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26 Creative WWE Cake Recipes You Can Make For WWE Fans

WWE cakes, championship belt cakes, wrestling ring cakes, and cupcakes – Pick the perfect cake tutorial to make for a WWE fan on their birthday!

A Few Words About WWE Cake Recipes

WWE cakes have been in demand for the past 70 years, and males usually dominate the huge fan following of this extreme sport. From Buddy Rogers to Undertaker and John Cena – even if you are not a WWE fan, you must have heard their names by now.

Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) – now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – was founded by Vincent and Jess McMahon back in the 1950s. The organization’s popularity skyrocketed then and is the same to date.

The zeal for this sport is on another level, and if you also have that fan in your life, you can make their special days even more special by making WWE-themed cake for them. We have made a special list of recipes, including WWE cakes and cupcakes, WWE championship belt cakes, and creatively customized WWE wrestling ring cakes. These luscious recipes can be easily made at home using simple pantry ingredients and special techniques. Ready to find the perfect recipe for your loved ones?

See the best selection of WWE Wrestling Ring Cake Recipes

One WWE wrestling ring cake theme and various ways to make it. From extremely professional to homespun look and heavenly tasty to tailor-made customization – this list helps you choose the perfect recipe for your special occasion.

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Stunning WWE Ring Cake for Fans

This stunning WWE ring cake for fans and admirers is an absolute satisfaction; in terms of taste and beauty. However, the best part is that this cake is not draped in fondant. Instead, fondant is used only for décor purposes.

The base of the cake is made by cutting vanilla sponge cake into a square shape and wrapping it up with buttercream. The glamorous logo of the championship belt and RAW is simply made by cutting edible images that you can find easily on the internet.

However, the most crucial part of wrestling rings is made with fondant using a special secret ingredient that you can easily find at home. Want to find out what that ingredient is?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Classic WWE Championship Cake Tutorial

If you were looking for a classic WWE championship cake tutorial, look no further because this two-tier WWE-inspired cake will steal the show for you.

The process of making this cake at home is pretty simple, and the ingredients used here are easily available in your pantry. This tutorial will guide you on baking chocolate-vanilla-flavored cakes in different sizes.

As well as you will be able to see closely how to décor the cake with fondant, edible wafer cutouts, edible markers, and magical dowels that will hold your cake firmly. Want to find out how dowel sticks can be turned into wrestling rings?

Additional Information: Did You Know? Dowel sticks are used to hold a two-tier cake firmly regardless of the size of the cake!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Black & White WWE Ring Cake

This black and white WWE ring cake seems straight out of the picture! This is a perfect WWE birthday cake idea for kids and adults alike that will make you the famous customized cake chef in no time.

This tutorial will guide you on decorating this square-shaped and chocolate vanilla-flavored cake using buttercream frosting and fondant.

So, are you ready to make a black and white themed sleek, and stunning WWE ring cake for your loved ones’ birthday party?

Notes to Remember: Always use cornstarch or all-purpose flour if your fondant gets sticky.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

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PS4 Inspired WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

PS4 and WWE-inspired cake but as one? Yes, you heard that right! This cake holds special importance for people who are big fans of WWE and PS4.

For your information and as a piece of good news, this cake is inspired by the PS4 WWE game, and the whole theme of this cake is based on it. Not only is its theme unique, but the cake also looks lustrous, smooth, and flawless.

There is lots of effort and some helping techniques to make it look that fantastic. Not only for this recipe but after learning those basic techniques, you will be able to improve as a baker in general. Want to know what those techniques are?

Additional Information: it is very important to let your cake rest after crumb coating. It will help it get firm.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


How to make a WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

Are you looking for a qualitative answer on making a WWE wrestling ring cake? If yes, then you are in the right hands now. This dark and light grey colored round and square-shaped cake will give you some serious baking goals.

Apart from being inspired by creativity, another thing is the simple procedure of making this fascinating cake at home. The process of making décor pieces, fondant cutouts, placing and pasting edible wafers – every little detail is inside this tutorial.

Although the process is simple, you will see that making wrestling rings is made even simpler, which is one of the most shape-defining parts when it comes to WWE-themed cake designs. Eager to learn all about it?

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WWE Themed Dark Chocolate Cake

This WWE-themed cake is different from what you have seen so far. How? Well, the look and feel of this cake give you very comic vibes. Seems like the perfect vibe cake for your dearest one? Keep on reading, then!

The tutorial will guide you on making the championship belt using different colored fondants. The belt here will be the front face of your cake. After that comes this cake’s special ingredient and star – dark chocolate!

This tutorial will guide you on how to make the dark chocolate-inspired cake batter. If you have no idea how to make special chocolate ganache and ribbon candy wrestling rings, then you should hurry up and see the tutorial.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

WWE Cake


WWE Ring Cake With John Cena on Top

When we talk about WWE-themed cakes, is there even a possibility that we don’t mention the name of John Cena? He is one of the legendary fighters and is followed by millions across the globe.

This tutorial will not guide you on making a WWE wrestling cake, but you will also be to make a John Cena cake topper. From crumb coating to draping the cake in fondant and adding the wrestling rings in a unique style, you will learn how to make something extraordinary with the same basic ingredients.

The detailed tutorial of John Cena topper will help you create an astonishing cake – but the best part? You will win the heart of your loved one’s with all this effort!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Photo-Realistic WWE Ring Cake

Can you make a photo-realistic WWE ring cake alongside the logo with fondant? Absolutely! This black, white, and grey-themed cake is gorgeous and attractive, especially for kids.

The square-shaped cake is covered in fondant, and the WWE logos are also made with hand cutouts of white fondant that enhance its beauty.

You will be surprised to know that bamboo sticks are used to create wrestling rings topped with again grey-colored fondant that gives it that astonishing finish look.

Did you know that you could also use strawberry laces instead of fondant to create the wrestling ring ropes? They look incredible and super tasty.

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WWE Wrestlemania Birthday Cake

Looking for a WWE birthday cake idea but do not know where to begin? You have come to the right place. This is an incredibly satisfying WWE WrestleMania birthday cake but made with much less effort on the decoration part. How?

The appropriate answer to this question lies in this recipe guide, which will help you with baking fondant sheets, fondant skewers for wrestling rings, and many more details inside it.

The good part about this recipe tutorial is that the fondant posts for the wrestling ring are made uniquely! Want to find out how?

Important Information: You can use floss ropes instead of fondant ropes. They stick better than fondant ropes.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

WWE Cake


Wrestling Ring Cake Recipe For WWE Admirer Grandpa!

The craze for wrestling is not new. For decades it’s been one of the most popular games worldwide. Don’t agree? Ask your grandpa. He will tell you all about it! This cake tutorial is especially dedicated to WWE admirer grandpas who will love this birthday surprise.

The mascarpone frosting with the combination of center-filled tiramisu will give your cake a heavenly taste. The good part about this recipe is that it does not use fondant while decorating this cake – only buttercream is used for it.

You can get some black and gold pens for wrestling ring posts and add WWE miniature characters for decoration if you are not interested in using fondant toppers, and voila! You are ready to surprise your grandpa!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


WWE Ring Cake to Satisfy Wrestlers’ Zeal!

Want to surprise your little John Cena fan on their special day? Why not make this WWE ring cake to satisfy your wrestler’s zeal in the best possible way?

This classic black and grey-themed WWE cake is draped in fondant, and John Cena edible wafers alongside WWE logos are giving it the charm in the best possible way. Making this cake is incredibly easy and looks as realistic as possible.

From making fondant-draped skewer posts to the WWE logo on the cake and finally polishing it for the final look – all detailed steps are shared inside this video guide.

Additional Information: you can use Tylose to stick the edible wafers instead of water. It gives clean results. 

Click below to see the recipe:

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Décorate Your WWE Ring Cake in No Time!

All you need is a chocolate ganache-draped cake to make one of the incredibly amazing WWE-themed birthday cakes for your loved ones.

Decorate it with a WWE championship belt made using fondant alongside the WWE logo on top and wrestling posts and ropes – that’s all it takes.

You can follow this recipe to make a WWE-themed cake for your child or an adult – the fans do not discriminate. You can add or remove toppers, flavors, and styling of your choice to make this recipe one of your own. Up for a little sneak peek?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


No-Fondant WWE Wrestling Cake

At some point in our lives, we want to do something for our loved ones that we have never done before. For example, making a cake! Right? If you are a beginner looking for simple WWE cake ideas, then this recipe tutorial will give you a break!

The cake is simply made with vanilla sponge cake that is again frosted with rich vanilla buttercream icing and decorated with pink buttercream. The only pieces of fondant used here are on the edges of the cake, posts, and top to create the WWE logo.

Plus point? You can make this cake at home with the same ingredients used to make a simple plain cake. Sounds good to you?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Ring Cake Décor at Home

Searching for an ultimate guide to wrestling ring cake décor at home? We have got you covered with this incredible tutorial on the list. This is purely a décor tutorial made for WWE-themed cakes and designs.

The cake’s base is made with Choco-sponge, and it is then later on covered using white buttercream. The next step is smooth it out and creates clear edges. Comes next is the crucial part of décor.

You can make fondant topper gloves, logos, figures, or anything you prefer. Add wishes, wrestling posts, and more according to your preferences. Want to have a quick look?

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Jam Filled WWE Fondant Cake

Jam-filled WWE wrestling cake? It’s a huge yes! This cake is made with a vanilla sponge as a base that is filled with buttercream icing after cutting the cake into equal squares with the help of a leveler, and then comes the fun part – spreading jam! Fill a rich amount of jam in between layers.

The combination of double whipped cream to perfection and the layer of jam will create a genius and heavenly taste right there! The black fondant is draped on the cake, and red fondant letters are placed to create the perfect match.

Lastly, rings or posts are placed to make it WWE themed cake with utmost perfection. Ready to make something creative for your special ones?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


WWE Themed Birthday Cake Idea for Him

Let’s all agree that boys love to watch and idealize wrestling no matter what! Be it your brother, boyfriend, husband, or father, if you are stuck on what to get them on their special occasion, make them this cake, and they will be over the moon.

Not only it looks good, but this chocolate truffle cake is also luscious when it comes to taste. Even if you have no idea how to bake a cake, this tutorial will take you through each step of making batter for the cake to baking it and then making chocolate ganache to decorating it.

Just know that with this tutorial, you are in the right hands. Want to know how to make one?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


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‘Justice Has Returned’ Inspired WWE Cake Tutorial

On the search for WWE birthday cake ideas? How about a convincing ‘justice has returned’ inspired WWE cake tutorial that you can easily make at home? This themed cake tutorial uses a bit of fondant to make it, but the good thing about it is that the cake is not dipped or draped in it.

So it’s a win-win for everyone. Now, the chocolate ganache-filled cake is decorated with ‘justice has returned’ printed on an edible wafer, and the wrestling posts and ropes are made of fondant.

The pure decorating tutorial shares each step in a very simple way in this quick tutorial, and you are missing out if you haven’t watched it yet!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


WWE Themed Perfect Birthday Cake

If you are looking for perfection for your loved ones this birthday, it’s not impossible! This WWE-themed perfect birthday cake recipe guide will be your savior.

The cake looks neat and sleek, and the chocolate cookie dough cake with satin ice-black vanilla fondant is just dreamy. The taste, flavor, and décor combination is just straight out of heaven.

WWE-themed cakes look difficult to make, but with the right instructions and ingredients, you can easily make them at home. Inspired enough?

Pro Tip: Always use syrup on your sponge cake filling to keep it moist for a long time

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Bucatini Pasta in a WWE Cake?

Bucatini Pasta in a WWE Cake?

There is various version of WWE birthday cake ideas on the internet. Still, you might not have heard of using bucatini pasta in a WWE cake. But, believe it or not, this recipe guide uses bucatini pasta in this WWE birthday cake.

The recipe guide shares each step of decorating a WWE-themed cake alongside hurdles and struggles you might be facing while making one at home.

This is one of the most genius ideas for making a themed cake when you are stuck. Are you also stuck? Still, wondering how you can use bucatini pasta in a cake?

Pro Tip: You can always use water to stick the edible wafer on the fondant!

Click below to see the recipe:

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Pro-Wrestling WWE Birthday Cake for Little Ones

Adults or kids, the craze of wrestling is just there, and to surprise your loved ones, why not make them WWE wrestler cake? This pro-wrestling WWE birthday cake idea is tailor-made -especially for little wrestlers.

This no-fondant cake is so easy to make and décor by just using what you have in your hand. You will be guided on every step, from making batter to preparing the buttercream filling.

The chocolate cake is decorated with silver paper straws that serve as posts and licorice ropes. Genius, right? After everything is done perfectly comes the time to write names, wishes, and more that you want to do.

Total Preparation Time:  60 Minutes

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

See the best selection of WWE Championship Belt Cake Recipes

WWE championship belts hold a special prestige, and WWE fans know their worth. If you are looking for an even better way to surprise them, how about making a championship-shaped belt cake? The true honorary belt for true fans!


Make Memories With This WWE Championship Belt Cake

As important as the championship belt is in WWE, the same goes for Championship belt-inspired cake.

It’s not your usual themed birthday cake, but it is still a cake with a heavenly taste, strawberry filling with cream cheese and layered with black fondant to give it that lifelike look.

The belt logos and designs are also purely fondant cutouts. From sponge cake sizes to syrup recipes and buttercream filling to fondant decoration – this is your all-in-one shop to make a championship belt for your little champion. Sounds like what you were looking forward to?

Pro Tip: Use water if you do not have edible glue.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

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Ingenious WWE Championship Belt Cake

Less effort but more creativity – that’s what we are going to call this championship belt cake tutorial. This three-layered, creamy frosted inside and greyish frosted outside cake are simple yet mesmerizing.

The championship belt, alongside the WWE logo and your loved ones’ names, is made with edible wafer papers and fondant cutouts – which can be placed on the cake using edible glue or water.

The red strip of fondant on the bottom enhances the color schemes, and it is highly recommended not to miss out on it. You can add more décor pieces or change the color schemes per your preferences. Feel free to make something even more creative!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


WWE Championship Belt but as a cake?

Is it a championship belt but as a cake? Yes, it is! This is one of the most genius ideas to surprise your WWE wrestler fan – they surely know its worth. The recipe tutorial guides you from basic to professional steps.

That is from preparing the batter to baking the cake. After that, the crucial process of cutting the cake comes, and that step will decide if your cake will turn out well. Why? Because you need to shape it in the form of a belt.

After that, you will see a step-by-step tutorial on how to décor your championship belt and give it the finishing stroke, and that’s it! Your championship belt cake is ready to serve.

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe

See the best selection of WWE Cake & Cupcake recipes

WWE cakes and cupcakes go hand in hand. Where cake is the highlight of the celebration, cupcakes are complementary sweet bites that instantly enhance the party’s vibe. Ready to make some extra WWE cupcake recipes to rock that party? Let’s dig in!

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Heartshaped WWE Cupcakes

A WWE birthday cake is incomplete without complementary cupcakes, right? So, how about heart-shaped WWE cupcakes? The WWE-themed cakes and cupcakes combination goes hand in hand.

This recipe tutorial shares the basic idea of making WWE-inspired cupcakes with vanilla flavoring, strawberry flavoring, and a secret flavoring to give them that perfect color. The recipe tutorial uses a store-bought mixture – feel free to make your batter with customization.

The cherry on top is the edible wafer printouts of your favorite player alongside logos that you can easily place on cupcakes using edible glue. Sounds good so far?

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


Undertaker Themed WWE Birthday Cake

If you are looking for fun and creative ideas to make a WWE birthday cake for your friends. This recipe you were looking for is a tombstone undertaker-inspired birthday cake. So far, this recipe is the most fun you can make for your Undertaker fan.

The four layers cake – two vanilla and two chocolate – is filled up with the buttercream of choice, and the top layer have a grave cut in it where the undertaker miniature is lying.

The cake is wrapped up with the message, ‘You’re one year closer to death’ If that’s the way you are going to celebrate your friend’s birthday, then let it be!

Click here to see the instructions for the Recipe


WWE Cupcakes to Rock That Party!

Simple, creative, and cheap cupcakes in no time. The cheap cupcakes here don’t mean low quality, but create something awesome while within your budget.

Where each fondant figurine takes plenty of time to be made, these store-bought figurines work well for your cupcakes, and your kid can have plenty of his/her favorite superstar figurines later on.

Now, the cupcakes made in this recipe guide are 24 pieces, with one pack of cake mix and two bowls of buttercream for décor purposes.

You are free to choose your batter flavor and style. Bake the cupcakes, place figurines on top of each, and wrap it up with buttercream frosting with a piping bag, and bravo! Your instant WWE cupcakes are ready to be served!

Total Preparation Time:  60 Minutes

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26 Creative WWE Cake Recipes You Can Make For WWE Fans

26 Creative WWE Cake Recipes You Can Make For WWE Fans



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WWE cakes, championship belt cakes, wrestling ring cakes, and cupcakes – Pick the perfect cake tutorial to make for a WWE fan on their birthday!


  • Stunning WWE Ring Cake for Fans

  • Classic WWE Championship Cake Tutorial

  • Black & White WWE Ring Cake

  • PS4 Inspired WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

  • How to make a WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

  • WWE Themed Dark Chocolate Cake

  • WWE Ring Cake With John Cena on TopStunning WWE Ring Cake for


  • Choose the recipe you like/love.
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils you need.
  • Make creative WWE Cakes for your friends.

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