try for a sweet and satisfying dessert. You can make it to serve after dinner, which will be a great option.

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Delicious Tofu Dessert With Easy Tips

Making silken tofu pudding from scratch is a simple and healthy dessert option. Then, pour the mixture into a saucepan and heat over medium heat, constantly stirring, until the pudding thickens.

Silken tofu pudding is a tasty and nutritious alternative to traditional puddings, made without any dairy or processed ingredients, making it a perfect option for those with dietary restrictions.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy soft tofu pudding in no time.

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Silken Tofu Recipes

See the best selection of Silken Tofu Soup

What is a better way to cope with winter days than a bowl of soup? These are not ordinary soup recipes; rather, these are savory, delicious, and hot soft tofu soups that, if you make them once, you will be addicted to. The recipes are simple to understand and fun to try. So find some amazing soft tofu soup recipes and enjoy a relaxing time.


Authentic Korean Soft Tofu Soup Recipe

Warm your winter nights with this hot, yummy, and mouthwatering soft tofu soup. The video highlights traditional ingredients and methods to create a rich, flavorful, comforting, and nutritious soup.

Whether you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or just looking for a delicious and healthy soup recipe, “This authentic Korean Soft tofu soup recipe” is the perfect resource.

This soup will become a staple in your kitchen with its authentic flavors and simple preparation.

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Savory Silk Tofu Topped With Onion, Garlic And Soy Sauce

This recipe is the heart of most Asian households. This yummy soft tofu with garlic and onion is delicious and satisfying.

The result of this recipe is a soft and well-textured tofu topped with soy sauce, garlic, and onion. The garlic and onion oil make it taste exceptional.

With its short preparation time and simple ingredients, this is perfect for busy people who want to enjoy a delicious meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

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Must Try Silk Tofu Soup Recipe

You might have had different kinds of soups throughout your life. But have you ever had tofu soup?

It is not a regular tofu soup but a soft textured silk tofu soup. The soup is so hot and tasteful that it will become your favorite soup as soon as you try it.

Make this soup for gatherings or family time to have perfect sips while reviving old memories. The recipe helps you well in making the soup at home.

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How To Quickly Cook Silk Tofu Tomato Soup

Make your evening warm with this hot and yummy tofu tomato soup that you can cook easily with the help of this recipe.

It is undoubtedly warm and comforting food that can help people feel cozy and satisfied. Adding tofu to your soup provides a protein source and enhances the flavor.

The consistency of this soup may be thicker or creamier than traditional tomato soup. Try this hot Silk tofu tomato soup and enjoy the gossip with your family.

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Silken Tofu Recipes

See the best selection of Silken Vegan Tofu

We understand the hassle of vegans and got these amazing Vegan Silken Tofu recipes for them. Say goodbye to average meals and explore a selection of tasteful vegan silken tofu recipes perfect for lunch and dinner. The recipes hold all the deliciousness that you couldn’t resist.


 Easy Vegan Soft Tofu Recipe

Silken tofu, or soft or silk tofu, is popular in Chinese cuisine. It is known for its smooth and creamy texture, making it a versatile ingredient in various dishes, from savory to sweet.

This recipe helps you make delicious Chinese-style tofu with no extra effort. You must carefully cut soft tofu into thick slices in this Chinese-style recipe.

Cook it for a few minutes and pour it on soft tofu. A yummy, delicious soft tofu spicy dish is ready quickly.

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Vegan Soft Tofu – No Fish Fillet Recipe

This video shows how to make a vegan version of Fish Fillet’s classic meal with Silk Tofu as the main component.

The meal is an excellent choice for people looking for a plant-based version of this famous dish or a healthier alternative. The silken tofu is battered and fried till crispy before being served with a delicious sauce.

The meal is simple and has a delightful crunch and chewy texture akin to regular fish fillets. These silken tofu recipes are ideal for people looking for a vegan lunch that is both tasty and substantial. This great recipe will be your best friend once you try it out.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Steamed Soft Tofu With Mushrooms And Veggies Mixture

This delicious yet simple recipe helps you make soft tofu in no time. This video shows how to cook silk tofu in a basic and uncomplicated manner.

Soft tofu is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various cuisines, but for those who have never cooked with it before, it might be difficult to make it.

This video shows a simple way to cook silk tofu that is quick and simple, making it accessible to everybody. Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice, this video will give you the confidence to try a different recipe.

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 Yummy Soft Tofu Recipe With Just 3 Ingredients

This video features a quick and easy vegan recipe for Soft tofu with veggies and eggs. The dish takes just 5 minutes to prepare and is perfect for a busy weeknight.

The silk tofu is lightly steamed to preserve its delicate texture, then topped with eggs and a little seasoning for extra taste. The recipe takes no time to cook and is a perfect treat for the tummy.

This dish is an excellent source of protein and is also low in fat and calories. The combination of the silky texture of the tofu mixed with veggies makes it a must-try dish for anyone.

Whether you are a seasoned vegan or just looking for a healthy and delicious meal, this silken tofu recipes with the taste of yummy eggs are sure to please.

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