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33 of the Most Amazing Unicorn Cupcake Ideas

There’s nothing like magical unicorn cupcakes to celebrate your little one’s birthday. Check out our list for the most amazing unicorn cupcake ideas!

A Few Words About Unicorn Cupcakes

Every little girl will always dream of having amazing unicorn cupcakes at their birthday celebration. Unicorns are magical and legendary creatures that have been the subject of many movies and TV shows. With their elegant gestures and colorful features, it’s no wonder they’re one of the favorite characters of little girls everywhere.

That’s why we gathered some of the best ideas from the internet for you to make unicorn cupcakes at home. All of these recipes are easy to make, quick to bake, and amazing to look at. Go ahead and try one of them and let us know how it goes!

Index of Unicorn Cupcakes

See the best selection of Unicorn Cupcakes

You’re going to love these selections of the best unicorn cupcake ideas. From novice bakers to experienced decorators – we have recipes for everyone.


Unicorn Cupcakes with Horns and Ears

Who wouldn’t love these magical unicorn cupcakes that are filled with rainbow sprinkles, topped with magical color swirled frosting, and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant as its unicorn horns and ears? That’s right, not only will you be learning how to create the cupcake from scratch, but you’ll also find out how to make the marshmallow fondant that you can use as toppers in other cupcakes you want to make in the future. A word of warning, you will need to make the horns and ears a day or two earlier so that they have time to harden and dry. So make sure you have enough time before you attempt this recipe.

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Vegan Unicorn Cupcakes

We can only dream of a tasty unicorn cupcake that is also vegan, but not anymore. Here’s a recipe that not only looks amazing, but it’s also healthier than your normal cupcakes. The base cake is made of funfetti cake, with caramel buttercream, pink buttercream mane, and sparkly unicorn horn. The secret to this recipe is the use of plant-free milk, plant-free butter, and some apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is there to keep the cupcakes moist and fluffy because when you substitute regular dairy for plant-based ones, sometimes you can use moisture and texture. 

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

The key to this recipe is the wonderful sprinkles that you’ll be using. Make sure you grab a good quality one, as that’s where most of your decorative element comes from. The cupcakes can be of any flavor you like because you will cover them with buttercream. Then you will work with some caramel-tinted fondant to create the horns, which you’ll paint with some edible gold afterward. Don’t forget to dunk your cupcake inside your sprinkles to create a sparkly top before you stick in your horns.

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Unicorn Cupcakes


Rainbow and Unicorn Cupcakes

If you’ve been looking for a showstopper, this cupcake recipe might just be the one you’re looking for. Our previous cupcakes may have shown the unicorn’s horn or ears, but this one will show the unicorn’s full face. Not only that, it’s accompanied by a rainbow cupcake as well. The unicorn cupcake has a horn coming out at the side, and pastel made running at the side of the cupcake topper. The rainbow cupcake features wonderful pastel colors to go along with the unicorn’s hair. The decorative elements are made using some fondant; amazingly, the maker has created a template you can print and follow!

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Artistic Unicorn Buttercream Cupcakes

This particular recipe was created by an experienced chef who is also a graphic designer, which explains why it has an impressive visual. The cupcake’s top is colorful and amazing, and the base has an equally colorful visual. A cool secret ingredient to this recipe is Greek yogurt, which the maker added to create cupcakes that have more moisture and a fluffier texture than your normal ones. Another element of surprise is the sprinkles the maker put inside the cupcakes, so when you cut into them, they’ll spill out wonderful sprinkles. The cupcake is then topped with some colorful buttercream that is stacked tall and proud.

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3D Fondant Unicorn Cupcakes

This next recipe features several different designs that you can follow to create four distinctive cupcakes. The most impressive of the four is the three-dimensional unicorn, complete with his horn and tail. Then there are cute little clouds and rainbow cupcakes, unicorn eyes and horns cupcakes, and unicorn’s face cupcakes. All of the decorative elements you see on top of the cupcake are made using fondant, and because they have similar color schemes, you don’t really need to buy too many colors. The base of the cupcake can be made using any flavor you’d like because you will top that off with some fondant.

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Unicorn Cupcakes


Vanilla Unicorn Cupcakes with Magic Horns and Ears

This tutorial will show you how to create cute pastel unicorn cupcakes with ears and gold horns! For this recipe, you will need any flavored cupcake base, buttercream, food color paste, cling film, piping bag, nozzle, sugar paste, gum tragacanth, paintbrush, vodka or water, gold luster dust, and toothpicks. You’ll create multiple colored buttercream by mixing different colors into one piping bag, while the horns and ears are made using sugar paste. Paint the horns with some gold luster dust, and you’ll be ready with your magical cupcakes.

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Pink-themed Vanilla Unicorn Cupcakes

This particular cupcake has white and pink base colors, a pastel mane, starry hair, and gold horns. They look super cute, but they’re pretty easy to make. The tutorial will show you how to create the cupcakes from scratch, not just the decorations. For the decorative elements, you’ll need fondant, flower paste, food coloring gels, edible glue, white sprinkles, vodka or lemon juice, gold luster dust, pink luster dust, and trex to soften the flower paste. Make a template so that you can just follow the guide to create multiple cupcakes. 

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Galaxy-themed Unicorn Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting

This cupcake is a wonderful galaxy-inspired color theme with sparkly stars. This cupcake is dominated by dark purple, giving it a classy edge. You’ll need flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, eggs, water, and food coloring to create these cupcakes. The frosting is made with butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, milk, and food coloring. This tutorial is very helpful since they have a written version as well as a video version, so you can pick whichever is most comfortable for you.

Calories per serving: 680
Total Preparation Time: 50 minutes

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Unicorn Cupcakes


Jojo Siwa Inspired Unicorn Cupcakes

If your child is a fan of Jojo Siwa, you should show them this tutorial. There’s no doubt they’re going to want to help you bake these. This unicorn cupcake recipe is inspired by Jojo Siwa and her colorful personality, which is why it has a cute white base with some colorful sprinkles and gold horns. What makes these cupcakes to another level is the cute little eyes they draw on the cupcake wrapper. The ingredients you’ll need in this recipe are butter, sugar, eggs, almond extract, coconut milk, flour, shredded coconut, a unicorn decorating kit, and buttercream frosting. The kit can be purchased online, making it easy to create these amazing cupcakes.

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Cupid Unicorn Cupcake with Pop Rock Pinata Surprise

Do you want your little ones to get excited as they bite into your delicious cupcakes? Then you have to try this amazing recipe for unicorn cupcakes with a pop rock pinata surprise. Since the color scheme is pink, red, and white, it makes it appropriate for Valentine’s day surprise for your loved ones too. That’s why they call it cupid unicorn cupcakes because it’s full of cute little hearts in the middle. You’ll be creating the horns using fondant or gum paste, and then you’ll color it with some gold luster dust. You’re also going to paint the unicorn’s eyes using gold dust.

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DIY Unicorn Cupcakes

Here’s another unicorn cupcake recipe that’s also a magical addition to your celebration. This one is simple to make, but it looks elegant thanks to its monotone approach to colors. These cupcakes are adorned with unicorn horns, ears, and beautiful roses. All these decorative elements are made using gum paste, which is a much stiffer alternative to fondant. You need to color the gum paste before shaping it, so ensure you have the appropriate colors ready. Lastly, sprinkle wonderful edible pearls and blast the top of the cupcake with some edible glitter for extra sparkles.

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Funfetti Unicorn Cupcakes

This is another cute unicorn cupcake recipe with colorful funfetti, unicorn horns, and ears. What makes this even more fun is the fact that it’s made with some box cake, so you don’t have to waste too much of your time baking it. The maker suggested using vanilla sponge cake, but you can use strawberry or yellow cake mix. The main point is to make sure the base cake is light enough. You’ll need eggs, butter, milk, and unicorn funfetti sprinkles to brighten the whole design. Inside the unicorn funfetti design, they’ll also have the unicorn horn that you can stick on top of the cupcakes when you’re done.

Calories per serving: 611
Total Preparation Time: 36 minutes

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Adorable Face Unicorn Cupcakes

If you’re a beginner baker or decorator, you will love this next recipe for unicorn cupcakes. Not only will these cupcakes have horns and ears, but they’ll also have faces on them! You’ll love these simple cupcakes with a sleepy pair of eyes. Even though these cupcakes are simple, they still require a few steps to make. But the good news is the tutorial is very detailed and gives step-by-step instructions. So you won’t feel like you’re all alone creating these cupcakes. One of the differences with other recipes, this recipe uses candy clay instead of fondant to create the horns and ears. But if you’re more comfortable with fondant, you can go ahead and use them.

Calories per serving: 596
Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Chocolate Unicorn Cupcakes

Do you want to make some unicorn cupcakes that are yummy and beautiful to photograph? Then you should try making these cupcakes because they’re actually created by a photographer who wanted to create unicorn cupcakes worthy of a pin on Pinterest. So you can bet the visual will be quite striking. Another fun fact about this recipe is that they used three different mixtures of colors to create three varieties. All the colors are the same, which are blue, pink, and yellow, but the dominant color will be alternated between the three, which makes it a fun game for the kids to see which color is their favorite.

Total Preparation Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

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Unicorn Cupcakes for Unicorn Lovers

If you want a recipe pre-approved by unicorn lovers, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for. The maker of this tutorial has two daughters who are big fans of the magical creature, and they wholeheartedly approve of the visuals on these cupcakes. This recipe is also beginner-friendly since you won’t have to create your own unicorn horns and ears. The horns are bought straight from a baking supply shop, and the ears are made from mini marshmallows cut in half. If you still want to customize the colors, you can easily spray on the ears and horns with gold dust, but you can also leave them white if you’d like.

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Unicorn Cupcakes 2 Ways

Is your daughter a very feminine unicorn lover? Then she’s going to be thrilled when you make these cupcakes. Not only are they cute and pink, but there are two different designs you can play around with so everyone can choose. One of the cupcake designs has the unicorn’s face, pink cheeks, ears, and horns. The other cupcake has a simple pink buttercream topping with a unicorn horn and ears. You can create the decorative elements using fondant, then paint them using edible paints or gold luster. Serve them in alternating circles, and watch which ones run out first.

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Pull Apart Unicorn Cupcake Cake

Do you want to create cupcake designs that are different from others? You’ll have so much more fun with this cute unicorn pull-apart cupcake design, and it’s surprisingly very simple and easy to create. First of all, you need to arrange the base cupcakes to create the right dimension. Follow the tutorial to see how many cupcakes are needed to make the basic shape of the unicorn. Then start putting on some white buttercream as the basic color of the unicorn. Then start carving the design using a toothpick to shape out the horn and mane of the unicorn, and slowly pipe on the colors.

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Easy Face Unicorn Cupcakes

Here’s a cute little design of unicorn cupcakes with horns, a colorful mane, and some wide innocent eyes to top it all off. Interestingly, the base of the topping is created using white fondant as its background. This is a good way to make sure you’re using a flat surface and make your designs truly pop. Then you’ll also create the horns, eyes, and ears using fondant and color them accordingly using some edible paints. Lastly, you’ll create the colorful main using three colors: pink, teal, and purple. You’ll pipe them using different bags, so there are three strands.

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Most Adorable Unicorn Cupcakes

This is another easy unicorn cupcake recipe that you can make to treat the unicorn lover in your life. What makes these cupcakes super easy is that they’re made using boxed cake because the main point of these cupcakes is their decorative elements. These cupcakes are made with beautiful pastel buttercream, gold horns, and ears. You’ll also sprinkle in some mini pastel baking chips to make each bite as colorful as ever. The horns and ears are bought straight from a baking supply store, so you don’t have to put too much effort into creating the decorative elements.

Calories per serving: 344

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Easy and Colorful Unicorn Cupcakes

If you’re not a big fan of fondants, then you can try making this cupcake recipe that’s made exclusively using some colorful buttercream. On the other hand, you must be willing to spare some money to buy several different piping tips to create different topping shapes. For this cupcake recipe, you’ll have to create a rosette and some buds and crinkle the leaves on top of the cupcake. They used four different tips for this cupcake recipe: 1M piping tip, size 18 or 21 tips, french tip 199, and petal piping tip for the leaf on the side of the cupcake. Then you’ll sprinkle some wonderful edible pearls and funfetti for the added wow factor.

Calories per serving: 400
Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes

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Pastel Unicorn Cupcakes

Are your little ones on a school holiday? Then these cupcakes are the perfect school holiday project to try together with your unicorn lovers. These cupcakes feature a gold horn, two pink ears, and pastel-colored buttercream swirling around the top. Involve your kids in creating the ears and horns using fondant, then paint them with gold dust and edible paints. Then mix the beautifully colored buttercream to swirl on top of the cupcakes. Stick the horns and ears on the cupcake, and enjoy it with your little ones. The cupcakes are going to taste extra delicious because they made them themselves.

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Unicorn Cupcakes with Gold Horns

Here’s an uber-glitzy and elegant-looking unicorn cupcake. If your daughter is a little bit more grown up, you can even make these cupcakes for when you’re having a lazy brunch with your girlfriends. These cupcakes feature a gold horn and ears, pastel buttercream swirls, and wonderful funfetti sprinkle edges that make this cupcake look different from others. First of all, you should bake the base cupcake using the basic vanilla funfetti cupcakes. You will then use white modeling paste to create the decorative elements. You will dip the cupcakes inside the funfetti decoration first, then pipe on the paste-colored buttercream.

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Birthday Unicorn Cupcakes

If you aren’t confident with your big swirl buttercream piping technique, then you can use this recipe as an alternative. In this recipe, the maker used tiny rosettes instead of big swirls, creating super cute buds with different colors. This is also great for those unfamiliar with mixing techniques since you’ll be using different colors separately. The horns and ears can be made using modeling paste or fondant, but if you’re using fondant, make sure you chill them after shaping since they need to hold their shape. Lastly, dust the horns and ears with gold edible paint, and you’ll have wonderful unicorn cupcakes.

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Cute Marshmallow Unicorn Cupcakes

Are you a beginner baker or decorator who’s looking for super simple cupcake recipes? Then these marshmallow-faced unicorn cupcakes are the perfect recipe for you to try and dive into the unicorn cupcake trend. The base cupcake is made using chocolate sponge cakes, but you can customize this using any flavor you prefer. After that, you should chill the baked cupcakes before you start decorating them. In the meantime, start shaping your fondant to create the ears and horns. Then paint some eyes onto your marshmallow to create their face. Put everything together by putting some buttercream frosting on top of your cupcakes.

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Mermaid Unicorn Cupcakes

This is a cupcake recipe that is inspired by two different mythical creatures – mermaid and unicorn cupcakes. They’re both elegant and magical, with similar color schemes and dusty sparkles, so it’s no wonder they both match perfectly. You will use several different piping bags for this recipe, so make sure you are ready with some spare. There’s the teal-based colors, pink-based colors, and yellow-based colors. You’re going to start with baking the base cupcakes using chocolate cupcake base, then pipe the different colors on top, and finish by sprinkling some glitter on top.

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Unicorn Cupcakes filled with Sprinkles

Here’s a super simple unicorn cupcake recipe that’s not that hard to decorate. You won’t have to deal with many decorative elements since they only focus on the filling and the buttercream frosting. Another wonderful fact is that the maker of this recipe is an experienced baker who will give you many tips on decorating cupcakes, particularly the plastic wrap hack that will change how you decorate your cupcakes. In principle, you’ll only need three big elements to create these cupcakes – vanilla base cupcakes, funfetti sprinkles for the filling, and colorful buttercream for the topping.

Total Preparation Time: 50 minutes

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Unicorn Cupcakes in a Cone

Are you feeling like spoiling anyone today, or do you just want to create something pretty to brighten up your table? Then try baking these cute unicorn cupcakes. They’re also perfect for those of you who don’t own a cupcake tin – because they’re made inside some ice cream cones! This is another plus point for those of you who hate washing dishes. All you need for this recipe are funfetti cake mix, black icing, whipped buttercream icing (with different colors – teal, purple, and pink), Ziploc bags, ice cream cones, decorating bag set, and food coloring. This recipe is available in written and video format, so it’s very helpful.

Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes

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Surprise Unicorn Cupcakes

Do you want to create a sleek-looking unicorn cupcake design? Then this is a recipe that you should definitely try making when you have some time available during the weekend. The color scheme in this cupcake recipe is striking pink, but once you bite or cut into it, you’ll see wonderful sprinkles sprout out of the filling. The main elements of this cupcake recipe are the pink sprinkles, pink buttercream, and vanilla base cupcake. Another layer of design is also the use of a metallic pink colored cupcake wrapper, which elevates this cupcake design even more.

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Easy Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

If you’re a fan of bright colors, you will be thrilled with this recipe. These cupcakes are made using bright, colorful buttercream with yellow, blue, and pink colors. What’s fun about these cupcakes is that they have gold horns and ears, but both are made using surprising materials. The gold horns are from gold candles. Then the ears are made using mini marshmallows that are cut in half to emulate the ears. One of the most important parts is how you arrange the colors to create the colorful buttercream topping. Pay attention so that they are mixed properly without smudging the colors.

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Simple Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

Do you want to create unicorn cupcakes that are colorful in every way possible? Then why not try making these cupcakes? Not only do they have colorful buttercream toppings, but they also have swirly colors in their base cupcakes as well. Another fact that makes this recipe wonderful is that they’re very beginner-friendly since all you need is to bake the cupcakes and top them off with some buttercream. You’ll be making these cupcakes from scratch, so the maker will show you how to incorporate the colors appropriately inside the cupcakes. You’ll also learn how to line the piping bag with the colors to create a wonderful ombre effect.

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Rainbow Base Unicorn Cupcakes

Do you want to make your unicorn cupcakes complete with horns and ears but are reluctant to shape any fondant or gum paste? Then this recipe will give you an alternative way to create your impressive-looking unicorn cupcakes. Not only are these cupcakes beautiful on top, but they also have colorful swirls in their cupcake base, so every bite will be as colorful as the last. Start by baking your base vanilla cupcakes, then swirl your chosen colors inside the batter. Bake the cupcakes and chill them before you start decorating. Decorate the top with some buttercream, then create ears from marshmallows and horns from white candles.

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How to Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

Are you into more elegant-looking unicorn cupcakes instead of pastel colors? You should definitely try making these cupcakes as an alternative for your next unicorn-themed celebration at home. Start by baking your base vanilla cupcakes laced with some funfetti to create colorful bites. Then, top off the cupcakes with a thin layer of buttercream before dipping them into glitter sprinkles. After that, start piping gold, white, and blue colored buttercream on top of the cupcakes. Lastly, create the ears using marshmallows and the horns using fondant and stick them on top of the buttercream.

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